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Introduction to Information Systems Security Essay

A LAN, or local area communicate, is a multitude of computers ranging from small to large within a single office or building. Security and gravel control has to be robust to secure data, applications, and private records. Unauthorized access to the network is a massive security assay for the infrastructure. One way to garnish the risk of access is to implement access doors with key cards to only allow authorized personnel. So if there was a breach in security its only limited to consume personnel. The workstation knowledge domain is where a user discharge connect to the business network through the local area network. This can be done by laptops, phones, tablets, and desktops. Each workstation requires a user ID and befallword. To prevent unauthorized access pass word protection should be enabled.A strong password should constitute of uppercase, lowercase letters and special characters. If a workstation is idle for a original amount of time there should be automatic scr een lock, which requires the user to reenter their password for access. Certain user should only have the ability to cook up changes like downloading and installing something to internet access. This along with an anti-virus program will reduce threats like viruses and malware. So if a virus was present on a workstation it will be removed before it spreads throughout the network. The user domain is the employees who access the organization network and IT infrastructure.thither should be a insurance policy in place that defines what the employee can do inside the organization. A employee handbook would be beneficial and should list all of the guidelines and procedures. Many smack threats can be avoided by the lack of knowledge and security violations. Reminders like emails and cyclic meetings can help employees be more aware about threats and technology updates. If there is a security violation the employee should be under run into and have a meeting with their supervisor. Empl oyees daily usage should in addition be supervised periodically to find any abnormal activity. There also should be warning in place when employees are move to operate during restricted hours.

Islam Religion Dbq

3/4/11 Islam DBQPer 4 Islam was a fast dissemination worship in a m when Christianity and other(a) religions had already established themselves. Islam gained a reputation as a ruby-red religion when it attacked and conquered areas, and made violent threats. Islam also presented itself as a religion of reward, equation, and protection. Once Islam had established itself in so numerous a(prenominal) areas, it used other techniques to keep their reign. The Islamics substance of go arounding and keeping their empire was what made it one of the intimately studied empires in history.Violent attacks and threats are a part of the history of Islam. One of the main reasons Islam point got its foot was the attack on Mecca that Muhammad led. Threats were nearlytimes used as a strategy to diversify mountain, such as when Muhammad told the leader of the Christian Arab tribe Obey the Lord and his Apostle, and he will defend you But if ye fit and displease them I will fight against y ou and take captive your slight ones and slay the elder. (Doc 1) There often did end up being battles between Muslims and the Non-Muslims.An excerpt from History Today said Koranic divine revelation commanded them to Fight in the cause of graven image against those who fight you, but do not be the aggressors (Doc5). The Islamic power was rapidly rising as it continued the conquests. With so much power, some(prenominal) people may brace converted out of fear of them. The strong force the Muslims presented was enough to convert m both people. Sir Edward Crecy describes the Battle of Tours everything gave way to their swords all the nations of the Franks trembled at that dreaded army attacked Tours nd the ferocity and cruelty of the Moslems towards the inhabitants of the city were corresponding the fury and cruelty of raging tigers. (Doc 4). Like any other religion, Islam promised rewards for obeying its laws and believing. The Quran says whoever shall obey God and His Apostle, he shall bring him into the gardens of Paradise. (Doc 2) Other religions at this time also had some form of heaven, but this seemed much wide-eyedr than a Karma cycle, and was very spelling. A feel after death has always been a fascinating mystery to many of mankind, and the idea of the paradise is often mentioned in Islam.Other rewards, like money, were what motivated many conquests in the first place. In the History of the Arabs, it says the objective in most cases being riches and not the gaining of a permanent foothold (Doc 7). Money was a definite and quick reward, unlike the promise of Paradise. Islam also promised protection and equality in the trustingness. The idea that men and women of any social class would be considered equal through their faith is cited in the History of the Arabs Their leader is like one of them the low cannot be distinguished from the high, nor the master from the slave.And when prayer time comes, all wash their hands and feet and humbly pray. ( Doc 3) This kind of equality deep down a religion was introduced within Christianity as well. The two religions have many similarities, and a document on how the Christians and other faiths reacted to the new spread of Muslim power would have been useful. To fully understand the effects of the Islam Empire, the way people reacted or did not react to the new power is necessary. These original ideas of the Islam faith were what started the movement that became the vast empire.Islam gained its original followers not from force, but from the call down of the religion. The ideology and beliefs are what makes Islam the second most popular religion in the world today. By 750 C. E the Islam Empire had spread all the way from Arabia through Africa to Spain. (Doc 8) They had gotten this far by violence and persuasion. Once they had established themselves, they had to puzzle ways to keep their empire without protest. The reasons this was an empire were the conquests and power the Muslims ha d oer Non-Muslims.Being a Muslim at this time meant protection, status, and security. The Non- Muslims were given rules they had to follow to secure their protection. A Muslim writer, Syed Ameer Ali writes The Moslems, on the other hand, required from others a simple guarantee of peace, tribute in return for protection, or perfect equality- on condition of the acceptance of Islam(Doc 6) Non-Muslims werent treated like some other empires had treated the conquered peoples.They were tolerant, and while they did try and convert many people, they allowed other monotheistic religions to remain. J. J. Saunders in History Today says Mohammed respected the older monotheistic faiths he called them People of the Book they were not forced into Islam but were allowed to retain their inherited religion on payment of tribute (Doc 5) The Islam empire was unlike any other empire because it was not a country that was taking over but a religion.Therefore it had more potential to succeed because of th eir tolerance and belief. The spread of the Islam Empire was caused by many factors. Their violent conquests were what initially spread the empire. The rewards and appeal of the religion is what gave it its foothold and converted many people. The tolerance and belief is what unbroken the empire from crumbling for many years. The Muslims had cracked the code of empires. They knew how to spread and keep an empire quickly. The Islam Empire set its mark on history, and its effect is still seen today.

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The Representation of Youth Tribes and Subcultures in the Cinema of John Hughes

In this look for essay I expect to find that the use of early days tribes and subcultures whoremaster clearly be identified in mid-80s japery-dramas special(a)ly in those written, produced and purport by outhouse Hughes. The primary texts I will be analysing be The breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers Day Off and preternatural Science. I induct make turn uped these texts as they be few of many that roleplay junior pack in an oppositional approach comp ared to the dominant ideologies of society at that time.I will be using capital of Minnesota Hodkinsons Youth Cultures Scenes, Subcultures and Tribes and Stuart H every last(predicate)s imitation Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices as secondary sources to intercommunicate this essay. I will similarly be looking at how teens have been represented in otherwise media texts such as Grease and the Ameri preserve Pie sequel. The term representation lav be defined as to how the language of media and its conventio ns are used to represent certain heap and objects to the texts tar pay offed audience. Stuart Hall states in his check Representation Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices that his definition of representation isTo put it briefly, representation is the occupation of meaning through language. Hall, (p. 16). Since the learn industry blossomed it has been dominated by many ideologies as to what is acceptable and what fag be perceived as taboo these theories also suggest how people should be represented. For example, theorist Vladimir Propp proposed that thither are eight principal(prenominal) characters to a film, stating that the woman is the passive damsel-in-distress. In Propps book Morphology of the Folktale it is stated that the children who are interested in the fairy-tale genre, they apply their individualalities with the character they feel intimately connected withPresumably, the kinds of choices made by a child might be re deepd to his in-personity. For example, does a lesser boy select a female donor figure to aid him against a male villain? Does a little girl select a male donor figure to assist her against her wicked stepmother? Propp, (p. 10). so far ascribable to the numerous revelations, character ideologies have been adapted and have prove that the damsel can be subverted into the protagonist of a story and, more(prenominal) often than not, the antagonist in particular, the evil stepmother.The genre of comedy-dramas came of age in the late 70s with romances and teenaged dramas however the genre was suddenly exemplified in the 80s by director John Hughes along with the infamous brat pack of the era. In comedy-dramas the narrative normally includes tropes such as the guy gets the girl with the process and guidance from his trusted sidekick who has to climb over the difficult obstacles of life history and society. An iconic example of this trope can be seen in the late 70s classic musical Grease where the boys in a ga ng are eating away leather jackets, they smoke, carry weapons and drive fast cars.As it quotes in Paul Hodkinsons Youth Cultures Scenes, Subcultures and Tribes this was incredibly common for the transition from teenage years to maturity Most obviously perhaps there has been the development of a serial publication of legal classifications associated with different stages of youth, notably the age at which young people can vote, have sex, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and drive motorcars. (p. 4). In comparison to the girl gang of the film, where Olivia Newton-Johns character Sandy is wearing pastels end-to-end the movie, which connotes her virginal lifestyle.This is where John Hughes appends a proclaimed statement that all teenagers are in some way the same and are base in stereo instances which make them similar, which is why I have chosen to take the films The Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers Day Off and Weird Science due to the fact that the main characters are all teenagers a nd the trilogy of films show the representation of youth tribes in a clear, semantic perspective that states that however a teenager may present themselves, they are all in some particular way the same.In the graduation chapter of the book Stereotypes and Stereotyping by C. Neil MacRae et al they state that stomps nevertheless exist in someones spotlight of view This type of thought process reflects the most traditional conceptualization of stereotypes within kindly psychology, in which stereotypes are considered to be the pictures in the head of individuals looking out into their social words. But stereotypes also exist from the point of view of the person who is being stereotyped. (p. 3)The Breakfast Club (1985) is a unique film, in the genre of teen comedies, because it focuses on the stereotype and probes deeper into the issue of why they are the way they are. This is a contrary to the teen comedy genre because most of such movies will defend stereotypes of many forms, incl uding sexuality and race. This can be seen in films such as American Pie and Not other Teen Movie the latter of which was effective in battling stereotypes by reinforcing them and accordingly turning them into paradoxes. However, The Breakfast Club battles contemporary stereotypes differently.Each character has a personal problem that, seemingly, led to the way they act in public. Bender, being a rebel, retells how he is abused by his father. Such abuse can require a level of apathy about life, plainly Clark (a victim of a different kind of abuse) goes on to assume it is all for show. unrivalled can quickly see that the film not only addresses stereotypes, unless it challenges them by showing that severally student has an assumption about the other. By the end, everyone acknowledges that their colleagues are more rounded and individual than they initially thought, but agree that they are different.Johnson writes to the principal that they learned they all contained some form of each stereotype and finished the essay with this following quote You see us as you want to see us in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But, what we found out is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, and a princess and a criminal. Does that answer your question? (The Breakfast Club, 1985). In 1990, Hughes directed a film that changed the traditional familys Christmas dramatically.Home Alone, have Macauly Culkin, was the beginning of one the most noticeable and well-known series in filmmaking and sticking to comedy-dramas, Hughes includes devil robbers who act as the antagonists. However, he also include a subversion of intelligence between the 8 year hoar Kevin McAllister and the two inseparable robbers. Hughes portrays the child to be an intelligent, smart boy who sets his ha snackation with childish pranks as obstacles for the robbers to come across. However the adult burglars are represented as complete idiots and fall fo r each trap.The sharp direction within this subversion of the characters has become a trope in the comedy-drama genre. John Hughes is a well-acknowledged film director, producer and writer who has created some of the most humorous and warm-hearted movies for a family -based moving-picture showtic entertaining experience and it was his movie-making abilities that gained him the label the king of teen comedy. Every young character in each infamous John Hughes film have been represented as clever and witty and they can easily get away with more than any normal teenagers should in particular Matthew Brodericks character of Ferris Bueller.This subversion of intelligence from Home Alone could be seen four years earlier in one of Hughes greatest creations Ferris Buellers Day Off (1986). This film has been constructively criticised for its pure creativity and originality throughout the entire plot of the piece. Ferris Bueller at the beginning of the film seems to just be a normal young ma n, who has the skill of faking an illness to skip teach however, he has an extraordinary amount of luck and whatever he plans for the day, it goes swiftly without questioning.Hughes has written the troika main characters of Ferris Bueller, Cameron Frye and Sloane Peterson with individual, unique personalities. According to Pieter J. Fouries Media Studies, Volume 1 Media History, Media and Society, Levi-Strauss theory of binary opposition can shape a persons identity Binary oppositions suggest that the meaning of something depends on its opposite good is dependent on bad. Levi-Strauss point of departure was that a collective practice of laws, rules and values direct the individuals thinking and behaviour.Furthermore, societys collective existence shapes the individual and determines his or her individuality. (p. 249). Bueller is shown as a young man who knows everybody and wants to make the most of his life, whereas his pessimistic best friend, Frye, contrasts in personality as h e seems to be living on his final stage bed due to his non-existent relationship with both parents. Peterson, however, is a beautiful young woman who has the reassurance of a motherly figure which can help give up Frye with the hope and faith that he needs.The subversion of intelligence is introduced into the film with the first sight of the Dean of Students, Edward Rooney. His determination to catch out Ferris on his ordinal sick day of the semester boils over his initial integrity and dignity, from getting ado in the face with Slush Puppie to being chased around the region by the Bueller familys pet Rottweiler. Rooney is represented as a teacher who has completely lost any glimpse of pride leaving the three students roaming the streets of downtown Chicago with charm and comical wit.Art Silverblatt claims in his book musical style Studies in Mass Media A Handbook that Ferris becomes a role imitate for everyone, even the adults Ferris nemesis, the school disciplinarian, Mr. R ooney, is obsessed with getting Bueller. His obsession emerges from envy. Strangely, Ferris serves as Rooneys role model, as he clearly possesses the imagination and power that Rooney lacks. (pp. 104-105). Weird Science (1985) was written and directed by John Hughes and stars one of the main members of the 80s brat pack Anthony Michael Hall who plays Gary Wallace, and Ilan Mitchell-Smith as Wyatt Donnelly.Another trademark characteristic that can be seen in numerous Hughes films is that the majority of them are set in the fabricated Chicago suburb of Shermer, Illinois. The first time the audience spots the two Science geeks in the film is when theyre gawking at the girls gym class at school. They may be skinny, but Hughes didnt write them to have glasses or severe acne, as he didnt feel the need to classify the geeks from the jocks as they caneasily be spotted without their stereotypical features for example the geeks normally have their trousers hoisted up paste their waste, showi ng their ankles, whereas the jocks would have letterman jackets, be well built and unified but also be shown as a little bit dumb. However, what Hughes does, is write the characters in a way that any actor of the film could play that character, I believe that the semantic purpose of the film is to inform the audience that stereotypes only exist if the audience perceive them to be that stereotype this means that everyone can be seen as the same without any appreciation of their clothing or hairstyle.The end of the film supports my suggestion, as the two geeks get both of the jocks girlfriends due to the help of their Barbie-doll 23 year old, computerised woman Lisa, vie by Kelly LeBrock. In conclusion, the representation of youth tribes used within the cinema of John Hughes is trying to inform the audience that there are stereotypes, but they are only perceived via a persons point of view.This perception of stereotypes creates space for characters to be represented within an arche type which portrays them to be seen as the same, in a small, yet evidently noticeable way. The mid-80s heart-to-heart up the possibilities for teen dramas and John Hughes created iconic role models using teenage adolescence for the young public viewers. According to Art Silverblatts Genre Studies in Mass Media A Handbook, he claims By the 1980s, adolescence, even with its uncertainties, emerged as the centre of popular culture, with adulthood reduced to irrelevance. (p. 105).

The effects of unemployment on the economy Essay

Economists accost unemployment a lagging indicator of the economy, as the economy usually improves onwards the unemployment rate starts to rise again. However, unemployment causes a sort of ripple effect crosswise the economy. The two key worrys resulting from unemployment, especially the unemployment of wear upon, are personal hardships and baffled production. The owners of the unoccupied resources suffer personal hardships due to the lack of income. The rest of society too suffers from unemployment due to the lack of available production. Unemployment creates personal hardships for the owners of the unemployed resources. When resources do non produce goods, their owners do not earn income. The loss of income results in slight consumption and a lower living standard. While this problem applies to whatsoever resource, it is most important for labor. The owners of capital, land, and entrepreneurship ofttimes earn income from more than one resource. so a loss of income from one resource is not a bestow loss of income. Many workers, however, often earn income only from labor. The loss of income from labor might mean a summarise loss of income. Unemployment also causes total production in the economy to decline. If fewer resources are engaged in production, fewer goods and services are produced. As suggested by the circular string up model, the severity of the connection between lost production and unemployment is magnified by the multiplier effect. An initial decline in the income, consumption, and production associated with unemployment triggers further declines in income, consumption, and production. As such, members of society, who might escape the direct immediate personal hardships of unemployment, often succumb to the indirect, multiplicative problems of lost production. Number-crunching economists have estimated that for each 1 percentage rise in the unemployment rate, that gross domestic product declines by 3 percent. Lost production is espe cially troublesome because it is an opportunity that is lost forever. This lost production delays societys efforts to increase living standards and address the problem of scarcity. That is, when an unemployed worker does NOT produce output today, that output domiciliate never be recouped. If a worker is unemployed on Monday, Mondays production is lost forever.

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For the Benefit of the Child Essay

Jonathan sprightlys A petty(a) Proposal applied to new-fashioned times is foc consumptiond on the idea that distribution of wealth is requisite for the future of the boor living on welf atomic number 18. But, what if in that location is very meekly or no money available to the child (through the presidency) to pursue his or her studies? The curt child, if he or she goes to school, would interim in the schoolroom for the think that his or her p arnts can non spend sufficient time to teach him later school. Children are applied to menial jobs, in addition, especi in ally in the developing institution. The developed world has had its indecent share of child poke movement in the past.When nimbles A Modest Proposal was first published, there were far too galore(postnominal) problems facing the child in the now-developed world. Although many of those problems were resolved as reading yielded dividends in the now-civilized world there are problems facing the woefu l child still. These problems are not limited by space and time. It is thus essential to consider the problematic issues facing the poor child in the modern world. This exercise is meant to increase our timeless appreciation of A Modest Proposal. afterwards all, poor children around the world continue to face the troubles confronted by the poor child of Swifts time.George Orwell was correct when he wrote that solely animals are created bear on but some animals are more equal than others, actually referring to human beings whom scientists refer to as animals (5). Throughout the history of humanity, wad let generally known that they were created equal. And yet, there capture been separations, discriminations, dissimilarities, and inequalities, for the reason that God, record or Evolution depending on what we choose to believe in did not grant equal abilities, talents, and gifts to all human beings. Some men are richer and more intelligent than the others.Some are born deaf, dumb, and blind. And, some must(prenominal) rely on income support because they just cannot beat meagerness on their own. But, what if income support is insufficient to meet the childs intellectual call for? What if he or she is potentially brilliant but cannot do so well in the classroom because his parents cannot buy him books to read in the plate? According to the United States Bureau of Census, the most recent poverty rank of children are higher than ever. A large portionage of children in the classroom are coming from low socioeconomic households.And, a huge keep down of research has shown that a childs socioeconomic status affects his or her intelligence level as well as academician motion (Milne and Plourde). Vail writes that children from high poverty environments enter school less ready to learn, and they lag behind their more-affluent classmates in their ability to use language to solve problems (12). What is more, childrens socioeconomic status has been found t o affect their consistency of attending academic institutions, in addition to the number of formal education years they at last complete.Many researchers believe that there is a positive correlation amidst socioeconomic status and academic achievement. Still, Caldwell and Ginther have reported that while low-SES is highly correlated with low achievement, some low-SES students are academically successful (142). Then again, the words vicious cycle are often used when poverty is discussed. In a groundbreaking ethnographic study, Milne and Plourde discovered that children from low socioeconomic households who do well at school have parents who make sure that their children have educational materials available at home.All low socioeconomic families with children who are high achievers at school have books and writing materials for their children at home, notwithstanding if these families have to rely on support systems to supply them with educational materials. What is more, these f amilies have time allotted every day for their children to engage in academic activities, including home accomplishment, with their parents participation. These families as well believe in monitoring the use of television by their children (Milne and Plourde).All of the mothers in this study had at least completed one-tenth grade in school, and expressed that they would like their children to know the importance of education too. The parents of these children openly talked about the importance of education with their children. Finally, they all agreed that they did not want their children to believe that schooling was an option. Rather, education was considered a necessity in these homes (Milne and Plourde). All the same, such families are few indeed. Not all poor children have mothers that show interest in education.Similarly, a poor childs needs may be disregarded completely if his or her parents are alcoholics that use up all income support on liquor. After all, there are frus trations in the poor childs home, and these may moot the form of drug abuse or domestic violence. If not, a poor childs parents may send him off to work. Swifts scenario for the poor child may take another constellation in India, for example. In that part of the developing world, poverty is intense, with 41 percent of the worlds poor.So therefore parents encourage their children to work quite of going to school. The policy of the Indian government on child labor has evolved over many years. The country did not find it possible to relegate all forms of child labor at once, seeing that working children render greatly to household income. Besides, the country finds that children contribute to economic growth, being the cheapest labor force (Krueger and Tjornhom). As mentioned previously, child labor laws took time to develop in the now-developed countries, too.Children were recognized as economic assets before regulations stepped in to either diaphragm the employment of children altogether or vastly reduce their representation in the labor force. As an example, Bradbury, in her book, on the job(p) Families Age, Gender and Daily endurance in Industrializing Montreal, takes the reader down Montreals streets and into the dwellings of working class families who helped dramatis personae Canadas industrial revolution. The lives of working men, women, and children have all been documented (Bradbury).If Swifts child enters their lives, he or she would be a receive part of the working family described by Bradbury. Likewise, McIntosh, working at the issue Archives of Canada, has produced a well-documented book on child labor during the nineteenth and early 20th centuries Boys in the Pits Child Labour in coal Mines. The book is an exploration of the history of boys between the ages of 8 and 15 who drive hard in the mines and were known only for their work. Such children may also join Swifts circle of little friends in A Modest Proposal. The fact remains that chi ldren continue to be disproportionately pine by poverty in our time of sports cars, rockets, and lots more. If properly trained, many of the same children may add great value to our world. But, there are problems such as poverty and illiteracy that refuse to go away. No matter how one tries to attack poverty, it takes a U-turn to complete its cycle after cycle. Swifts A Modest Proposal takes such a dismal view of poverty with an electrifying hope, which the author displayed through satire.On a similar note, it is possible to suppose that the vicious cycle of poverty would break once and for all, at some point in time, for all poor children of the world. Regardless of our beliefs about the reasons for poverty, the government has shouldered the responsibility to commission for the poor by spending a part of its spending work out on income support programs such as social insurance, public assistance, and work/employment programs. In order to raise the standard of living of the poor , the government also considers education as an essential social welfare program.Still, there are poor children with parents that refuse to buy them books and other educational materials for use at home, even though the government is providing them with income support. What should the government do in order to break this cycle of illiteracy and poverty combined? mayhap a paradigm shift is in order. To provide for and educate every child, it is the governments responsibility to educate every parent. Perhaps it would take the advertising industry to work alongside the government to boost sales of books instead of booze. For the benefit of the poor child, many changes are called for.Works Cited Bradbury, Bettina. Working Families Age, Gender and Daily Survival in Industrializing Montreal. Toronto University of Toronto Press, 2007. Caldwell, G. P. , and Ginther, D. W. Differences in learning styles of low socioeconomic status for low and high achievers. Education (1996), 117, pp. 141 -148. Krueger, Dirk, and Tjornhom, Jessica. Economic unlikeness and the Emergence of Child Labor Laws. Discussion Paper. Stanford Institute for Economic polity Research (Aug 2002).11 Nov 2008. . McIntosh, Robert. Boys in the Pits Child Labour in scorch Mines. Montreal, Quebec McGill- Queens University Press, 2000. Milne, Allison, & Plourde, Lee A. Factors of a Low-SES Household What Aids pedantic Achievement? Journal of Instructional Psychology (Sep 2006). Orwell, G. Animal Farm. London Secker and Warburg, 1945. Vail, K. avaricious what kids need to raise performance. The Education Digest (2004), 69, pp. 12-25.

Beowulf vs. Spiderman

Back in the seventeenth century, they had epic heroes wish Beowulf, who killed Grendel with his arrant(a) hands. Now, they hold up heroes such as Spiderman who can shoot web from his wrist and crawl up walls. Beowulf and Spiderman have characteristics that distinguish them as heroes, some of which argon found in both of them while one has characteristics the other doesnt. During the Anglo Saxon days, the original hero was Beowulf, the supreme warrior. He had marvelous strength, non handle the average being.His true bravery and his powerful will to fight to decease is what hatful genuinely knew him for. However, in todays society, the modern superheroes be taken as being a regular limited hero. Spiderman for instance, was not born with super powers but was bitten by a spider that gave him the power. irrelevant Beowulf, who would kill his enemy, Spiderman has limitations and would not dare kill his enemy because he believes demise is never the answer. Theyre alike because the y both put other plentys needs in front of their own they would risk their lives for mortal elses.Theyre also alike because during the times of Spiderman and Beowulf, there are always critics that only criticize the hero to make them seem like something theyre not. For example, Peter Parker (Spiderman) is always taking pictures for the Daily Bugle to let people know that Spiderman is a good guy, but his imperial configuration only wants to make him seem like he is committing a crime. With Beowulf, because he is so vital and was born with this power, average people that do not know him do not think highly of him, want to shoot down him down.Resolution Todays modern superheroes are given super powers like super strength, reflexes and agility, and to possibly have spider webs come from your wrist and have the ability to crawl up walls But just like both other epic hero, all of them have some challenging obstacles that has modify their life in one way or another that makes them survive strong and prepared to be the icon that most people mien up too, while others waiting to watch you fall and fail with the urban center you protect. These superheroes are all somewhat similar because they fight for their people quite than for themselves and they fight only for justice

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Grapes of Wrath Summary

The Grapes Of resentment Gena Rodriguez Student in Crime Films The Grapes Of Wrath The Grapes Of Wrath was a book that followed the Joad family on their journey from their deserted farm in Oklahoma to the riches of California, as their farms were destroyed in Oklahoma. They took few possessions with them on their journey, tho they had eachother. They even picked up others along the way, all in hopes of a vision of getting their lives on track in California. Their journey was not easy as they had trouble with their vehicle, they lost family members and friends to death, and even heard some(prenominal) rumors of a depleted job market.The salesmen and pawnbrokers took panoptic advantage of them as they knew that the families were in no position to deny payments for their goods. The family continued to stay together and remained arrogant as they looked forward to what was to come. Upon arrival in California, the Joads were met with much hostility. The camps were overcrowded and full of famished migrants, who were often nasty to each other. The locals were fearful and angry at the gourmandize of newcomers, and label the migrants as Okies. Work is almost impossible to find or pays such a meager wage that a familys full day of work cannot buy a decent meal. Farmers resent the droves of Okies from flood the state, as hungry and impoverished hatful be a danger. They be viewed as vagrants and thieves. The farmers, legal philosophy and landowners were in a position of power, and it seems that they only anticipate to take advantage of those below them. They did not falter even when they were in a position to save a family, they ref apply to give up their wealth.The farmers used the law to their advantage, as they would have deputies destroy secret gardens, so that the camps citizenry would not have extra food. The police labeled labor organizers as red and had them removed from camps for trying to organize and get decent takings and contracts for workers. Those labeled as red were placed on a shitlist and could not get work. The farmers association even tried to organize a riot, which they would pay certain Okies to start trouble, get the organizers put in cast out and have the camp shut down.The migrants, got word of this and prevented it. Police seemed to be uncaring, rude, and frigidness mannered. They were abusive and corrupt. Many of the people in the camps felt they had to pretend to be incoherent and ramble, act bull simple, so that the police viewed them as unthreatening and idiots. Many of the Okies seemed to lack respect for the police due to their debasing treatment. An example would be Ma Joad chasing the police officer with a skillet. The police also acted recklessly such as in the shooting of Floyd Knowles.The police shot at him, precisely struck another woman in the crowd. Floyd Knowles was beingness arrested for trying to organize a contract and wages for workers, however the farmer became angry and informed the police. Knowles was later arrested on a imitative charge. The portrayal of police in this book can easily be compared to that of on-line(prenominal) police portrayals in movies and television shows. The times have changed to where people want to see the bad cop win or more(prenominal) action from police. The book portrays police as almost heartless and insincere, and corrupt.It portrays the police officer not as someone you go to, but someone you stay away from, which is very much in line with current trends in media. There are so many different types of police officers portrayed. Certain fictional dramas have come to show police officers as being corrupt and taking advantage of the power they hold but in my opinion this is not just fictional but alternatively a reality. This typed is definitely apparent in the book and the show underbelly. There are some shows which portray police as masculine, to a fault intelligent, fit, aggressive, action packed, and always willing to sh oot at suspects.The reality is that the existence want to see these kinds of police officers. All of the excitement and glamour of being a police officer is what everyone wants to watch. A show where police are filling out forms and writing up boring reports just wont cut it. The glamourized types of officers are portrayed in shows like how-do-you-do 5 0 and NYPD, whereas the more realistic approach to policing is portrayed in shows like First 48 and cops. References The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity Essay

This book tells almost the integrating Christianity and psychology. The author discusses integration a combining the devil books of perfection. According to Entwistle (2004), the book of gods member referred to the Bible, and the book of Gods grazes reflects His deeds compose throughout His creation. (p. 166). He includes five models of integration in the book which atomic number 18 enemies, spies, colonialists, neutral parties, and allies as subjects of wholeness Sovereign. The enemies model sees Christianity and psychology as enemies that fatality to be kept totally separate. The spies model has one study going into the other to take only what works for them.Psychology would inclose the Christian world just to take the religious concepts that will work well with psychology. The colonialist model has one discipline colonizing or taking underwrite and prominence over the other. Religion works with psychology as yen as religion is superior to psychology. The neutral par ties model has both disciplines coexistent and recognizing distributively other as long as they respect each others boundaries. Psychology recognizes that religion has good concepts to offer but it will non encroach on the religions domain. The allies as subjects of One Sovereign model have both disciplines working together to function people.It uses psychological and theological concepts together to gain a better appreciation of the truth. According to Entwistle (2004), God gave birth to the subject of psychology (military personnel behavior) when he created human beings. God granted us the foundations of theology when He gave us His Word (p. 175). The book tells us that there are devil books of God His phrase and His works (Entwistle, 2004). Psychology deals with Gods works and theology deals with His word. Our business organization as Christian counselors is to infer both books and fuse them together so that we usher out use both books to attention our clients.If we f ind something that does not puff sense between both books, there is a conflict that inevitably to be resolved before we can use it. At this point, we bespeak to go back and reread and study both books to see if we can find the discrepancy. Entwistle (2004) says that god gave us both books, but we have to experience them ourselves. The problem is not with Gods books, but it is the way we interpret them. Human consciousness of Gods books is based on our worldview (Entwistle, 2004). To decently integrate the two disciplines, we need to have a good understanding of both.We cannot just sack out theology or psychology and expect to integrate them well. We need to have a working knowledge of psychological theories and concepts as well as a working knowledge of Gods word. We need to mean, though, that our knowledge is only as good as our interpretation. Gods works have been affected by the fall into sin, and as a work of God our interpretations will be colored by the fall as well. I rally this book has a potful of good suppositions and concepts to it. I found it interesting to discuss the two books of God, because I had heard the term and knew what it meant, but had not really thought about what it included.I also liked the models of integration and their explanations. They were explained well enough that anyone could derive them easily. Some of the things that bothered me the most about the book and its ideas are the idea of interpretation, the exposition of integration, and where do we go from here. If we are the interpreters of Gods two books and we know that the fall and sin have colored our interpretations, how do we know if our interpretations of the books are correct? Can we interpret either book accurately? If our interpretations are wrong, can we do more harm than good to our clients?Is the definition of integration put down enough to help us know what we need to help others? When we use the current definitions of integration, do we get a comple te picture of what integration means to both disciplines? With all of the models of integration, where do we go next? How do we make progress in the integration influence? Can we ever integrate to a point where we can agree on most aspects of a model, or will there everlastingly be disagreement between the disciplines? These are all questions that I think are important to consider about integration.I think that integrating Christianity and psychology can benefit a Christian client by allowing us to address spiritual matters and use spiritual techniques for healing. It is important to remember that religion and psychology are both parts of Gods truth to us and can be used to help ourselves and others. When the two disciplines are integrated, we have many more options than when we use one or the other discipline separately. Finally use of both disciplines can help us reach people of faith as well as people who are not Christians, if we can use them both carefully and competently.

Nations and Nationalities in Europe

Rule by the people and for the people. This is a common phrase used by many an(prenominal) right away to describe thevariety of democratic political institutions found wholly oer the globe today. While nearly alldemocracies outside of atomic number 63 model the beginnings of their form of g all overnment to the UnitedStates and more specifically to the U.S. Constitution, for democracies within Europe, the beginningsare traced even farther back in time to marry deuce different traditions. One of these traditions beingness the English Constitution mainly involving the Magna Carta, and the other traditionrevolving around the French Revolution.In comparing these two as to which has ultimately proved stronger as the base for popular reign andwhy, one can discern that the French revolutionary tradition has courtly this for two drives.The first reason being due to the fact of it being more recent in historical context. Such an important effect having occurred less than 300 years ag o has more relevance in the minds of many politicalthinkers in our modern era than a resembling event which occurred nearly 800 years ago. Mankind tendsto believe that his ideas improve over time and thus the later the idea, the better the idea it is.The second reason for the French tradition being the base for nearly forms of popular dominate today is dueto it truly identifying and involving the three classes of the populace the aristocracy, middle-class,and poor, back consequently as it does today, in the political and economic process of society. While bothtraditions sought to limit the power of the monarch from being absolute over its subjects, it was theFrench revolution which gave a strong voice to those neither generous nor poor.The English tradition onthe other hand, primarily involved the aristocracy and the monarch, much like a dispute being settledtoday between the millionaires on one side and the billionaires on the other. Today, like in the late18th century during the time of the French revolution, in most advanced and developing democraticsocieties, the vast majority of the citizenry extraction in the middle.Thus, it is their political interests and perspectives which influence political discussion and change, just as it didnearly 300 years ago.

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It Is Better to Be the Eldest Child in a Family Than to Be the Youngest.

3. 01 Result and discourses for distrust 1 plat 1For locoweed learner The pie chart above shows the theatrical role of dopers between the genders among Labuan matriculation College(LMC) scholarly persons. found on the pie chart, the highest smoker between genders is that manful students with a plowsh ar of 71%. While,smoker among female students was 29%,which is less than male students smoker in LMC. 3. 01 Result and discussion for interrogative sentence 1 plat 2For non weed student. The pie chart above shows the percentage of students who do non smoke between gender in Labuan Matriculation College(LMC).Based on pie chart,available percent of male students who do not smoke ar 61% and it was higher than the percentage of female students who do not smoke as much as 39% 3. 02 Result and discussions for question 2. Diagram 3 No of cig atomic number 18ttes fall that the student smoke per mean solar day. The pie chart above shows the amount of cigarettes that are taken b y students who smoke in a day. Based on the pie chart,the pocket-size amount of cigarettes taken by students who smoke in a day is the 4-6 sticks with the percentage 11. 76%. Further,students who smoke cigarettes 1-3 and 7-10 cigarettes a day is by 29. 1%. The most abundant amount of cigarettes taken by students who smoked in a day was more than 10 sticks of cigarettes with a share of 29. 42%. 3. 03 Result and discussions for question 3. Diagram 4 Ammount of student exhausted per month to buy cigarettes. The pie chart above shows the issue forth expenses of students who smoke to buy cigarettes in a month. Much as 29. 41% of the students who spend RM10-RM30 and RM40-RM60 to buy cigarettes in a month,and the percent was also the highest percentage to the amount of money spent by a students to buy cigarettes in a month age period.After that ,23. 53% of students spend RM70-RM100 and 17. 65% for students who spend their money to buy cigarettes by more than RM100 in a month. 3. 04 Re sult and discussion for question 4. Diagram 5 What ones impressioning when coterminous to the individual who is weed. Based on the above pie chart, the chart shows the percentage of non-smokers ones feelings when they are next to the somebody who is skunk, where 62. 5% of people feel angry when seated next to the person who is skunk a cigarette. By 8. 33% of people feel wistful when you are on the side of people who smoke,and 12. % of those who do not feel anything when sitting next to the person who was smoking a cigarette, and the other is of 16. 67%. In conclusion, many another(prenominal) people do not like it when sitting next to the person who was smoking a cigarette. 3. 05 Result and discussion for question 5. Diagram 6 Student start smoking. The pie chart above shows the beginning where the bulk of students start smoking at all levels of the institution. Highest percentage of students who start smoking is while in high school rate of 75%. Next,at 16. 67% of the studen ts who started smoking when they were in primary school.At the college level,the percentage of students who started smoking in college is 8. 33%,the lowest percentage among the two percentages above. Conclusion, many students start smoking when they are growing up that while in high school. 3. 06 Result and discussion for question 6. Diagram 7 The primary(prenominal) factor of smoking among LMC student is very cheap cigarettes in Labuan. The pie chart above shows the percentage of the main factors of smoking among college students Labuan matriculation is a cheap price be acquire cigarette smoking is one of the things that are not taxable in Labuan. The pie chart shows the total of 4. 7% of people who do not tick with these factors,and are not sure whether this factor is correct or not by 33. 33%. 62. 5% agreed with the statement that the price of cheap cigarettes smoking is a major factor,but from 62. 5%, only 37. 5% are totally agree about the statement and the remainder only agr ee. 3. 07 Result and discussion for question 7. Diagram 8Actions that bequeath be done when students who do not smoke saw students who are smoking. The pie chart above shows the action that allow be done by students who do not smoke when he saw students smoking in Labuan Matriculation College.Ignore the students who smoke is the most everyday actions performed by students with a share of 50%. Secondly, as much as 45. 83% of the students who give advice to students who smoke when bumped the students who smoke. Next, the action can also be done by the student when he saw the smoke in the college student is to report to the college. But only 17. 4% had done and 0% for the students who took part when he saw smoking in college students. In conclusion, many students who do not like to interfere when he saw smoking in college students. . 08 Result and discussion for question 8. Diagram 9 The factors that cause students smoking Figure 6 shows the percentage of the factors that cause Labu an matriculation college students smoking in the form of a pie chart. Based on the plot, students more influenced by their peers as much as 54. 67% of the students. A total of 25% of students who smoke on account of want to try something new. There are 16. 67% of the students who smoke to release tension and other factors is at 3. 66%. 3. 09 Result and discussion for question 9.Diagram 10 The Percentage of student who not smoke think that smokers are substantially influenced by their friends. Based on diagram 10 above,the 50% of respondend say yes that the smoker easily influenced by their friends. No student say no that the smoker not easily influenced by their friend and also 7. 5% unsure about the factors. Finally,42. 5% student not answer this questions. 3. 10 Result and discussion for question 10. Diagram 11Percentage of repond by student who smoke that they salvage want to continue smoking or not. Based on diagram above, 27. % student will continue smoking and 20% student w ill stop smoking . Finally, 52. 50% student not answer the questions because they are not smoker. 3. 11 Result and discussion for question 11. Diagram 12Perception Labuan Matriculation Colleges student about smoking where smoking is good or not. Based on pie chart above,the pie shows the percentage of student perception about smoking is good or not ,52. 5% student say that smoking is not good for us and no student say that smoking are good. 47. 5% student not answer this question.

Cloud of Sparrows Short Summary Review

Cloud of Sparrows by Takashi Matsuoka 1. The book takes place in 1861, after Perry opens the door to japan. After centuries of isolation, Japan is lagging behind in ways of science and weaponry. The main character, Lord Genji, is Lord of the Okumichi Clan. He and his family atomic number 18 cursed with visions of the future. His uncle, Lord Shigeru, sees the coming bloodshed and massacre in Japans future and slaughters his wife and children to prevent them from suffering through it. Heiko, some new(prenominal) character, is a ninja who masquerades as a geisha. She falls in love with Genji, and afterwards confesses to him.He explains that he already knew of her dubious nature and returns her love. Though later, after accomplishment of her irredeemable origins, Genji can no longer looking at the same toward her and sends her to America. fellow Zephaniah is a priest wishing to save the crude heathens, but dies before long after arriving from a gunshot meant for Genji. Emily, an American missionary engaged to him, is racetrack away from her destructive beauty to Japan, where she is thought of as repulsive. She felt no feelings of love toward him, but agreed to the proposal because he protected her from the despicable men who sought to ake advantage of her. Stark accompanies Emily and Zephaniah, but instead of hoping to extend the True Word, he is after revenge. He is in pursuit of Ethan Cruz, who slay his beloved Mary Anne and her two daughters. Ethan murdered them because Stark murdered his father-like teach who ran the whorehouse when he wouldnt let Mary Anne leave. Kawakami is Genjis rival and despises him above all things. He takes great pleasure in geting what others do not. They are enemies because years ago, there was a great scrap at Sekigahara and their families were on opposite sides. Both sides re convinced the difference is not truly over and seek to eliminate each other completely. Genji takes the missionaries into his care in the cap ital of Edo, but when foreign ships fire on Edo, they travel to the well-fortified Cloud of Sparrows castle. 2. Shigeru has visions of the coming bloodshed and mutilation of Japan. This takes place before the wars and switch of Japan by the British and later, the Russians. I was surprised by the verity the characters exemplified, and how easily they shed the blood of those they had known for years. 3. The author is trying to guide how honorable Japan was, and how tragic the all of the old ways. He wanted the reader to understand how the Japanese felt and thought, and what a dramatic government issue the introduction of guns had on their society. He wanted the reader to feel the uncheerful sadness and most of all, the painful loss of centuries of history and tradition. I feel that he conveyed this very well. I really cared about the characters and genuinely wanted them to prevail and maintain their way of life, so it was really hard for me to know that in the end, no matter wha t, history would remain the same. They would be defeated, and their orbit would forever change.

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Macbeth- Appearance vs Reality Essay

How does Shakespeargon use the idea of cunning in his bid, Macbeth?Discuss the upshot by referring to contri merelyion, supernatural elements, places and objects non universe what they hold backmWilliam Shakespeargon was a in truth(prenominal) famous guidewright and pieceor who lived over 100 years ago and wrote the valety sees including Macbeth. The play Macbeth is a catastrophe, which was written in the sixteenth light speed by Shakespe be. In this play the main computer address, c aloneed Macbeth is a real bald-faced and brave man whose growing ambition and misfortune takes over his manners and leads him to suffer genuinely lousiness and threatening.In Macbeth, Shakespe be has employ the idea of misrepresentation to develop his style of play writing and to puzzle it more fire to the auditory sense. There argon several slipway in which he has do this, and I allow for be focussing on these to explain how he has d unitary this and what kind of an affe ct it has on community. Through surface the play on that point is a tense atmosphere that builds on as it goes a farsighted and gear ups the audition more attracted to it.Shakespe ar uses the idea of misrepresentation to create a lot of singular and superstitious effects in instal to enhance the quality of the play and to amaze it more dramatic. For example, the play starts off with lead witches also the context of use is truly eerie so the interviews attention is automatically grabbed and they want to carry on advance to find off what allow take place. Not totally does he include witches, the play also consists of cauldrons, spells, ghosts and illusions. plain though it is unusual to see a lot(prenominal) things today it was very substantial in that clock flow. Characters, acting, stagecraft and lyric poem are various ways that Shakespeare has use to exemplify the idea of joke in his play. There are dissimilar types of deception, such(prenominal)(prenominal) as, wad who are non what they seem, supernatural deceptions and things/places non be what they seem.Macbeth is a play closely tragedies and misfortune. There are some(prenominal) ideas or al-Qaedas, which are portrayed in this drama moreover the main whizz that I will be focussing on is manner and realism. This basically means the public idea of things non macrocosm what they seem.This play has a very strong moral, philosophical and social signifi fucqueence, which is displayed end-to-end the play and is revealed throughout the drama. Because this play was written before the 1914s we spate see that the language, stagecraft and settings employ are from the sequence period the play was written in. It looks at the historic and social significance of the play, and deals with things that were morally and philosophically significant to the mess at that clipping. For example, the peck at that clock time were strong retrievers of antic and supernatural elements su ch as witches and ghosts. These are less believable these days because of all the in vogue(p) science and engine room, which Shakespeare may not admit had at his time.This tragedy looks at the way lot see things and are mislead into estimateing their sustain way. Essentially we understand from the play that ambition is good only if you be act way too ambitious and are blinded by it past that can lead to harm. This is what happened to the quality of Macbeth. The significance, which is shown in the play, could be that dreams or illusions are not always what they seem, and can often lead you astray. The play is ground on the fact that Macbeth changes from a highly valued and respected man to someone who is dis bidd by the people in his society. The reasons being that he was very fortunate but could not see it, thence he went a compass point and thought he could make his dreams arise true.What happens in Shakespeares play is ironic and is related to the time period as rise which also influences the genre of the play. The play also implicates the historical happenings at the time period it was written because during that time Shakespeare had written a lot of tragedy and bitter plays. Around the same time Shakespeares twins died on that pointfore there may be a significant reason as to why he wrote these tragedies. Nevertheless he has used ideas of deception in such ways to snitch the audience and characters throughout.Macbeth is a very fire character created by Shakespeare because he is very diverse throughout the play. In different words he was subsistn as a very loyal and brave warrior at the lineage of the play, as the queer gave him the title of respect of the Thane of Glamis. We can immediately see that he is liked and respected by the fag and the people, because of his position in the Kings army. However, during the play the character of Macbeth changes and he be coiffures very ambitious which leads him to become evil, which emergenceu ally leads to his goal.This play involvements with the concepts of evil and good, which are shown through acts of deceit and honesty. Mainly it is about deceit, of the audiences as hale as the characters. There are also things that Macbeth encounters throughout this play, such as witches, apparitions and illusions that are not what they seem to Macbeth, but he does not make out this and in the expiry he ruins his life and the lives of many others whilst trying to make his dreams come true. He does not understand the concept of reality, which means that you cant judge by appearances, there is something behind the appearance that you take to look for rather than solely looking at the surface of things.Shakespeare uses a variety of different ways to illustrate the deceptions in the play, some of which are, language (e.g. linguistic devices), stagecraft (e.g. settings and extra effects), and characters (e.g. the role of Macbeth, or the three witches).In the time period in which this play was written, I expect that there wasnt much engineering because it was in the early sixteenth century when not all the new technology that we curb today, had existed. However, there was some technology such as the trapdoors that were built into the stage. This allowed people to appear and disappear in the eyes of the audience.Nevertheless, instead of cinemas, there were theatres where dramas and plays such as Macbeth were performed. This was a major entertainment for people at that time as there werent things like computers, Television, games, etc. so people would go to the theatre to consider these plays and they would really enjoy it. People also went to places to see bear beating, this is an event where bears were tied up and beaten by loose packs of dogs. People at that time enjoyed these horrifying scopes and it was a means of entertainment. This shows what the people were like in pre-1914, which links to why Macbeth was written and to whom it was targeted. Shakes peare has written this play in order to entertain and amuse the people at that time therefore he has used ideas of deception to make it more appealing and interesting.Macbeth is also a horrifying play where terrifying scenes like murder takes place. The audience, I should look would beget been very fascinated and horrified by this play, which would mean that more people would want to tick off it. At that time period people were also very superstitious and believed in things like witches because there wasnt much advance technology to prove otherwise.Social class divided the peoples status in society, e.g. the lower class people could not wear the same act upon as the rich as this was not accepted in society. The rich and poor wore different colours to represent which class they were from. Witchcraft was a major issue at the time and anyone who was venture would be tortured and executed. Due to this hundreds and thousands of women were executed for being caught doing suspicious acts of witchcraft. This is one of the many ideas Shakespeare has used in his play to deceive the audience and characters. It provides an interesting twist in the beginning of the play when the three witches are doing spells and things.The first ever Macbeth play to be performed was in Hamptons Court in 1605. There were many superstitions that people believed in such as, in the theatres audience were not allowed to formulate Macbeth or something efficacy happen to the characters on stage.I will now identify and explain the general physical composition of appearance and reality, which is portrayed throughout the play, Macbeth.There are many people who are not what they seem in reality and can head game the audience into designateing a different way.This deception is shown in the first movement where the former Thane of Cawdor becomes a treacherous man because he has betrayed King Duncan and the army of Scotland when he joins the Norwegian army in the battle. In this act Scots and Norwegians are enemies and there is a battle pass on, where Macbeth is a triumph for bulge outing the double-dealer and then he puts the head on his sword.This is significant because at that time it is seen as brave and unafraid to place the head of the victim on the sword, in that way people would inhabit youve won and will praise you. We can secern that Macbeth has nevertheless been honoured for doing this because in this scene the captain says For brave Macbeth well he deserves that take disdaining fortune with hiss brandishd steeltill he unseamd him from the nave to th chaps and fixd his head upon our battlements. In this characterization the captain is explaining what happened at the battlefields to the King and he is glorifying what Macbeth did, which was to murder a traitor and put the head on the sword.The deception in this scene is that of when the character of the traitor deceives the other characters and betrays his army by matching against them. The King is just one character who is deceived by this man from the battle. He was just one of the men in the battle was not what he seemed because he was a traitor all along and he betrayed King Duncan, thus was murdered posterior on. This is an example of when deception is illustrated in the play.Macbeth does not realise that the former Thane of Cawdor has been killed, he then goes and has an encounter with the witches, who tell him that he is expiry to be Thane of Cawdor. This is mentioned in as one of the prophecies. (Scene 3 line 48). only total Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor, this is said by one of the witches and is deceiving to the character Macbeth because he doesnt slam that the former Thane of Cawdor has died.The witches give him the following three prophecies in scene 3All hail Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Glamis,All hail Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor,All hail Macbeth, hail to thee, that shalt be king hereafter.After that Macbeth is very take aback and confused because at this moment he or the audience are not aware that the Thane of Cawdor has been killed or the fact that he will kill the King in the future to become one. This is deceiving to the characters that are told this (Banquo and Macbeth) because they did not know that the Thane had died. The language shows that Macbeth does not know that he is now the Thane of Cawdor as he sounds very confused in scene 3, By finels death I know I am the Thane of Glamis, But how of Cawdor? The Thane of Cawdor lives A well-disposed gentleman the idea of the Thane being dead and Macbeth being the new Thane is something that is not what it seems because the audience do not know this and also because they are being told by strange women. This is a deceiving matter because strange women, also cognise as the three witches, are telling them these prophecies that have never been hear of before. However, when it does come true then it is like another thing that is not what it seemed because no o ne really expected the prophecies to come true.Macbeth is a character who is deceiving to the audience, because in the beginning of the play we see him as a brave, courageous and good-willed man. However, this changes throughout the play and we find out that Macbeth is not what he seems and is genuinely a very evil and wicked man. We know this as a fact because he kills King Duncan to fulfil his dreams and ambition. Nevertheless, he was not that express feelings at first until his wife, madam Macbeth, encouraged him to do so. She says to him that she is an even come apart man than he is because he was cowering not to do the murder. She then makes him believe it is the right thing to do so Macbeth thinks that he has got no other chance and this cant be as bad as long as he cut acrosss it well. He says at the end of act 1 scene 7, I am settled and bend upto this terrible feat.Away, and mock the time with sportsmanlikeest show, false face must hide what the false heart doth know from this extract we can see that Macbeth has elect to mock the people which means to deceive them and the King by release ahead with this terrible invent. It is easy to see how the character of Macbeth is transformed from dependable and good-willed to become disloyal and treacherous. We know he was a trustworthy and estimable man because he alleviateed the Kings army in the battle therefore it was very shocking to find out he committed a murder. Even though he prevails in making his dreams and ambitions come true, at the same time he is deceiving the people for a long while. Shakespeare makes it deceiving to the other characters as well as the audience when he makes out that everybody sees Macbeth as a godlike figure who is respected by many. conversely Macbeth is not at all like that and we can see how barbarous and evil he becomes throughout the play.Shakespeare uses soliloquies in the beginning of act 1 scene 7 to represent how Macbeth is feeling, which is uncomfortable w ith this plan. It is not like him to do such evil acts so he is very distressed about what will happen. If it were forefathere when tis dupee, then twere well it were done quickly. If th assassination could trammel up the consequence and catch with his surcease, success, that but this blow might be the be-all and the end-all-herebut only vaulting ambition which oerlaps itself and move on th other- from this long and interesting soliloquy we can tell that Macbeth is discussing how hard this task is and how his ambition is urging him to go on.It seems as though he has second thoughts which deceive the audience because we think that he will forget doing the murder from act 1 scene 7 where he mentions how respected and praised he is at the moment, We will proceed no further in this business. He hath honourd me of late, and have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people, which will be worn now in the newest gloss, not flap aside so soon. Macbeth wants to enjoy the praises he has earned (bought) as though they were new clothes. Shakespeare uses metaphors here to describe the praises given to Macbeth and to make an impact on what he is saying. We, as in the audiences are deceived by this because it makes us think that he will back out but in the end he does not due to his weakness and he continues with the murder. bird Macbeth as a hostess at the fortress is very misleading because she is not what she seems to be. In the beginning of Act 1 scene 6, when King Duncan is welcomed to Macbeths castle he meets with Lady Macbeth. In the eyes of Duncan, Lady Macbeth is seen as the honourd hostess because of her appearance and false talk. He does not know what Lady Macbeth is really like and instantly judges her harmonize to her appearance and how she presents herself to him. See, see our honourd hostess the love that follows us sometimes is our get at, which slake we think as love. Herein I watch you how you shall bid god yield us for your pains and thank u s for your trouble.Duncan is being deceived yet again because he thinks that Lady Macbeth is offering kindness, but in reality she is just putting on a show. He says how grateful he is even though it can sometimes be a nuisance to have people offering kindness to him. He also says that this is his way of teaching her to ask God to reward him for the trouble she has to take, and also to thank him for providing the occasion for that trouble. Basically King Duncan is trying to say how grateful he is to be here and is thankful to her, however, in reality he is saying this to the wrong person because she is hiding her true appearance with a false one. indeed she is tricking him.King Duncan is quite a gullible man who trusts people very easily. He is glad to have come to Macbeths castle because he highly values him and has given him the titles, Thane of Cawdor and the Thane of Glamis. As we can see from the Duncans speech, he is pleased to have come to this castle, but the one thing he does not realise is that he is actually being deceived by the appearance of the settings and the other characters, like Lady Macbeth. Duncan mentions how kind Lady Macbeth is as a hostess, but he is unconscious of what she is really like in the inside, which is evil and cunning because she is plotting to murder him in the following scene.After the murder has taken place, every one is in shock. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth put on false faces and they are not suspected of anything. Duncans two sons, Malcolm and Donaldbain also hear of the news and are not really shocked. In this scene it seems as if Malcolm is pretending to be evil, but in reality he is only concerned about conservation his life. Even though they do not react that much, they are still worried and they think that they too may be in danger. thereof they decide that that it would be best to draw the country and go reveal ways. We know this from the conversation between Malcolm and Donaldbain in Act 2 scene 3. Malcolm is asking Donaldbain what they should do in order to save their own lives, this is deceiving because we did not expect them to get over their fathers death so easily and also it is deceiving to the other characters.This is because Malcolm says, what will you do? Lets not consort with them. To show an unfelt sorrow is an office, which the false man does easy. Ill to England. This shows he has already made up his mind and is waiting for Donaldbains reply, who then says he will go to Ireland. Malcolm also suggests that they should secretly snuff it, without let anyone else know. And let us not be dainty of leave-taking, but prisonbreak away. This shows that they feel no sorrow for their father and are willing to leave without trying to find out who the murderer is but only worried about theyre own lives. We, as audiences may know that they are not the killers but in the way Malcolm suggests leaving, as soon as he hears of the death seems as though he is evil and he is the murderer. It is deceiving to the other characters when he leaves because they see it as very suspicious that the Kings sons have decided to secretly leave the country. This may lead to people thinking that they are the murderers, but in reality this is not what it seems like.The play starts off with the witches appearing and disappearing and throughout the play they appear and disappear, which is a type of supernatural deception because it is not normal to have witches. This is a way of taking the attention of the audience, as they would find it fascinating to watch how the witches appear and disappear. In Shakespeares time, he did not have many special effects, so the supernatural deception effects would have had to be done on stage utilize the old fashioned way, the trapdoor.The trapdoor is one way in which people in Shakespeares days, used to perform special acts of appearing and disappearing and it was a good type of special effect used to deceive the audience at the time. The reason being that they did not have as much technology as we have today and were not as advanced so they would not have been able use advanced technology to do any special effects or lighting in order to make it really attractive. If he lived today he would have used things such as lighting and other technological equipment to make this play interesting for people of today so they would enjoy it. sensation of the special effects that could have been used on the character of Banquos ghost is a way of showing the idea of deception because Macbeth is the only one who can see the ghost and so the audience may also not be able to see anything. In the time of Shakespeare the ghost would have most probably been imagined or a queasy face of someone with powder all over, who would have come and foregone through the trapdoor. There was not as much technology as today and it wasnt as advanced as today, so you wouldnt have been able to do special affects like holograms and things on stage. These are ways in which people can see images and effects, which are not solidly there, they see it through computerised programmes.The apparitions are another set of tools of deception that Shakespeare uses to improve the quality of the play. This dramatic irony like the ghost only come and go so they may have not been acted out so the other characters would have used imagination to pretend they were there. too not all the characters can see the ghost, only Macbeth does.This is shown from the passages in Act 3 Scene 4, when language is used to show that Macbeth can see something that others cannot. When Macbeth talks about Banquos ghost he is deceiving the other characters. We know this because they are confused therefore they think Macbeth is going mad. Ross is one of the men at the feast and he speaks up saying, What sights, my passkey? from this phrase I know that the people there are very confused they do not know what is going on, this is when Lady Macbeth lies to them to pout up the tru th. Therefore she is deceiving the other characters and making them think that Macbeth is really ill, Good-night and reform health attend his majesty they leave after Lady Macbeth tells them to do so.Duncan is invited to Macbeths castle, which he finds very nice and welcoming. He compliments on how they are all so nice and the castle I so welcoming when he does not even have a touch as to what his fate will bring in the future. In the beginning of Act 1 scene 6, Duncan says this castle hath a benignant tin can the air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle senses. Duncan is saying that the castle is very welcoming just by looking at it and smelling the air. This castle is deceiving to the king because it is not what it seems. It seems like it is a very pleasant and fantastic place, however, in reality it is not at all a pleasant setting because this is the place where Duncan gets murdered. He does not know this therefore he is being deceived by the place.In act 2 s cenes 1 Macbeth is preparing to kill King Duncan. Shakespeare uses objects that are like illusion to let the audience know what is going on and to make it more interesting. For example, he uses the image of a dagger, we know this from what Macbeth says, is this a dagger which I see before me, the supervise toward my hand? Come let me clutch thee he uses this language to help the audience understand what is going on. This is not a real dagger, but only an ill-illusion telling him to carry on with this grim task. It may have been imaginary in Shakespeares stagecraft, because Macbeth only sees it as an imaginary object, which is deceiving him. Therefore it may not have been a real prop in the play when the people performed it.Macbeth also hears voices before and after the murder, which are deceiving because he only hears them in his mind. This shows us that he is getting paranoid and these voices are just in his head, we also know that there were sounds of animals that give a chill of horror. This adds to the horrifying scene of the murder and builds up tension because there are owls and crickets being heard in the background. This is significant to the time period of the play because at that time many people believed in superstitions and strange events. They also believed that the noise of owls and crickets were linked with a bad event such as death.When Macbeth becomes evil, after killing the King he decides its time to get rid of his friend, Banquo. In order to do this he has got to plan it first. He has told two murderers that Banquo is their enemy to make them want to kill Banquo in the first place. Shakespeare has included this part of the plot to show deception of the murderers Macbeth is deceiving them to make them hate Banquo, in order to carry out this murder.It is also deceiving when Lady Macbeth sees things in her sleep and becomes ill. She imagines that her hands were still bloody from the night the King was murdered.And last, but not least, there i s another idea of deception in the play it is when Great Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane. This is deceiving in its own way because in reality the wood is not actually coming to Dunsinane, but the people are carrying the trees and making it seem like the wood is coming towards Macbeth, to fight him. This also relates to the prophecies told in the beginning of the play and it is significant to what happens in the end. This deceives Macbeths army as they think that the wood is coming towards them and tell Macbeth this news. As soon as Macbeth hears this, he is reminded of the prophecies, which deceive him yet again because it is not really the wood that is coming to fight him, instead his enemies.Finally I can conclude that Shakespeare has done a great job of representing the theme of deception, appearance vs reality and this is very important when included in the plays. specially when the play is performed because the main things that needs to be thought about is how the special affec ts are going to be shown, for e.g. the witches, apparitions and the ghost. These are things that attract people to watch the drama in the first place. I can conclude that the play is all about the battle between good and evil, which also relates to the theme of deception. Deception plays a major part in this play, and I think that it is trying to give the audience a message about deceiving and how things/people are not always what they seem to be.As I have explained in my essay Shakespeare has used language, imagery and stagecraft to illustrate the theme of deception and to show the audience how Shakespeare has made things seem different to what they really are in order to mislead the audience and characters. The language such has as fair is foul, and foul is fair (1.1) is just an example of how Shakespeare uses language to trick people. How can fair be foul and foul be fair? It is not something that you would normally come across therefore the play is very well known and liked by m any. The deceptions are just ways in which to get people thinking and to prove that everything is not what it looks like on the outside, there may be things hidden away in the inside.For example, the character of Macbeth was not what he seemed like in the beginning of the play because his character has changed dramatically in the audiences eyes. He went from being a brave and courageous soldier to an evil and wicked ruler. I think his ambition has deceived him and he was overwhelmed at the thought of becoming king that he didnt think of the consequences. Overall I think Shakespeare has used the idea of deception very cleverly in the play, Macbeth to get the audience attention and to make it very appealing to the audience. He has done this by using characters, supernatural elements, places and objects, which are not what they seem. It is very similar to the saying, dont judge a book by its cover, because you dont know whats inside the story unless you read it. also Shakespeare is gi ving the impression that characters, stagecraft, and many other things are not barely what they seem.

Evolution of Advertising in Nigeria Essay

The Nigeria advertise had its small-scale beginning rooted in colonial history, advertise development could be traced to about 1928 with the birth of West African Publicity Limited. An off acquire of UAC, the company was set up to cater for the marketing activities of the colonial know in both Nigeria and West Africa. This company was subsequent to trans dramatis personae to a full fledged advertisement firm in 1929 known as Lintas with two other subsidiaries newly Afro media, the outdoor medium and Pearl/Dean, the pic arm. With the setting up of the companies then headed by expatriates, the companies were to enjoy a monopoly for a long time to come it was not until 1950s when other advertising agencies started to emerge on the scene. Ogilvy, Benson and Martha (OBM) and Grant were later to join the fray to form the big three in the labor.The medium of advertising was in its early childhood in those days Federal Government owned National send Corporation (NBC) where he exa ctly television move that operated in the tetrad regions of East, West, North and later Midwest. These regions later set up their private stations pioneered by the West, at Ibadan, prior to independence. In 1960 and 1962 respectively, Enugu and Kaduna followed suit. And with the creation of more(prenominal) than regions by the General Yakubu Gowon (rtd) administration and creation of more states by both Alhaji Shehu Shagari and Ibrahim Babangida regimes, more state government-owned television and radio stations were established.Daily multiplication, Express, Tribune, New Nigeria and chalk out were among the fore-runners in newspaper publishing. Some state governments also published newspapers that communicate their local audience. Two major magazines- Drum and Spear from Daily Times st subject were also at the time published.Between the early 1960s and 1970, there was no spectacular development in the industry. But the announcement of Nigeria Enterprises as promotion Decree of 1972 popularly known as Indigenization form _or_ system of government urshed in a new phase in the industry. The polity change key positions in corporate organisations to indigenes. Mr Silvester, Muoemeka was by the dictates ofthe policy to emerge the outset indigenous chief executive of Lintas. Lintas progress empowered more Nigerians to expect up the furrow of advertising some of whom had to leave broadcasting to deal the new thinking.By the later 1970s however, two ambitious agencies, Rosabel denote and Insight Communication, sprang up. The coming of the two agencies which till today atomic number 18 equable doing very(prenominal) well, no doubt, was a watershed in the industry of advertising in Nigeria as the agencies brought new ideas into the industry while taking creative thinking to a higher. Before the turn of the decade, 23 agencies had been formed.With the steady growth in the number of practitioners and agencies arose the need for associations to be formed to advance their common interests and a regulatory body to that would regulate and standardize advertising rule. A run into of the agencies held at Ebute Metta, Lagos in 1971 was to metamorphose into Association of Advertising Practitioners of Nigeria (AAPN) with the objective of defend practitioners against unfavourable business.The association was later renamed Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria. As the industry continued to grow in volume of business and complexity, more and more people were attracted to the industry. The need to establish an institution to regulate advertising practice became apparent. This gave rise to the establishment of Advertising Parishioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) by Decree 55 of 1988, later renamed Act 55 of 1988 by the civilian administration on November 1989, the depression meeting of the association held somewhere in Ebute-meta, Lagos finally culminated.APCON started operation in 1990 with the employment of the pioneer registrar in the person of Dr Charles Okigbo. The era of sparing restructuring and liberalization opened up the Nigerian business to global economy. outside(prenominal) investments started flowing into the economy the expatriates who once left the shores of the land due to the indigenization policy gradually returned. And with them, the boom in economy. Aside, privatization of mass communication medium in the 1990s also witnessed the setting up of privateowned media houses which are platforms for advertisement placements.But in the 1990s the sector came alive. Not only that alarming and ambitions agencies such(prenominal) as Prima Garnet, Sotu and Caesars sprang up, the sector began to expand beyond advertising as full services public relation firms such as the Quadrant JSP and Quest were established. Also the era witnessed the mad hurriedness of foreign affiliations. While some agencies sought this affiliation to help win their human capital, others just joined the bandwagon just to feel a mong. As the business expanded, related services providers joined the fray to cash in on the boom. Not long after they formed themselves into association to also further heir cause and protect their interest. Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria (ADVAN), outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) emerged. Not long the industry became an all corners affairs.Competition became very stiff and practitioners started adopting unwholesome means to undercut one another. Industry debt became a major issue to the extent that it attracted the attention of past federal government who encouraged the practitioners to find a way of resolving the perennial problem. on the nose as competition continued to get stiff, agencies did not rest on their oars as they embarked on training of their staff who will be able to meet the challenge of modern day advertising. As creative thinking took move stage, the industry witnessed a lot of innovation and creative ideas. The foreigners who started coming congest brought with them standard and professional which changed the advertising landscape. Restructuring, training and brand building and creativity have taken centre stage.

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Practicum Narrative Report

-A ONE-STEP HIGHER AT MAXS RESTAURANT, QUEZON AVE. ,QUEZON CITY- I am very happy that I had my practicum at Maxs Restaurant, Quezon Avenue. Being depart of the loveable people of Maxs is rattling great and it was very memorable for me. I apply at Maxs through online so I was surprised that it only took me unmatchable day waiting for their confirmation if Im hired or not solely thanks graven image- its positive. Specifically, I applied for CSA (Customer Sevice Attendant) for I know that it could rightfully emend me as a person and of course, to improve my skill and knowledge as an HRM student.On the set-back day, Mam Rizza who is our good and patient trainer taught a small priming coat/ history of Maxs Restaurant. We learned that it started since 1945when Maximo Gimenez Gimenez decided to open a cafe which served chicken, steak, and drinks. He was joined by his wife Mercedes, sister-in-law Felipa Serrano Sanvictores, his niece scarlet who managed the kitchen, and her husba nd Claro. subsequently that, they were promote to expand the menu and serve more Filipino provender. Maxs Restaurant bills itself as The house that fried chicken built.Maxs Restaurant currently has all over 127 branches in the Philippines and has opened branches internationnally. afterwards the depression orientation, were on the second part which is the Menu Familiarization which is quite difficult for those who argon not good in memorization. Honestly, at prototypical, I got confused with the product codes and descriptions of every nourishment feature but thanks to Mam Rizza for being knowledgeable and proactive teacher to us. After this, she also taught the different wares used for soups/ salads, main course, side dishes, desserts and beverage glasses.After discussion, Mam Rizza gave us many activities (by group) to promote friendship and camaraderie among us. So, its so really benignant because all of us feel that we are one big family. After this, Mam Rizza gave us our long quiz for the preparation on the actual examination. Finally, I passed the examination. The third part of the orientation is all about the Dining grooming Program which is also the last part of our orientation program. This program self-possessed of 2 parts. First part was all about the expediency quality, customer needs, etiquettes, dos donts and rewards of excellent service.To summarize, this is more on the service quality and the etiquettes of a service personnel. We have learned the different principles and rules followed at Maxs. Mam Rizza discussed to us the customers need for us to understand who are the guests? and what are their needs as a guest? Next is the 7 deadly sins that pertains to things or actions to avoid while on province and last is the rewards of excellent service. Overall, Mam Rizza gave us the motivation for us to be a lovable people of Maxs by giving our excellent and TODO BIGAY service of process to all the guests.Additionally, Mam Rizza alway s re judgings us that GOOD ATTITUDE AND CHARACTER IS A MUST Second part was all about the Sectionalization which implies the knowledgeable and understanding the responsibilities of each service personnel (greeter, seater/rover, order retainr, waiter and servers). We learned the first base rule No guest is left unattended and all place are manned at all eons. The dining sequence unruffled of 7 parts. Starting from the greeting the guests, leading them to their tables, presenting menu and removing extra settings.These first 4 actions should be done with a big smile and manage making the guests feel that they are welcome and at home. Next go out be the order taking, suggestive selling, repeating orders and punching orders. On this stage, presence of mind is really needed because you have to go intain all the questions of the guests and you have to attain the orders of the guests correctly thats why repeating orders is very important. Same on the first stage, a big smile and c are for every guest. Ooopsss Dont forget to take the name of the guest and introduce yourself to them.The third stage includes the serving of food and drinks. The fourth step includes the first check back, (done to check the satisfaction of guests by asking how is the food? ), suggestive selling for desserts or coffee and partial(p) bussing. Fifth step includes the presenting the bill if it is asked by the guest. This should be done politely with a smile. After receiving payment, sixth step include the presenting of change and give tongue to Thank you for dining Sir/ Mam. The last step (7th) includes thanking the guests and inviting them again to come again. protrude of the 7 sequence is the time standards.These time standards are the preparation time for each food item. Its very important to know this to inform the guests if how long-lived they bequeath wait for their food. For salads/ soups and side orders (5 mins. ) rubys favorites (15 mins. ) fried chicken (20 mins. ) rice / drinks but fruit shakes (3 mins), combo meals (10 mins. ) and desserts (5-10 mins. ). Lastly, we discussed the suggested script for the guests while communicating with but the more or less important is the four magic words Excuse me, Thank you, My pastime and Certainly Mam/ Sir. After the discussion, we had our last examination.And again, I passed it. thank be to Mam Rizza, to my classmates and to God who helped all of us to fulfill and finish this orientation. November 26, 2012- first day of my duty at Maxs Restaurant, Quezon Avenue. My supervisors (Sir Jon and Sir Tom) gave me a short review about the table set- up and seat numbering (1 oclock position). They also taught me the three function rooms they have- Claro, Ruby and Maximo Hall. But before that, I met my co- CSAs who I considered as my Kuya and consume. On my first week, I am the greeter. As a greeter, I have to be a person who always smiles, having a welcoming spirit.At first, it seems that its the easiest respons ibility of a CSA. Yeah, it is true but sometimes crucial when there are no CSA at the localises who forget assist the guests. If that so, I have to apace assist them to their preferred tables and go back again to the doors as closely as I can to accommodate the next guests who will enter at the door. As time goes by, it became my lifestyle whenever I saw people, I learned to smile and greet them politely. I also learned how to socialize with different types of persons. On my second week, I was assigned at station 3 (tables 21-24).At first, I am excited but the tension was really there. I did some mistakes such as not repeating orders all the way to the guests, wrong orders, forgot to suggest soups/ salads and carelessness the way I serve food/ drinks. These are my common mistakes during my first days. But of course, on the next twain weeks, I saw myself improving even though sometimes, there are little mistakes, I developed my problem-solving skills and the presence of mind wa s really there. Thanks God for guiding me and of course to my supervisors who always corrects me if there is something wrong.As time goes on, I really learned to socialize with my co-CSAs (Ate Rox, Ate Rose, Ate Berna, Ate Tessa (BSA), Ate Aeinah (BSA), Ate Ching, Ate Marga, Ate Sherly, Ate Shelou and Ate Bridgette). I will never forget them because they are the one who helped me and encouraged me to finish my training. nonpareil thing Ive learned is to mingle with them even though they had different attitudes and personalities. The roughly memorable moment during my training period is the personal conferation of my high-priced instructors (Mam She and Sir Chris). I was greatly impressed with them as my coordinators because they have the time to visit us.My instructors surprised with my physical appearance (wearing my black dress uniform at Maxs) and they said to me Babae ka na pala The OJT program I had at Maxs Restaurant is really good and memorable to me. I learned many th ings form my hold up and co-staffs. One thing to improve their OJT program is to let the students experience the both main segments Dining and Kitchen, because they only allow only one department for OJTs. For those students who will be having their OJT, they have to prepare all the possible requirements as soon as possible.And, as much as possible, they need the cooperation of the coordinators. Be a good trainee when having OJT especially with the duties and responsibilities. Be cooperative and avoid absenteeism because it will be bad record for the company. If the company requires only one department, be sure that you will choose the best department where you can donation your skills and interest. Lastly, give your best shot Assessment of the OJT Program SUBMITTED BY Jeunesse Micah L. Eugenio BSHRM-4A SUBMITTED TO Ms. Shirley C. Espina HRM teacher/ OJT Coordinator

Descriptive Essay About Mothers Cookies Essay

umpteen an(prenominal) students enter college expecting good times, knowledge, friendships, and a new sense of direction. When I maiden got to William Penn I didnt believe I would gain any of that. As time has passed I realized that WPU does exact a lot to turn but everything takes patients. I also had to realize that everything wasnt going to cause easy either. I soon found out that college comes with ch altogetherenges and struggles because of the great demands and expectations that comes with success. The demands of doing some(prenominal) different things with very little time can become overwhelming. entirely I believe Im starting to get the flow of it. There are a limited number of students on the campus so it makes it easier to instruction in class thats something I in reality like. set in long hours and worrying about class does bring superfluous stress but Im learning to balance it all out. Coming to WPU has also taught me to have an open ming that I cant just do the tihngs that I know how to do. I have to movement new things that im unconfortable doing. I believe attending this university volition open many doors for me. It will also help me mature and become a fall in student . WPU wiil also help me build my career and start my heart on the right path. I chose to come to William Penn becaus I knew that a teach far away would give me a better chance to focus on school without too many distractions. A nonher reason I chose William Penn is because Im very deticated to basketball and coach Henry offered me perception money to give me an oppurtunity to play. I also did my research and I detect that the basketball team had a great season and great program. So I figured it was an honor that William Penn wanted me. I also have lived in Louisiana my whole life so i was really read for the college experience and something different other than Louisiana. So far Im feeling that William Penn was the right choice for me. I needed a new start away from all my problems back home. I was really making bad choices that was starting to lead my life in a direction that i was not prepared for. Ofcourse all my problems are not going to just go away but being at William Penn is giving me an oppurtunity to live my dreams and revatuate myself as a person. Then I will be able to deal with my issues back home as a different person with a better mind set. So I definately dont regret coming to this school because it is keeping me grounded and grammatical construction character.Read AlsoDescriptive Essay Topic Ideas