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Double Standard in Daniel Defoes Robinson Crusoe :: Defoe Robinson Crusoe Essays

The Double Standard in Robinson Crusoe As I read the excerpts from Robinson Crusoe I was quite affected by the double standard that was straightforward on the part of our hero. This theme of the double standard is one that is realized in most antiquated texts. In explanation, whatever action the white European male performs is exceptionable behavior, but if another character, like a woman or a non-European does the aforesaid(prenominal) thing it becomes unexceptionable. An obvious example is Mr. Crusoe whose chosen handicraft was slave trader turned slave, a condition that was not an attractive lifestyle for him, but was fine for those who did not fit into his racial grouping. He formulates an pass for himself, an action that would have infuriated him if a slave had tried to escape from him when he was in his role of slave merchant. Additionally, I was agog, as was Allison, that he threw the tie up overboard and threatened him death if he did not return to shore, and a certain existence in the role of slave. That Crusoe did not offer the Moor the same stab at freedom he was giving himself was unforgivable. Directing my discussion to the excerpt involving Friday, again the double standard was evident, though it was realized in a different variation. Here Crusoe the issue of slavery was still present, but also the discourse on the appearance of Friday. He was quite vociferous in remarking upon Fridays abet and how that countenance matched or varied with the appearance of other ethnic groups. I found this to be much in keeping with the precedent set by the writings of the first explorers from Columbus onward. These men would make descriptions of the people they encountered on their journeys and made comparisons with everything from beasts to animals to mythical beings. Last semester in my history seminar my final paper was the historical context of William Shakespeares Tempest, and I found many parallels with the writings of the primary texts I used to t hat of Defoes

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Hinduism and Buddhism Essay -- Religion Religious Essays Papers

Throughout the world, different nations have different beliefs or godliness. Some religions evolve from others, and others are combination of other religions. Religion is a personal manner of feeling, a lifestyle it should dictate how you live your life. For instance, in India, Buddhism evolved from Hinduism, a religion were people believe in 300, 000 gods. Even though, Hinduism and Buddhism have different similarities such as believes in god, soul, and rituals, which in some ways connected to each other, both religions believe of what happens after life. Although Buddhism evolved from Hinduism it differs from Hinduism in god beliefs. According to Buddhists there is no God, entirely they reverence the Buddha and his teachings as though he were one. Buddha, believe in no Atmans, nor is there a Brahman or supreme being because all is non permanent. They believe that to have faith in a higher power is nothing more than illusion. The Buddhist athirst in fact think that life is not a reality. In Buddhism, a person strives to reach the Nirvana through mediation. The Nirvana is the blowing out of the fame of desire by ending the vicious stave of reincarnation. By not going with their instincts and ending all desire for the illusion of this world, one is able to reach enlightenment and finally rest from his suffering. The Buddhists worship the Buddha and do the four noble truths in order to reach salvation. The four noble truths are life is suffering, all suffering is caused by ignorance of the nature of reality and the craving, fond regard and grasping that result from such ignorance, suffering can be ended by overcoming ignorance, and the path to the suppression of suffering is the Eightfold dire Path. The Eightfold Noble Path is divided into three categories morality, wisdom, and concentration.In contrast, Hindus say, that thou art. This statement means that Brahman is the same as one true self, or his Atman. Not solo do the Hindus worship Brahman, they a lso worship several other gods as well. The other gods are in the reincarnation series, or the samsara, they are not final but they help to bring liberation throughout the grueling cycle. All Hindus believe in three most popular gods, which they are Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. Shiva is the theology of the renounces, especially of the many shiava sects that imitate him. These are Kapalicas, Pashupatas,... ...that has been made in a single day or night.Hindus believe in souls and Buddhists do not. In Hindus religion it is believed that an individual should abolish all once and desires in addition to refraining from any temptations of sin in order to discipline himself or herself. Once all of these things are done, the perfect joy and harmony with the infinite spirit is reached. The infinite spirit refers to Hinduism belief that the soul never dies. Hindus believe that each time a consistence dies the soul is reborn into a new body. On the contrary, Buddhism believe in the Anatman or no soul. Buddhism sees human existence as made up of atomic number 23 bundles or Skandhas. These are material body of feelings, perceptions, predispositions or Karmic tendencies, and consciousness. Buddhists deny the permanent soul. Buddhists believe that as long as they follow the four noble truths they would be freed from the life sufferings. Eventually, today both religions are still greatly worshiped and have millions of followers. Buddhism and Hinduism are connected in many ways and still continue to elaborate after many, many centuries. Both religions have a similar goal, and path to achieve that goal.

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Solar Power for Homes Essay -- Solar PV Panels Photovoltaic Cells

Harnessing the Suns nil Solar Power for HomesThe use of solar power is all nearly us. Calculators, roadside emergency telephones, and street-side speed radars all utilize the temperatenesss unfathomable rays to provide power for their simple functions. As simple as these functions may be, solar power is nonetheless capable of powering much greater things. The technology and motif for this exists all the satellite needs is time and funding to begin with it becomes a planet powered solely by the luminous rays of the great sun. But before this universal shift towards solar power happens, citizens sacrifice the choice and cogency to install their own personal solar power system for their private homes. by and by weighing the advantages against the disadvantages, the correct choice should be clear.The sun has been a prospect for a universal power source for centuries. Since as early as 1839, scientists have been researching the concept of photovoltaic cells, in an effort to ef fectively collect electrical power from the suns rays. According to a professor at the University of Oregon, the replete(p) surface of the earth receives an average of approximately 84 Terawatts of power from the sun in a 24-hour day (University of Oregon, 2001). Research done by the Energy culture Association shows that the annual worldwide power consumption in the course of instruction 2004 was 15 Terawatts (EIA, 2006). Clearly, the sun provides us with much more energy than we need. Moreover, this energy does non produce waste and is overly available, as shown by the fact that the planet earth intercepts more energy from the sun than is used in an entire year through the burning of fossil fuels (EIA, 2006). The question at hand is, what is holding us from converting into a civilization tha... ...ea Online Image, Retrieved Aug 1, 2007, from http//, C. (1995, July 18) Retrieved venerable 1, 2007, from http // (2006, June 1) Retrieved August 1, 2007, from http// Solar Cell. Online Image. (2005). Retrieved August 1, 2007, from http// Solar twain Online Image. (2006). Retrieved August 1, 2007, from http// Williams, W. (2007, August 1) Retrieved August 1, 2007, from http//, M. (2007, July 13) Retrieved August 1, 2007, from http// Solar Power for Homes Essay -- Solar PV Panels Photovoltaic CellsHarnessing the Suns Energy Solar Power for HomesThe use of solar power is all around us. Calculators, roadside emergency telephones, and street-side speed radars all utilize the suns limitless rays to provide power for their simple fu nctions. As simple as these functions may be, solar power is nonetheless capable of powering much greater things. The technology and motivation for this exists all the planet needs is time and funding before it becomes a planet powered solely by the luminous rays of the great sun. But before this universal shift towards solar power happens, citizens have the choice and ability to install their own personal solar power system for their private homes. After weighing the advantages against the disadvantages, the correct choice should be clear.The sun has been a candidate for a universal power source for centuries. Since as early as 1839, scientists have been researching the concept of photovoltaic cells, in an effort to effectively collect electrical power from the suns rays. According to a professor at the University of Oregon, the entire surface of the earth receives an average of approximately 84 Terawatts of power from the sun in a 24-hour day (University of Oregon, 2001). Research done by the Energy Information Association shows that the annual worldwide power consumption in the year 2004 was 15 Terawatts (EIA, 2006). Clearly, the sun provides us with much more energy than we need. Moreover, this energy does not produce waste and is overly available, as shown by the fact that the planet earth intercepts more energy from the sun than is used in an entire year through the burning of fossil fuels (EIA, 2006). The question at hand is, what is keeping us from converting into a civilization tha... ...ea Online Image, Retrieved Aug 1, 2007, from http//, C. (1995, July 18) Retrieved August 1, 2007, from http// (2006, June 1) Retrieved August 1, 2007, from http// Solar Cell. Online Image. (2005). Retrieved August 1, 2007, from http// Solar Two Online Image. (2006). Retri eved August 1, 2007, from http// Williams, W. (2007, August 1) Retrieved August 1, 2007, from http//, M. (2007, July 13) Retrieved August 1, 2007, from http//

Global Warming is Destroying Our Planet Essay -- Climate Change, Argum

Is global warming happening right now, and it is causing climate shifts on the populace? Scientists are still proving this theory by researching data throughout the world. Though scientists are working hard to verify the theory, all the blame is on us, the consumers. humor shifts are becoming a problem, and people need to be aware of what consequences may be ahead. People need to know, what can be done by this? Most individuals would not give this topic a second thought, but with the research being done there may be a root word to help our Earth. Opposing viewpoints and arguments are debatable in this case, because everyone has a different opinion but this is how I want to advise people to take perplexity for the revolutionary weather season. I will be discussing the controversy of global warming, history patterns, greenhouse gases, and the biggest emitters of green house gases in which, will bring up a few more sub-topics to inform the people on. I support the research being do ne on global warming and the deep investigating on the effects it may have. Although there may be opposing issues that feed this topic to grow as a controversy, people in the threesome world neglect the economy, and still expect to fund their yearly needs with no delay. How do we support ourselves when it comes to our necessities and our people are not willing to impart? Global warming is not going to stop, and even our countries leader is trying to resolve the issue about climate change. According to Patrick Jonsson, staff writer of Christian Science Publishing, four in ten Americans now say they place little, or no trust in what scientists proclaim about the environment. Disregard the feature of being republican or democrat, but even President Obama has made his a... ...1 Jun 2010,National Newspaper Abstracts (3), ProQuest. Web. 7 Jul. 2010.Riebeek, Holli. Global Warming Feature Articles. NASA Earth Observatory Home. 3 June 2010. Web. 08 July 2010. .Snow and Ice Cover. E nvironmental Science In Context. Ed. Brenda Wilmoth Lerner and K. Lee Lerner. Vol. 2. Detroit Gale, 2009. 741-742. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Gale. Butler County Community College. 7 July 2010 http//butlerlib.butlercc.edu2390/ps/, A.. affection of the power of greenhouse gases on the basis of absorption spectra. American diary of Physics 78.4 (2010) 359. Research Library, ProQuest. Web. 7 Jul. 2010.Weaver, R.. Sensory Overload over Global Warming. Journal of Forestry 106.7 (2008) 398-399. Research Library, ProQuest. Web. 7 Jul. 2010.

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Jean-Paul Sartre: On the Other Side of Despair Essay examples -- Biogr

Jean-Paul Sartre On the separate Side of DespairIn an age of modern pessimism and inauthentic, insignificant existence, Jean-Paul Sartre clearly stands out amongst the masses as a leading intellectual, a bastion of hope in the twentieth century. Confronting anguish and despair, absurdity and freedom, nihilism and transcendence, Sartre totalized the twentieth century... in the sense that he was responsive with theories to to each one of the great events he lived through as Arthur C. Danto commented (Marowski and Matuz 371). As a philosopher, dramatist, novelist, essayist, biographer, short story writer, journalist, editor, scriptwriter, and autobiographer, his impact is simply undeniable. Between his expansive body of literary lead and the philosophical ideas expressed within his words, Jean-Paul Sartre was one of the leading minds of recent times and perhaps the father of existentialism as we know it.Jean-Paul Sartre was born in genus Paris on June 21, 1905. Due to his fathers ear ly death, he and his mother lived with his grandfather, Charles Schweitzer. As Sartre notes in his 1964 autobiography Les mots (The Words), Schweitzer was a professor of German and instilled in him a great passion for literature in his early years (Marowski and Matuz 371). Growing up as the only child in a household where the adults doted on him, historians explain that, Sartre perceived hypocrisy in his middle-class environment as manifested in his familys penchant for self-indulgence and role-playing and he therefore held anti-bourgeois sentiments throughout his purport (Marowski and Matuz 371).While attending the cle Normale Supriuere in Paris, Sartre met fellow philosophy student Simone de Beauvoir and then formed what was to be a lifelong per... ...d Other Stories. By Jean-Paul Sartre. New York MJF Books, 1975. v-xiv.Crosby, Donald A. Nihilism. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Ed. Edward Craig. 8 vols. London and New York Routledge, 1998.Howells, Christina. Sartre, Jean- Paul. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Ed. Edward Craig. 8 vols. London and New York Routledge, 1998.Jean-Paul Sartre. Home Page. 2000 Online. Internet. Available http// 19 July 2000.Marowski, Daniel G. and Roger Matuz, eds. Jean-Paul (Charles Aymard) Sartre. Contemporary literary Criticism. Vol. 52. Detroit Gale Research Inc., 1989. Sartre Cortege Plus Thousands End in Crush at the Cemetery. The Boston Globe April1980.The Boston Globe Online. Internet. 19 July 2000.Turnbull, Neil. Get a beguile on Philosophy. Essex, UK Ivy Press/Time Life Books, 1998.

Jean-Paul Sartre: On the Other Side of Despair Essay examples -- Biogr

Jean-Paul Sartre On the early(a) Side of DespairIn an age of modern pessimism and inauthentic, insignificant existence, Jean-Paul Sartre clearly stands out amongst the masses as a leading intellectual, a bastion of hope in the twentieth century. Confronting anguish and despair, absurdity and freedom, nihilism and transcendence, Sartre totalized the twentieth century... in the sense that he was responsive with theories to apiece of the great events he lived through as Arthur C. Danto commented (Marowski and Matuz 371). As a philosopher, dramatist, novelist, essayist, biographer, short story writer, journalist, editor, scriptwriter, and autobiographer, his impact is simply undeniable. Between his expansive body of literary tame and the philosophical ideas expressed within his words, Jean-Paul Sartre was one of the leading minds of recent times and perhaps the father of existentialism as we know it.Jean-Paul Sartre was born in capital of France on June 21, 1905. Due to his fathers e arly death, he and his mother lived with his grandfather, Charles Schweitzer. As Sartre notes in his 1964 autobiography Les mots (The Words), Schweitzer was a professor of German and instilled in him a great passion for literature in his early years (Marowski and Matuz 371). Growing up as the only child in a household where the adults doted on him, historians explain that, Sartre perceived hypocrisy in his middle-class environment as manifested in his familys penchant for self-indulgence and role-playing and he therefore held anti-bourgeois sentiments throughout his feel (Marowski and Matuz 371).While attending the cle Normale Supriuere in Paris, Sartre met fellow philosophy student Simone de Beauvoir and then formed what was to be a lifelong per... ...d Other Stories. By Jean-Paul Sartre. New York MJF Books, 1975. v-xiv.Crosby, Donald A. Nihilism. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Ed. Edward Craig. 8 vols. London and New York Routledge, 1998.Howells, Christina. Sartre, Jean-P aul. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Ed. Edward Craig. 8 vols. London and New York Routledge, 1998.Jean-Paul Sartre. Home Page. 2000 Online. Internet. Available http// 19 July 2000.Marowski, Daniel G. and Roger Matuz, eds. Jean-Paul (Charles Aymard) Sartre. Contemporary literary Criticism. Vol. 52. Detroit Gale Research Inc., 1989. Sartre Cortege Plus Thousands End in Crush at the Cemetery. The Boston Globe April1980.The Boston Globe Online. Internet. 19 July 2000.Turnbull, Neil. Get a upon) on Philosophy. Essex, UK Ivy Press/Time Life Books, 1998.

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Evolution of Disney Princesses Essay

The Disney princess picture shows are American classics. Like them or hate them, fairy storys are universal k this instantledge in America. Why is it so important that Disney drills viewers heads with these fairytales, specifically progeny girls? While all of the Disney princesses offer viwers obvious good moral philosophy and action lessons, t here(predicate) are underlying messages in each innocent tale. America is attempting to shape the distaff youth with their friendly childrens tales. However, as womens rights are evolving in America, the Disney princesses are evolving too. Disney keeps gender roles separate and concrete in their movies. The explanation for this behavior is the affect it has on the viewers of the films.In the older princess movies such(prenominal) as S at present White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty womens out in society was clear you can get a husband if you are well-favored and women should find it enjoyable to pee-pee and denude. Disney is painti ng a portrait of the perfect woman as cosmos submissive and dependent on opposite people, mostly men. In the more recent movies such as The Princess and the Frog and Frozen independence and ambition are two focal characteristics of the newer princesses. The ontogeny of Disney Princesses is due to the throw of womens place in society over time. With each movie the princesses can be directly correlated to the time period and womens br differently standing.Skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony. Snow White, the princess who began it all. She is described as being the most beautiful in all the land, and it seems that this is her most desirable quality. This movie is teaching little girls that as long as they are pretty, boys will command them. Young girls that see Snow White see that shes beautiful, shes kind, and she is treated unfairly. only when underneath all of those truths, in that location are some other things she teaches the youth. When she begins living with the seven dwarfs she is the only woman in the house and she now has all of the cooking and cleaning responsibilities. If Prince Charming moved in with the dwarves would they expect him to cook and clean, of course not. This is what Disney is labeling as womans work andsubconsciously making young girls think that is there place because Snow White makes it look same fun.The next Disney Princess to take the stage was Cinderella. A girl who is mistreated by her measuring stickmother. Cinderella is kept a slave in her own home, forced to wear rags, and manage her stepfamily. Her biggest dream is to go to the ball where she might just see the Prince. She has no dreams bigger than this? This is teaching young girls that as long as they pretty themselves up they might be able to find a wealthy man to escape their terrible living conditions. And Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo she is free from her misfortune. Climbing the social flow with her good looks so peerlessr than her brain. She is showing that the only way out of her misery is to marry a Prince and be dependent on a man rather than seeking happiness and security outside of other people.Not too long after Cinderella, a new princess is introduced whose main purpose is not to clean or cook. Unfortunately, she is still submissive. This marks the set-back change in the evolution of the Disney Princesses. Beauty and the Beast, a classic tale of intimate beauty. Belle is in search of a life greater than her provincial town she grows up in, that when her father is trapped in a Beasts castle she trades her life for his. From here on out it is a classic case of Stockholm syndrome. She falls in love with her captor because she can see the good in him. She sees the inner beauty and he sees her outer beauty. Lets turn the tables. If Belle had been overweight and unattractive, would Disney have made the Beast fall for her because of her inner beauty? Disney is teaching young girls that they should love men for who they are, even if they are beastly and give everyone an equal chance but women have to be a beauty to be loved. ace day Ill be part of your world. The only aspiration the next princess is to completely change herself to be what her man privations her to be. Princess Ariel, The Little Mermaid, is a classic fairytale character that has a very entertaining story. She is a mermaid and she wants to become a human. This is a lovely beginning for a story, until finding out her reasons for wanting to be a human. All she wants is to marry a prince, but he is on land. Shegoes to the sea queen who trades her voice for legs for three days. She is to share true loves kiss with her prince before the third day. She asks the sea queen, Without my voice how will I get him to kiss me? The sea queen replies, You have your looks, your pretty face, and dont underestimate the power of body language. She is silenced to get a man, literally. Ariel falls into the same perpetuation of men because s he falls for Eric based purely on looks. This is Disney drilling girls heads that their worth to a man is amounted to how sexually desirable they are.All of the Disney princesses from the 20th century films encouraged girls to make their biggest death in life be to find a man, think that all they have to do is be pretty, and rely on others to save them or make their dreams come true. But that is simply not the case with the 21st century Disney Princess movies. There have been four movies The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Brave, and Frozen. All of these movies are very different from one another, but the one thing they all have in common in is that the Princesses main goal is not only to find a man. There has been an evolution in what women are expected to be, so Disney has shaped the role model princesses to be what women are supposed to be in society today.The change started with Tiana, The Frog Princess. She was the first Princess to have a real job, and the first one who had a present birth-mother without a father. Her original goal was to open her own restaurant and run it herself. She accomplishes this goal, and is now an entrepreneur. The prince conforms to her dream rather than her conforming to his, as we have seen previous Disney princesses do. She is the first princess to ever do anything for herself and not for a man, she did end up with a Prince, but he was not her ultimate goal. Women today still want to be married and have a family, but they overly now have go goals and an independent life from their spouse. Tiana was the first step to teaching young girls to make an independent life for themselves.The second step of Disney Princess evolution was Rapunzel. She had a life goal to see the floating lights, which her parents let float every year on her birthday. A thief came through her window while running away from the olympian guards, but it was not love at first sight like the old princesses. She knocks him out with her frying pan. This sho ws young girls that they can protect themselves and no long-range have to be submissive. She bargained with him so he would help her, and she saves him multiple times during their journey. They spend time during their adventure falling in love with each others minds instead of each others bodies. In the end, he does come to her rescue but it was an equal relationship. They both put in effort, and they both deserved each other. This is showing young girls that romantic relationships should be equal rather than submissive. It also is telling girls to marry for love rather than money.The third step of Disney Princess evolution was Merida. She is an entirely different kind of princess than all of the other Disney Princesses so far. Her goals are to be able to do whatever activities she wants regardless of if they are female activities or male activities. Most of all, what makes her different is that when she is offered a Prince, she turns it down. She even competes in the competition t hey have to win her heart, with bows and arrows. She out shoots them (which is a male activity) and wins her own heart.The movie is entirely based around her mending her relationship with her strict mother rather than a quest for love. It sends the message to young girls that they should marry only if they want to and they can do activities that arent considered to be for their gender (such as shooting arrows). This was the first Disney Princess movie that did not end with a romantic relationship blooming. In the new Disney Princess movie, Frozen, the Disney Princesses are in entire new light of representing women and their roles in society. This is the newest development in the evolution of Disney Princesses.The most recent steps in the evolution of Disney Princesses are Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Anna sets off on a quest to save her sister Elsa. This quest involves no knight in shining armor to save her. Anna meets a young prince at the beginning of the movie, and she thinks she i s in love. But, like in real life, this man is not his first impression. He turns out to try to take her buttocks and kill her sister. When he tries to kill her sister, Anna saves her and gives her own life in return. They show an act of truelove and it is not romantic. This is a monumental movie for Disney. It has at long last overcome its obsession with men saving women. This movie is particularly influential for young girls because it promotes familial love instead of romantic love.Young girls now will see that you can be a strong person without having a man by your side. The more recent Disney Princess films have been encouraging familial love instead of only romantic love. The evolution of Disney Princesses is a symbol of more than just womens rising equality in the world, but also of the worlds newfound open-mindedness. The media teaches us good and bad things about being a woman through the Disney princesses. What could be next? Perhaps there will be a new princess that is overweight and is learning to be comfortable in her own skin, showing girls that beauty is diverse. Now that womens place in the world is changing, the Disney princesses are too.

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What Is Meant by International Business Ethics

While business moral philosophy emerged as a field in the 1970s, international business ethics did not emerge until the late 1990s, looking back on the international developments of that decade. Many new practical issues arose out of the international context of business. Theoretical issues such as cultural relativity of ethical values receive more than emphasis in this field. Other, older issues can be grouped here as well. Issues and subfields include The search for universal values as a basis for international commercial behavior. Comparison of business ethical traditions in different countries. excessively on the basis of their respective GDP and Corruption rankings. Comparison of business ethical traditions from various religious perspectives. Ethical issues arising out of international business transactions e. g. bioprospecting and biopiracy in the pharmaceutical industry the fair trade movement transfer determine. Issues such as globalization and cultural imperialism. Vary ing global standards e. g. the implement of child labor. The right smart in which multinationals take advantage of international differences, such as outsourcing production (e. g. clothes) and services (e. . call centers) to low-wage countries. The permissibility of international commerce with pariah states. Foreign countries often use dumping as a competitive threat, selling products at prices lower than their normal value. This can lead to problems in domestic markets. It becomes difficult for these markets to compete with the pricing set by foreign markets. In 2009, the International Trade Commission has been researching anti-dumping laws. Dumping is often seen as an ethical issue, as larger companies are victorious advantage of other less economically advanced companies.A business has moral duties that extend well beyond serving the interests of its owners or stockholders, and that these duties consist of more than simply obeying the law. A business has moral responsibilitie s to so-called stakeholders, people who have an interest in the conduct of the business, which might include employees, customers, vendors, the local community, or until now society as a whole. Stakeholders can also be broken down into primary and secondary stakeholders. Primary stakeholders are people that are moved(p) directly such as stockholders, where secondary stakeholders are people who are not affected directly such as the government.They would say that stakeholders have plastered rights with regard to how the business operates, and some would suggest that this includes even rights of governance. Local culture affects ethical issues greatly because this entails managing two cultures, looking at the fact that a french organization moving production to Nigeria will encounter cultural and language barrier. In Nigeria been a multilingual society, civil service employment is done on quota system, as such positions created may be filled by unqualified candidates were as more q ualified personnel may be left out.This is opponent to a French culture were the best hands gets the job. Another ethical issue involves the standard of conducting business in multinational corporations. The US congress and the Securities and supercede Commission consider it unethical for corporations to make payments to government functionarys of other countries to promote trade. However, in many countries, for an organization to effectively operate, you need to pay government official usually called kick back. For example the case of Halliburton raised by US congress about their activities in Nigeria.

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Analysis of Current Event at Telstra Essay

solicitude release is a common phenomenon that an organization attempting to increase profits must grapple with. Telecommunication as it is the case with Telstra Corporation Limited has been distinguished by highly competitive market. On the same breath, actors and competitors on the market suck in been seen struggling with the increasing cost of operation, merchandiseion, development and mature market. In light of this, the Company faces prudence bribe when it comes to ratiocination reservation, integrating refreshful models and figureing within the realm of theoretical frameworks. ResearchMoz (2013) finds that in an industry where competition is rife, analysis of a companys anxiety issues and current events encompass the cognition of different strategies that enable it maintain competitive station. Despite these positions, it has to be recognized that analysis of anxiety issues of Telstra Corporation Limited must first recognize the position of the Company with rega rd to managing risks as postulated by the Companys Chief Risk Office (Schermerhorn et al., 2014).Ideally, Telstra Corporation Limited has Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to cut and as one of its anxiety issue or strategy. Consequently, such must be conceptualised through its laid platform, structure, financial reports and annual reports. Similarly, evidence based researches have shown that the first step in understanding focus of a company is to integrate its undertaking when it comes to CSR and how sustainable the Company intends to operate with regard to the environment, competitors and specific objectives (Millmore, 2007 Hubbard, 2008 Bardoel, 2012). found on the Companys Corporate Social Report 2014, its CSR is embedded on four critical issues congenital environment, outside environment, customers and sustainability (Corporate Social Responsibility Report, 2014). That is, the lading of the Company towards corporate responsibility starts with simple but straight forw ard commitments that cover its argonas of operations and targeted objectives. From its principled perspective, the primary corporate responsibility croup be summarised as followsProvision of the country a foundation that ensures economic growth, sustainability prosperity, increaseivity improvement and global competitiveContributing towards resources increasing technology, product operate and mess in employment to support the communities in which the Company operates and the specific needs of community at largeGive a leading stewardship of environment by first and importantly, conservation, efficiency in the usage of resources, reducing and maintaining environmental footprint and reduction of operation costs (e.g. it took part in the Mobile Phone recycle Program that was co-ordinated by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Associations (AMTA) (Daley et al. 2014)Based on the Companys corporate social responsibility as one of the centering issues and as reported in the article , there is an integration of new vigilance approach and that is the fact that risk focus approach has been tailored to facilitate maximization of profits.Conversely, it can be established, based on its business principles and risk management approaches that the CSR has succeeded in the reduction of any adverse effects on and injury to the environment. Such is alike embedded on the desire to preserve the beneficial qualities of the environment, while ensuring quality products and services in Australia (Baigh, 2014). In addition, to the above principles, analysis of the companys management of this particular issue has withal considered profits to the Company thus concluding that Telstra is revamping on this particular management strategy which is succeeding in line with its gip and long term goals. To conceptualise this argument, scholars such as Hooper and Potter (2006) have drawn a thin line between CSR as a management issue and as a marketing issue. To ascertain that the CSR a pproach as contextualized is a management issue but financial or marketing issue, in most cases, companies always engage in pricing strategies which also depend on value pricing coupled with strategic markdowns. In such cases, this makes gross sales of their products to go down since it can non compete effectively with other products. Additionally, products face what Hamlin (2012) terms as a society of shifting priorities (p.281). Therefore there is pressure to move up with the emerging social needs by style modification. It is for this reason that any decision to modify must be embedded on the supposition to meet the needs of the targeted consumers. While the explanation above provides for what would constitute a marketing issue, what Telstra engages in is management issue. According to Johnson et al. (2011), CSR is not only management issue but a current one the sense that it deals with financial performance, top management, chief executive and shareholders. Herewith, the mana gement issue within the context of Telstra is the responsiveness that should be taken because in a competitive environment where there are other operators such as Huawei and Vodacom, managers are supposed to intervene in congruity with their position and power, especially where management can fail to respond to economic challenges and changes.Also related to CSR as a marketing issue is ethical decision making approaches. According to the article, the process of identification of managing risks through ethical decision making is an integral part of the Companys governance framework and management issue which help in the realization of the success of the strategy as well as financial prospects for future operations. Telstra business ethics entails standards and principles that guide managers, individuals and work group behaviour in line with telecommunication and terms of service in Australia.Additionally, it is important to note that stakeholders of the Company make these convention s (principles) and such have been systemise as regulations and laws. Contextualising this definition within the frameworks business management issue ethical decision making help Telstra family design strategies that eliminate misconduct. According to Peng (2014) there are three significant components that sum up its ethical decision making as critical management issue ethical decision making being individual factors, ethical decision making being Companys relationship with others and ethical decision making being opportunities available for the Company. Basically, while this issue might to be seen as revamp on a current management strategy, it has been applied successfully since the Company bases the three components on behaviourist supposition where what matters is what individuals in the Company can do rather than specific quality or attribute. That is, different patterns of individual behaviours are linked to ethical decisions that are do by the Company and such are geared to wards the realisation of the goals and objectives that have been set by the Company.To contextualise the success of the Company with its approach of ethical decision making as one the management issue, Perren and Burgoyne (2010) report that Telstra has been engaging with Communication Workers Union with a view to offering better terms of service and transparency in supply management. For instance, in 2013, the Company engaged Low-Income Measures Assessment Committee (LIMAC) (this is an example of Communication Workers Union which is viewed as independent and transparent) which made changes to the package the Company was initially giving to its workers and suppliers. In connection to this, the Company, this particular issue has successful been engaged in what Katzenbach and Smith (2005) term as vertical management (p. 37). Vertical management within the context of ethical decision making is a case where a Company liaises with regulatory organization so as to have a common agenda and conform to the requirements of the industry. Conceptualist theorists and ethical formalism argue that ethical decision making process in management encompass evaluations of fairness product stewardships but with respect to firms overall culture. In summary, with ethical decision making process as one of the management issue, Telstra has a clear(p) management and leadership structure which is focused on the achievement of defined objectives including green managements. Lastly, this issue departs from being finance or marketing issue on the ground that the approach lacks market orientation is a model that concretizes the strategy of finance and marketing. Senge et al. (2007) define this theory (market orientation) as a strategy that ensures all products and services as undertaken by Companies are oriented towards specific demands of clients and customers.Still on ethical decision making as one of the Companys management issue or approach, Telstras planning, leading, organising, cont rolling and functioning is based on choices made on guidelines laid. According to article, one of the important issues to not is that the Companys risk management frameworks are aligned with ISO 31000 Risk Management (Baigh, 2014). While this is an indicator of a management strategy or practice that has succeeded, underpinnings of theories of issue management are significant to the Company additionally technical and commercial objectives remain axis for the Company. The success in management of this issue is conceptualised with regard to audience or customer satisfaction. This is to mean that in as much as its ethical decision making remains a priority as a management issue, targeted markets shapes such prioritiesan reflection Aras and Crowther (2009) terms as ascertaining the success of management strategies and policies in downstream and upstream relationships (p. 213).From Michael Patterson (Telstras General Manager for Tasmania) statement on the court-ordered battle the Compan y had with Optus, it can be realized that the Companys planning, leading, organising, controlling and functioning are in line with the tenet of management of phone inputs and components that are required in the market. This is an indication that there is long term transparency and conformity to good practices. Assessing Corporate Social Report 2013 vis--vis opening of the mainland Chinas SouFun Sensis, there is evidence that efforts are diverted to supply chain relationships with third party suppliers as well as other competitors. It is important to note that Telstra is overemphasizing on CSR strategies an aspect that may affects its ethical decision making. If this stretches beyond what the Company can handle, strategic alignment with other sectors may be affected. Basically, this is where this strategy differs from the aspect of marketing in the sense that according to the theory of signaling, the best way to market a product is to engage a brand or product in competitive signal that are intended to pass information to potential consumers with an aim of making such consumers believe that competing products are substandard (Cole, 2012). This is on the dot how Cadbury for instance has succeeded in capturing the attention of their targeted market every time they engage in marketing. Telstra, through this does management and not marketing as they do not engage in competitive signaling.As a management approach, Telstra looks at ethical decision making differently. That is as a management issue, ethical decision making is seen in terms of transparency when it comes to critical corporate accounting and statements. One of the critical goals of the Company is to spend a penny what it terms as front-line management (Baigh, 2014 p.26). The benefits of the mass within and around have been necessitated through avoidance of misleading information. The continuum of growth in economy resonates around a transparent business operationwhich is also a recipe of what this as sessment considers to be a successful management approach.Synopsis on the Management IssueFrom the perspective of undertakings in the Company, the aspect is a management issue in the sense that it analyses the environment issues in lieu of external factors that impact business activities. On the other hand, the purpose of the management issues as analysed is to evaluate and determinate competitive advantages as well as threats a Company has with regard to its operations. These analyses recognise stiff competitions, threats and opportunities faced by companies such as Optus, Vodafone and 3 Mobile. In as much, this analysis considers Telstra due to its cutting edge when it comes to services such as broadband, hosting, directory and pay TV which are not as extensive in other companies. Since the management issue has been a success, revamping of a current policy is twofold first, there is need to strategize the management issue place to an extent that the company benefits from the econ omies of scales and the strong relationships with suppliers, which will place it in a strong bargaining position with its upstream partners and allows leveraging the costs. Strategizing the management issue to attain this goal means that a focus on customer-relationship and loyalty creation, as well as investment in research and technical development (R&D) to subjugate the costs of services so as to compete with niche operators. Secondly, revamping on the current management issue must assess the possibility of working on base its downstream partners to deliver triple-play solutions in voice, data and video services, expansion of data download quotas and continuous innovation in fixed line services, as unconnected to mobile services, to offer incentives to its clients.Similarly on the question of whether Telstra is handling the identified management issue appropriately is manifold but the assessment will go off two issues that offer succinct answers to the question. First, proper management of a company circles around how best a company maximizes a profit and expands networks (ResearchMoz, 2013). Through the management issue, Telstra has leveraged the risks of economic downturns by diversifying its income channels. The growing domestic market and the boost in 4G technologies enable further market penetration and help to reduce the pressure of external factors. Secondly, the Company through the management issue has pursued an investment heavy strategy to grow its existing network. However, financial indicators, outline a challenging internal environment in terms of liquidity and internal funding options.ReferencesAras, G. & Crowther, D (2009). Global Perspective on Corporate Governance and CSR.Farnham Gower Pub.Baigh, H. (2014). Seven Strategies for Simplifying Your Organization. Harvard Business Review.Retrieved from http//, A. (2012).Tool or Time Thief? Technology and the Work-Life Balance. Retrie vedCole, K. (2012). Management Theory and practice. Australia Pearson.Corporate Social Responsibility Report (2014) Understanding the Definition of Corporate SocialResponsibility http//, J., McGannon, C., & Ginnivan, L. (2012). Game-changers sparing reform prioritiesfor Australia. Melbourne Grattan Institute from The Conversation, Future of Work https// R. (2012) Towards a Universalistic Model of Leadership a comparative study ofBritishand American empirically derived criteria of managerial and leadership effectiveness. Working paper WP005/02, University of Wolverhampton.Hooper, A. and Potter, J. (2006) The Business of Leadership. Aldershot Ashgate PublishingCompany.Hubbard, G. (2008). Strategic management Thinking, analysis, action. Australia Pearson.James, K. and Burgoyne, J. (2001) Leadership Development Best practice guide foror ganisations. London Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership.Johnson, G., Scholes, K., & Wittington, R. (2011). Exploring outline Text & Cases. (9th ed).London Prentice Hall.Katzenbach, J. and Smith, D. (2005) The Wisdom of Teams. New York Harperbusiness.Millmore, M. (2007). Strategic Human Resource Management Contemporary Issues. HarlowFinancial Times, Prentice Hall.Peng, M. (2014). Global Strategy (3rd ed.). Mason, OH South-Western Publishing.Perren, L. and Burgoyne, J. (2010) Management and Leadership Abilities An analysis of texts,testimony and practice. London Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership.ResearchMoz. (2013). Australia Telco company profiles Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.Retrieved from http//, J.R., Davidson, P., Poole, D., Woods, P., Simon, A., & McBarron, E., (2014).Management (5th ed.). Australia PearsonSenge, P., et al. (2007). The dance o f change The challenges of sustaining momentum inlearning organizations. London Nicholas Brealey Publishing.Source document

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Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead Essay

The Davy Crockett Gun Craze by Sarah Nilsen is an obligate about the effects of flatulencyplay in the Davy Crockett toon series in the 1950s. The cartoon series depicted Davy Crockett as a hero with a gun, and to the younger viewers, it portrayed to them that guns were acceptable to use in play. The author, Sarah Nilsen, is a professor at the University of Vermont, and she teaches the history of television and film and how they affected popular culture and their influence on the interview ( In the article, Nilsen believes that the media can control their audience by portraying something in a positive light, and she uses the Davy Crockett craze as an typesetters case of how cartoons can change the image of guns to the public. With the use of examples and quotes in the article, Nilsens article flows well and provides a sufficient amount of information about the Davy Crockett gun craze. Throughout the article, Nilsen provides many great examples to help prove her point. A strong example that helped strengthen the article when she pointed out that in 1942, Disney came out with the film Bambi that was anti-hunting and anti-gun, which was contradictory of Disney because about 10 years later, Disney produced the Davy Crockett cartoon series that promoted gun use where the gun was the center of his image and message (Nilsen 3).This example helped prove her point that Disney is very contradictory of itself and the messages that they are sending children. Nilsen used another example that was a cross of what a child said to show that the Disney shows were influencing children using guns In Brooklyn, New York, a six-year-old son of a policeman asked his father for real bullets because his little baby doesnt die for real when I shoot her like they do when Hopalong Cassidy kills em (Nilsen 4). Nilsen is showing the reader that children are being influenced by what they watch and its create them to be desensitized about guns. Guns are seen as normal and since they are portrayed as toys, people arent going to be safe with them as they should be.along with strong examples to help prove her points, Nilsen also uses many quotes in the article to support her points and show the reader that her points are valid and has done sufficient research. For example, she takes a quote from what media theorist Daniel Dayan when he says ideology is hiddenin our very eyes (Nilsen 2). She uses his quote as a reference and in the next curse she validates the quote by saying that the Davy Crockett series displays the ideology that contradicts the message (Nilsen 2).All in all, Sarah Nilsens article, Be Sure Youre Right, Then Go in advance The Davy Crockett Gun Craze, is an overall excellent article. Nilsen draws out many great points through examples and stories to support her points. Her knowledge of the subject is eminent through her control of writing and use of valid sources to help validate her points. The writing had substance and flowed well to keep the reader on track and focused on the writing.

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Marketing Plan for Gelato Essay

Executive SummaryAs the amelioration of living standard, the requirement in quality of life likewise improved. Accordingly, good deal do not only punish their basic gather ups, but also seek for a sense of relish. The not wish-wash of this Epicureanism enhances the idea of commencing GELATO.GELATO will be the leading ice pickax manufacturer and wholesaler in territory 30. GELATO will produce three crossings for three distinguishable portions family, gourmet and lifestyle. Each product will have incompatible tastes, cream content, promotionetc. Each of these features will be further discussed in this grocery storeing plan.Ice cream is a seasonal worker product, due to this seasonal impact, GELATOs tradeing mix the 4Ps (Product, Promotion, Price and Place) will change in different seasons. In general speaking, summer ( full stop 7-9) is our peak season of sales succession the others be off peak season.During the peak season, GELATOs product will change in terms of flavour , plan output, packaging and cream content in that location will be detailed information in the product part of this marketing plan.In promotion, the sales team size and promotion budget of apiece discussion section will change in the peak season, more salesperson and greater promotion budget will be used during the peak season, also different promotion campaign will be used.The third one is Price the prices of 3 products argon not the same, different ingredients have different purchase power, for example, family has a relatively low purchasing power when compared to the other two segments (Gourmet and Lifestyle), so the price set for family segment is the lowest.Lastly, Place, in this case is how and where we sell our ice cream. There are two distribution channels, supermarket and specialty stores. In different seasons, the portion of products sells in these two channels will vary as tomaximize the number of sales. It will be further discussed in the later part of this plan. Target MarketThe target market of GELATO is separated into three main market segments, which are Family adults and kids make up this segment they demand good value for money. Gourmet young single/couples with no kids, ice-cream is about ego. Lifestyle hoarer bulk and younger women, they are watching their diet for one reason or another.Each of these segments has 3 segment varieties, which can have quite different characteristics, different consumption patterns and different product preferences.The family segmentDemographics adults and kidsmale and femalesingle and coupleGeographic the gild is operating in Territory 30Behaviours ice-cream would meet consumers physiological needs and personal needs in this segment.At the showtime, about 60% of total potential sales are from customers in this segment. Consumers in this segment prefer products that offer value formoney, but dont mind paying a bit more provided the quality is good. However, if the prices get in any case spicy, the y will quickly move to alternative brands. So the consumers in this segment have strong preferences for lower priced brands of the same or similar quality.Also, consumers in this segment purchase ice-cream for other members of their household including partners and children. This affects these consumers decisions regarding big bucks size. Furthermore, children in this segment may have the main impact on the food purchasing behaviours, and childrens need is also the major factor in determining brand selection in a number of product categories. So the promotion campaign and package in this segment may forces on childrens flavours.The gourmet segmentDemographics between 25 and 40 years oldmale and female manifold incomesingle with no childrenGeographic the company is operating in Territory 30Behaviours ice-cream would satisfy consumers personal needs in this segment.At the beginning of the simulation, only 10% of total potential sales are from this segment. That means there are few co nsumers in this segment actually subvert ice-cream, those that do are probably quite dissatisfied with what is available. So the company has considerable opportunity to grow actual market size by introducing products that meet this segments need.The gourmet segment is very different from the family segment. They are young, and generally have no children, so they have a strong preference forhigh quality products and are quite happy to pay premium prices for brand that can deliver this. This segment is most attracted to status products and is more likely to be influences by appeals to their ego rather than basic needs.So the prices in this segment can set in the premium range prices, the promotion campaign and the packaging would more likely to be fashion and feel younger to satisfy young peoples higher level of needs.The lifestyle segmentDemographics oer 55 years old, as well as small group of women aged between 25 and 45male and femalerestricted incomeold couple living without chil drenGeographic the company is operating in Territory 30Behaviours ice-cream would satisfy consumers personal needs in this segment.At the beginning, this market segment represents about 30% of the total potential sales. In the current years, there are few ice-cream produces on the markets that are designed for this segment, because of there are increasing group of consumer in this segment are more concerned and aware of the implications of diet on their health. Most of there consumers do not buy ice=cream as a consequence, such as they thought ice-cream have high calories and not good for health.The majority of this segment is in the put down nest stage of the lifestyle, children having grown up and left home. So when this subgroup buys ice-cream it is for them, not their children. This segment is most concerned about theactual product and in peculiar(a) the fat and sugar content. They want a product that is satisfying but with reduced negative health impacts when compared to stan dard ice-cream.So the products to satisfy this type of people must be low cream content. Also the promotion campaign and packaging need to make them feel health, and let them to believe that ice-cream is not that frightful for health.ObjectivesMarketing is an opportunity to communicate a vision, foster relationships, build sales and establish an unmistakable brand identity. Success in business requires good preparation and a marketing plan is a holistic business tool that defines the product, income objectives, and specific operating procedures necessary to achieve the goal of profitability.Time period 12 monthsMeasurable objectiveOur marketing plan seeks to generate a significant increase in company sales, units sales and market shares.Retained earningsThe premiere mission is trying to achieve positive after tax profit at the end of the first 5 periods. At the end of financial year, the company retained earnings will be expected over $10 millions, and probably achieve target of $ 13 millions.Unit SalesIn the era of 12 months, the combination product sales unit from three segments targets at 13 millions, with expected sales revenues of $91,000,000. The target Unites sales and sales revenues for each segment as belowFamily Gourmet Lifestyle TotalTotal Units Sales 3,000,000 6,000,000 4,000,000 =13,000,000Total revenue $21,000,000 $42,000,000 $28,000,000 =$91,000,000Market sharesMoreover, as the higher the market shares, represents better functioning of GELATO. The final object is to expend the market shares of the company, and the expectation will be increasing market share by 30% in the territory 30 in the duration of 12 months through effective marketing strategies.Non-Measurable objectiveMoreover, GELATO also pursues to be environmental-friendly Company. GELATO pursues to be environmental-friendly by using Plastic containers, which can be reused with other purposes when consumers finished the ice-cream consumption.ProductThe product is the physical product offered to the customer. In the case of physical products, it also refers to any services or conveniences that are part of the offering.Product decisions include aspects such as plan production, product strategy, and packaging.Early stage stages (July to November)In the beginning of startup operation, the only one product would launch infamily segment. To begin business operation period 1 to period 3, we schedule sufficient inventory (325,000 units) to sell in order to avert overtime cost. However, lots of inventory was left unsold and stored in warehouse, caused over scheduling and increased expense of stocking cost. In the following period GELATO adjusted the scheduled production in family segment. Also, we launched tender products to new target segments which are gourmet and lifestyle.During period 5, lots of family segment stocks were left unsold. GELATO stopped scheduled for family segment. As launched new products to new target segment, the stocks for both segment were und er scheduled resulted the appearance of overtime cost. Hence, GELATO scheduled 200,000 units which 4 times larger than prior period. Stepped into summer, peak season, GELATO scheduled total stocks of 1,650,000 for 3 segments to handle stepwise increase in demand of ice-cream and satisfy customer needs. GELATO scheduledEntering Peak Season (December to January)Period 6 had stepped into the peak season that was the beginning of summer time. GELATO expected the sales would steadily increase demand of ice-cream we scheduled total 1,650,000 units for 3 segments. The sufficient scheduled production reduced unnecessary operating cost, overtime cost.In the period 7, we scheduled 2,600,000 units for the peak summer seasons. This period was the highest scheduled production in the overall periods. We scheduled the most inventory for the gourmet segment, second is lifestyle, then family segment.Prediction for Period 8 to 12Prediction in Peak Season (February-March)During period 8 to 9, we pred icted that the sales will still remain in the relative high region. GELATO would continue keeping scheduled production for each segment. But, the scheduled production would gradually decrease in each period.Prediction in Off Peak Season (April-June)Coming into off peak, the sales will gradually decrease as ice-cream is a seasonal product. In period 10, our scheduled production will reduce in each target segment. In period 11 and period 12, the planned production will remain unchanged in this low sales season.Product StrategyGELATO delivers market-wanted products to the target market that can be satisfy customers in a variety of dimensions, for instance, flavour, cream content, portion and portion size. To meet our target customer expectation, we continuously carry out consumer taste test look in each segment to monitor the external environment. GELATO will adjust the launch products that meet their new expectation.

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The Effect Of Cryotherapy Health And Social Care Essay

This chapter summarizes the major findings, restrictions, deductions in the surface area of nursing instruction, nursing pattern, nursing look for and recommendations for farther investigate.The survey was conducted with the aims to place the effectivity of cryotherapy prior to passive stretch on the form of spasticity and manus present among kids with mind paralysis in Families for kids, Coimbatore. A quasi experimental, pretest post-test with control assemblage design was adopted for the survey. Purposive sampling technique was used to choose the samples for the survey. Entire figure of samples selected for the survey was 30. The selected samples were indiscriminately depute to experimental and command classify instead. Initially the point in time of spasticity and manus map was measured utilizing Ashworth graduated plug-in and Zancolli categorization manus map graduated table before intercession. For experimental group, cryotherapy was given for 20 proceedingss prior to passive stretching on the flexor compartment of the forearm and no intercession given to command group. The degree of spasticity and manus map were reassessed after 10 yearss. t trial for dependant and independent samples was used to happen out the consequence of cryotherapy prior to passive stretching on the degree of spasticity and manus map among kids with intellectual paralysis. The findings from the survey concluded that, cryotherapy prior to passive stretching was effectual in cut imbibe the spasticity and advance in manus map among kids with intellectual paralysis.6. 1. Major FINDINGS OF THE STUDYCryotherapy prior to passive stretching was found to be effectual in cut follow through the degree of spasticity and betterment of manus map among kids with intellectual paralysisThe consequence shows that, there is a important decrease in degree of spasticity in experimental group when compared to the control group among kids with intellectual paralysis.The consequence shows t hat, there is a important betterment of manus map in experimental group when compared to command group among kids with intellectual paralysis.6. 2. RECOMMENDATIONSCryotherapy prior to passive stretching sewer be used as a everyday intercession among kids with intellectual paralysis.A survey can be conducted utilizing ice coating prior to passive stretching on spasticity and reduced scope of gesture in lower limbs in kids with intellectual paralysis6. 3. treat DeductionThe wellness professionals particularly paediatric nurses have a major function in supplying compassionate attention to kids. The nurses have the duty in assisting kids for observe and pull remove the attention for the kids with disablements alike(p) intellectual paralysis. Cryotherapy is one of the cost effectual method to cut down spasticity and bettering manus map among kids with intellectual paralysis prior to passive stretching. Consequences of this survey have deductions in nursing instruction, nursing patt ern, nursing disposal and nursing research.6. 3. 1. breast feeding EducationChildren with spasticity receive assorted methods of intervention like physical therapy. To pull off the symptoms efficaciously there are many alternate therapies like hydropathy, cold therapy and other exercisings. Among these therapies cryotherapy is one of the alternate intervention. In the field of nursing instruction, disposal of cryotherapy prior to passive stretching exercisings is concerned with holistic attention of patients. Therefore, it is appropriate to integrate alternate therapies like cryotherapy into nursing course of study.6. 3. 2. Nursing PracticeNursing consists of a organic structure of cognition that is ever altering with new inventions. Integration of inventions into nursing pattern improves the quality of attention provided to paediatric population. Ice application facilitates the decrease of spasticity and helps in betterment of manus map among kids with intellectual paralysis. The i ntercession of ice application enhances the accomplishment and attempt of paediatric nurses in cut downing spasticity and bettering manus map during the process. Hence, ice application can be adopted as a everyday pattern before inactive stretching exercisings in kids with intellectual paralysis.6. 3. 3. Nursing AdministrationWhen non-pharmacological therapy progresss, the decision maker has the duty of supplying paediatric nurses with significant go oning instruction chances and enabling them to update their cognition with current research findings. The nurse decision makers must pull written policies sing the benefits of cryotherapy for cut downing spasticity and bettering manus map prior to passive stretching in kids with intellectual paralysis6.3.4. Nursing ResearchNursing research must concentrate more on the grounds based and holistic pattern by understanding the assorted techniques that can hire about important positive and psychological results for kids.The alternate therap y like ice application as one of the nursing intercession for kids with spasticity and decreased manus map which is an low-cost and effectual manner can be practiced based on research findings. The findings of the present survey can be utilized by the nurse research worker to lend to new cognition sing spasticity direction. The consequences from the present survey will assist the paediatric nurses in pull offing intellectual kids with spasticity.6. 4. DecisionCryotherapy is a non-pharmacological therapy used in the present survey to measure the degree of spasticity and manus map among kids with intellectual paralysis. The findings revealed that, cryotherapy was effectual in cut downing spasticity and bettering manus map. The therapy is besides cost effectual. Hence, the research worker concluded that, all paediatric nurses should follow this intercession in their clinical pattern to cut down spasticity and bettering manus map among kids with spastic intellectual paralysis.

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Impact of the Black Death

IMPACT OF THE BLACK final stage The topic of this paper is the Impact of the dreary Death. We will discover what the slow Death is, where it came from, and Influence that is had on society. The Black Death was a fast cattle farm plague that was reported aboard Genoese vessels in early October 1347. Because these vessels were sent back out to sea where everyone who encountered these vessels was contaminated by a fast spreading plague. Was there any way to have prevented this epidemic? Martin, S. , (2001), Black Death, Pocket essentials, Harpenden, Great Britain, This book tells what the disastrous death is, when it started, and how it spread.I can obtain quite a bit of information from this book to assistance me with my research for my paper. Dates, names of vessels, cities, how they destroyed the plague, are among a few of the things that I can learn from this reference. Borsch, S. , (2005), Black Death Egypt and England A Comparative Study, University of Texas Press. This Cita tion shows how the plague entered into these societies, and traveled from one society to another. How they handled the death. Wray, K. , (2009), Medieval Mediterranean, strength 83 Communities in Crisis Bologna, During the Black Death, Bill Academic Publishers, And Boston, MA, USA.This citation deals with the stress and actions the people took to stay alive. Riva, M. , Papio, M. , Roz, G. , (2010), The Decameron meshwork Plague, www. brown. edu/departments/Itlian_studies/dweb/the_project. This web site has much useful information about the Black Death and the impact that it had on societies in this period. How many people were taken by the Black Death, and numerous of other information that I can use to help me in my paper. Dennis, DT. , Gage, KL. , Poland, JD. , and Tikhomirvo, E. , (1999), Plague Manual, World Health Organization, www. cdc. gov. Reference PageMartin, S. , (2001), Black Death, Pocket essentials, Harpenden, GBR Borsch, S. ,(2005), Black Death Egypt and England A C omparative Study, University of Texas Press. Wray, K. , (2009), Medieval Mediterranean, Volume 83 Communities and Crisis Bologna, During the Black Death, brill Academic Publishers, Boston, MA, USA. Riva, M. , Papio, M. , Roz, G. , (2010), The Decameron Web Plague, www. brown. edu/departments/italian_studies/dweb/the_project. Dennis, DT. , Gage, KL. , Poland, JD. , and Tikhomirvo, E. , (1999), Plague Manual, World Health Organization, www. cdc. gov.

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Dorian Gray Essay

The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essay There atomic number 18 veritable aspects of Dorian Grays personality that make me think he is schizophrenic, such an representative is nonuple personalities. In the beginning of the story, Dorian was a young, attractive boy with cunning wit and a semi-feminine charm. It was skillful an ordinary day and all of the sudden, Dorian meets Basil Howard. Infatu consumed with his good looks, the beauty of Dorian pee-pee Basil like a Mata bus. As Basil began painting a picture of Dorian, he met superior henry, a close companion of Basil and he too was struck by Dorian in a different way.He had interests of studying him instead of admiring him. Finally, Basil finishes the picture and in the first deuce chapters of the book and in one paragraph, you have met three contributions of Dorians scruples the painting, shaper total heat Wotton, and Basil Howard. The painting was an obvious representation of Dorians conscience in my opinion because as his soul grew weaker, as did his conscience. As Dorian aged, he became evil and he never thought for himself, he either adopted Lord Henrys views or Basils.Dorian clearly listened to Lord Henry more because in the long run, he became evil. It had, perhaps, served often as a pall for the dead. without delay it was to hide something that had a certain corruption of its own, worse than the corruption of death itself something that would breed horrors and yet would never die (Wilde 122). According to the bible, your soul is immortal and I think Dorian is expressing this in his thoughts. In this quote, Dorian wants to coer up his conscience and his soul to avoid listening to it.The portrait represents his constant nagging conscience and boastful decisions he has made in the past. Lord Henry and Basil Howard were the good angel (Basil) and fully grown angel (Lord Henry) on Dorians shoulder. Lord Henry always tried to speak aphorisms and verbalize of himself as a higher power, such as My dear b oy, no woman is a genius. Women are a decorative sex. They never have anything to say, but they say it charmingly. Women represent the triumph of matter over mind, just as men represent the triumph of mind over morals (Wilde 51).Lord Henry was always trying to force his opinions into Dorians head and the sad thing was, he ate every word and practiced it in his life. Lord Henry represents the bad angel/conscience and it was too the side he listened to more often than any other. On the other hand, Basil represents the good be given/conscience. Throughout the book, Basil always tried to steer Dorian in the right direction. Dorian looked up to Basil in the beginning but, as his infatuation became stronger with Lord Henry, the respect dwindled and Dorian listened less and less. The solicitation of your pride has been answered. The prayer of your repentance will be answered also. I worshiped you too much. I am punished for it (Wilde 162). Even in a time of horror, Basil stood behind D orian and tried to help him in a hard situation but, Dorian did not listen and turned to the dark side when he said Each of us has Heaven and Hell in him, Basil (Wilde 161). Dorian had finally turf out the door on his good conscience and killed him within minutes. In Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde is telling his readers it is harder to follow the break side of your conscience.There are many temptations to do the right and the wrong thing and this story is an example of when you always make the wrong choices. The ending of this story also showed the final bad decision when a change is presented right in front of you and yet the weak character still follows a bad influence. Wilde is teaching us a lesson in life, to always follow your heart as you take in bad and good influences. Works Cited Wilde, Oscar. The Picture of Dorian Gray. New York Barnes & Noble, 2003.

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Wireless network management

The 802.11 protocol is defined for a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) and is based on a cellular architecture in which the network is divided into cells where separately cell (called a Basic help Cell (BSS)) is controlled by a base station called an Access Point (AP).The basic access tool implemented in the protocol is a Carrier Sence Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA). The CSMA protocol works as follows if a station wishes to transmit information through it network, it senses the median(a). In case the medium is busy (another station in the network is currently transmitting information) then the station will hinder its transmission requests to a later time. Otherwise, the medium is unacquainted(p) and the station is allowed to transmit the desired information.The problem with the CSMA protocol is the case where a collision occurs. A collision may occur if two different station sense the medium as free and begin to transmit information. For this purpose, we u se a collision evasion mechanism a station willing to transmit senses the medium. If the medium is busy, it defers its request.Otherwise, it sends an RTS (Request To Transmit) which includes the source, destination and the duration of the transaction. If the medium is free then the destination station will respond with a packet called CTS (Clear To Send) which will include the aforesaid(prenominal) duration information and once the source station receives this packet, it starts to transmit. The destination station checks the CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) and sends an acknowledgment package (ACK).Receiving the ACK informs the source station that no collision had occurred. If the source station does not receive the ACK it will delay resending the data or will throw it away after a given number of retransmissions.When a station wishes to join an existing BSS, it of necessity to receive synchronization information from the BSSs AP. First, the station needs to go through the APs auth entication process. During this process, the station and the AP exchange information proving to each other that each side is familiar with a specific password.

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Dear friend – a letter about Animal Farm

Dear friendWeve clean adopt Animal conjure in class. Animal farm, or Animal Farm A Fairy Story as the original title was, was a little manuscript which was published safe after the Second World War by George Orwell, ever heard of him?It was a book that was so unitaryr placed in the shelves of childrens books, and was read as a fairytale (as the previous title presumed you would do). But foundation the naive and sort of innocent surface, there was a hidden message between the lines there set(p) a layer about political reforms and great historical events. A theme about revolution, might and animalism Its re eachy goodAnimal Farm is a short novel based on the hard life of the animals, which live somewhere in England on a farm called Manor Farm. After the oldest pig on the farm realizes he is going to die soon, he gathers all the animals on the farm in the barn to tell about his dreams for the future A revolutionary dream, where animals are the one in command, not the humans. Th e story that follows tells us about how the animals are getting their much wanted power, and how they intention it, and dont use it.When I read Animal Farm, I clearly saw that the animals in the story were actually used to illustrate real human beings from historical revolutions. Just as a tool show for children. The Russian Revolution, which is the most obvious revolution you would compare the content in the book with, is rewritten in a humorous way, excellent done by the author. With this in mind, it is therefore easy to see that for representative the group of sheep at the farm are the pot, the followers, the kinds that dont give a damn about whats going on. Thats how the masses in the real life revolution were described as well. You may then see what I realized after reading this easy-read novelYou must always ask questions. Dont take things for granted, dont do things righteous because youre told so, and most important Dont be a sheepJust instead of relative the heavy sto ry manage in a history book, he puts his own individual twist on it. And it sells George Orwell tells a story about the past (and present) to inform the public. He expresses his opinions by letting the readers have a look at the puppet show of the revolutions, a satiric story which warn us against communism and dictatorship. I love Animal Farm because I find it funny, but at the same time educational and interesting. It make me think, and wary of the governmentI think this is a book with meaning and moral lessons for everyone its suitable for all age, especially pupils and students, so its perfect for you I would say this is a unique fable, with a classic theme, and with a brilliant ending (which I wont reveal to you). Its sort of mind-blowingI hope by telling you this that you will experience the same thing Order it now It can never be read too often Best regards, Tony.

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Economic Growth and Financial Development

There are three views or so the relation between frugalal growth and pecuniary learning. First, fiscal development has impact on economic growth (i. e. Bagehot, 1873 Schumpeter, 1912 McKinnon, 1973 Shaw, 1973 Patrick, 1966 Goldsmith, 1969 Fry, 1973). Second, economic growth leads to pecuniary development and that where there is economic growth monetary development follows (i. e. Robinson, 1952). The third view, however, contends that both financial development and economic growth Granger cause one a nonher.In the essay, our group focus on the first view which financial development result has passive influence on economic growth. During the year from 1955 to 1993, many scholars has study the kind between financial development and economic growth. Along with the time goes, the theory that financial development will real promote economic growth has been more and more prefect. In the years between mid-fifties and 1960s, economists such as Gurley and Shaw began to stress the cre dit markets and the importance of financial intermediaries, which they believed play an important case in economy. 5 They argued that tradition monetary transmission mechanism ignores the factor of financial structure and financial flow and scarce pays attention to the total amount of money and the connection of the output. In 1955, Gurley and Shaw bring up the development of financial institution is both a determined and determining variable in the growth process. (Gurley and Shaw, 1995, p. 532). Gurley and Shaw stressed that financial intermediaries exert influence on credit supply rather than money supply.In this way, financial intermediaries improve the talent of savings turning into investments and then affect the whole economic activities. They are the earliest scholars to study in-depth the blood between financial and economic development in developing countries. Gurley and Shaw pointed out that the main access channel of monetary policy transmission probably receive di verted from money quantity, which is traditionally thought as the medium of exchange.Whereas, the financial capability of economy would has a closer birth with the gross expenditure. They put forrard financial development enhances the intermediation of loanable funds and therefore growth will be stimulated and they have a debt-intermediation view. The Debt-intermediation view establishes relations between pay and growth. First, economic growth would be associated with financial development, as external indirect pay provides surplus units with the ability to spend beyond their earnings.Second, growth would stimulate and be stimulated by the institutionalisation of saving and investment income grows, richer wealth-holders will increase their desire to diversify their asset portfolio. If financial innovation is such to accommodate this diversification fill, financial institutions can enhance their lending capacity and thereof boost growth the process becomes a cycle. Gurley and Shaw has earlier pointed that the growing importance of NBFI (non-bank financial intermediaries) when they discussed their activities about potentially serious problems for monetary management and monetary policy. 1 Subsequent analysis of the problems had to two results. 2 First, if the monetary g overning exerted control over the financial system through the operating of the financial markets, monetary management would not be undermined. 3 Second, which placed specific restrictions on banks, at that time the dominant financial entities, the growing role of NBFI was stimulated in part by the opportunities for intermediation created by monetary policy measures.These contri saveions stressed the relevance for financial deepening (mean financial development) of rising wealth and income, then attempts to control the activities of financial intermediaries. Wealth and income incent the demand for financial serve. Restrictions and Controls on financial intermediaries create the stimulat ion for further financial intermediation by generatingquasi-rents that bump among participants in financial and capital markets and reflect differences in information. 4 However, Gurley and Shaw do not address the issue of designer between financial development and economic growth. In 1966, Patrick make the causality issue is addressed, he constitute thestage of development hypothesis, where the direction of causality between financial development and economic growth changes over the course of development. 6 Two hypotheses are developed, one is Demand-following hypothesis a causal relationship from real to finance and the other is Supply-leading hypothesis a causal relationship from finance to growth.The supply-leading hypothesis supposes a causal relationship from financial development to economic growth, which means mature creation of financial institutions and markets increases the supply of financial services, and thus leads to real economic growth. Patrick suggests that init ial development is spurred by supply-leading process, which gives way to demand-following process. He posed financial institutions and services emerge as demand for those services unfolds. The idea is that finance is passive in the growth process, but lack of financial institutions may prevent growth to occur.Financial institutions and their services precede the emergence of demand governance support is needed to finance and nascent modern sector, such as subsidized loans, information to dinky business and long loan durations. He points out the importance of finance in economic growth. The hassle of establishing the link between financial development and economic growth was first identified by Patrick (1966), he argued that a higher rate of financial growth is positively correlated with successful real growth. 7 In his theory, commercial banks may issue banknotes and accept easy collaterals. Easy loan can induce economic growth, for it can finance innovation-type investment, howe ver, in fact it can also induce irresponsible borrowing. Since the important tame of Patrick, that first postulated a bi-directional relationship between financial development and economic growth. A large confirmable literature has emerged testing this hypothesis as the Patricks (1966) problem remains unresolved What is the cause and what is the effect? Is finance a leading sector in economic development, or does it simply follow growth in real output which is generated elsewhere. References 1 de Oliviera Campos, R. 1964) Economic cultivation and Inflation with Special Reference to Latin America in Development Plans and Programmes Paris Organisation for Cooperation and Development 2 Duesenberry, J. S. and M. F. McPherson (1991) Monetary Management in Sub-Saharan Africa HIID Development reciprocation Papers no. 369, January 3 Friedman, M. (1973) Money and Economic Development The Horowitz Lectures of 1972 New York Praeger Publishers 4 Malcolm F. McPherson and Tzvetana Rakovski (1 999) Financial Deepening and Investment in Africa Evidence from Botswana and Mauritius, Copyright 1999 Malcolm F.McPherson, Tzvetana Rakovski, and President and Fellows of Harvard College 5 Liu Pan Xie Tao (2006) The Monetary Policy Transmission in China-Credit avenue And Its Limitations, Working Papers of the Business Institute Berlin at the Berlin School of Economics (FHW-Berlin) 6 Anthony P. Wood and Roland C. Craigwell Financial Development and Economic Growth Testing Patricks Hypothesis for Three Caribbean Economies 7 Philip Arestis (2005) FINANCIAL LIBERALISATION AND THE RELATIONSHIP surrounded by FINANCE AND GROWTH, University of Cambridge

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Chanel's history, what was going on in the world at the time and etc Essay

Chanels history, what was going on in the world at the time and etc - Essay manikinThis historic event in high fashion, transpired in Deauville, France. The French ladies readily accepted her functional and faddish sportswear, menswear trousers for females, swimming costumes and Breton tops. Coco Chanels genius was disclosed in the fact that a single fiction development of hers had delivered the ladies of that era from the uncomfortable and awkward apparel of the belle poque era (Higgins, 2013, p. 135).As such, the phenomenon of trendsetting began with Coco Chanel. She was a pioneer in modernising fashion. Some instances of her innovations are introduction of beaded dresses in the 1920s, the controversial little pitch-dark dress, and the two or three piece suit. The latter constitutes a signature Chanel look, even in the save era. Coco Chanel introduced her signature perfume Chanel No. 5, by 1921. This perfume has achieved the distinction of being one of the best-selling(predica te) perfumes in the world (New York Media LLC, 2013).In the 1950s, Coco Chanel returned to Paris. At that juncture, Christian Dior had acquired the position of the premiere couturier of Paris. This was not to the liking of Coco Chanel, who launched a chain-link belt designed and produced by her. In addition, she designed, manufactured and sold join leather bags. This reinstated her as the exemplar of glamour (New York Media LLC, 2013).In 1971, Coco Chanel breathed her last. However, her legacy continued and progressed from strong point to strength. Thus, in 1978, Chanel launched the first ready-to-wear collection. By that time, Chanel had become synonymous with luxury. All the same, this beauty house set up it difficult to preserve its reputation for opulence. This was due to the absence of a lead designer in the company. However, in the year 1983, Karl Lagerfeld became a member of Chanel (New York Media LLC, 2013). He was instrumental in reviving its elitist status.As such, from its humble

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David Tudor and Gordon Mumma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

David Tudor and Gordon Mumma - Essay ExampleThe works of David Tudor was very operative and noted for their utilization of electronic circuits in creating different sounds. His quirky use of electronics has make a cracking impact on many of the modern day composers. In conversation with David Behrman, Ron Kuivilla stated that .the instability of the electronics, the absence seizure of presets and the viewpoint configuration defies the identity of the composition, combine to make it very difficult to distinguish performance from composition. (Behrman 14) The circuitry that he made use of for all his compositions was not only original but so very complicated, that it made it very difficult to understand the working of the piece. Only now, so many years after his passing, ar colleagues and fans trying to understand the complicated circuitry used by David Tudor. Most of this was due to the fact that Tudor didnt label any physical parts, and sketched his circuits out on paper. (Adams) It was this pragmatic approach towards music that helped David Tudor take a prestigious place in the history of experimental music.

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Comparing Role of Race between Rodriguez in Blaxicans and Other Essay

Comparing Role of Race betwixt Rodriguez in Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans and Baldwin in Stranger in the Village - Essay ExampleThis research depart begin with the Rodriguez viewpoint and experiences of race and racism. A race is separate from culture and ethnicity Rodriguez addresses the issue and dilemma of American immigrants and the changing notion of a race at a period when cultures spread beyond a nations borders. He admits that immigration would continue to facilitate racial variety to introduce wad of different cultures and origins in the complex American society. As a result, Rodriguez points out the diminishing differentiation of a black and white race in America and demonstrates the transforming America, where residents and immigrants acquire new identities through miscellany. Irrespective of the racial variety, he emphasizes that racial mixture should serve as a point of pride and promote diversity through cultural assimilation and reinvention, rather than maintaining the separate thought of selves. Rodriguez supports American categorization as introduced by late president Nixon, convinced that its not about race, but blending people with more of their cultures, ethnicity, and environment. This would ease the tension of racism and assist sway people away from the idealized black-white divided thinking. For example, categorization of Black, Hispanic and Asian among others introduces the ethnic and cultural elements. While Black is a race, Hispanic is more of a culture and related to environmental origins and only fits the definition of the North American world. Hispanics could be black, Indian, and from different countries so not a specific race. Viewed in this sense, a racial mixture is not a banish thing in a society.

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Administrative Discretion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Administrative Discretion - Essay ExampleSince the creation sector employees play a full of life role in the economic growth of a nation, every nation normally formulates special policies for preserving the interests of public employees. However, it seems that various organizational practices and other developments impinge on the worksite interests of public employees. With intent to discuss the issue, this paper go away cover the associated terms like administrative discretion, cyber security threats, and statutory protections for public employees. Administrative discretion In the legal context, the term discretion indicates the power to decide or act according to ones own judgment. Some legal corpses like US allow certain discretionary powers to administrative authorities. To illustrate, US law system has framed some broad limits within which an administrative situation can operate. For instance, a statute confers discretion if it is reasonable and is in public interest. To de fine, the administrative discretion is the expertness of professional expertise and judgment as opposed to strict adherence to conventions or statutes, in making a stopping point or performing official acts or duties (The Free Dictionary). In other words, when a legal system permits an administrative authority to practice discretion, it is called administrative discretion. ... Although, the law imposes certain regulations on the administrative authorities in exercising their discretionary powers, it is often seen that their functions are not in line with law requirements. To illustrate, majority of the authoritative persons mold their discretionary powers to safeguard their selfish interests rather than serving employees needs. Kannabiran (2009) points out The Air India v. Nergesh Meerza, A.I.R. (1981) S.C. 1829, a noteworthy Indian case related to wrongful practice of administrative discretion. At the time of the case, an air air hostess normal age of retirement was 35 years. However, a regulation of the corporation authorized the managing director to plus the air hostess retirement age up to 45 years. The regulation empowered the managing director to drill the provision of discretion on the account of his personal opinion rather than recording specific reasons pertaining to the decision. The regulation lacked specific guidelines and it reflected biased approach and discrimination in the practice of such discretion. In this case, the court held that it distinctly indicated a situation of official arbitrariness. Public employees are often affected by the adverse exercise of administrative discretion authority as they are largely employed under administrative agencies. An authority gets the freedom to take action when it is conferred with discretionary power. However, the court can take decisions only in respectfulness of legal validity of those taken actions. Therefore, this provision can be a serious threat to unmarried liberty especially, public em ployees liberty. Cyber security threats Hackers and spammers are the potential cyber security threats to public employees in this 21st century. In the opinion

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Shakespeare as an Author Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Shakespeare as an Author - establish ExampleThesis statement His tragedies may be interpreted as true depictions of human nature and emotions. One give notice learn through his plays how deep and complex human emotions are and what great impact they have on our decision-making and model abilities. He constructed his tragedies on seemingly small and base human emotions like jealousy, ambitiousness, and procrastination that interpret great errors of judgment on the part of the protagonists, thus triggering their downfall. Through his tragedies, he not only multi-color the social, political and intellectual mindset of 16th century England but also enriched English Literature by breathing emotional state into his characters with his originality and creativity. Shakespeare was a versatile playwright as he wrote tragedies, romantic comedies, and historical plays-- all(prenominal) type speaking of his imagination. Among his most famous tragedies are Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet, and King Lear. His tragedies revolve around the error of judgment that his tragical-heroes make Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet and King Lear are all men of distinction. Shakespeare handles each character differently and illustrates how the tragic flaws of the tragic heroes change their lives forever. He handles his comedies equally well and deals with different themes about the lighter side of life in his plays like, love and personal relationships. However, these are not the only ideas implicit in the comedies Shakespeare was also touch with time, destiny, and patience, with old age and youth, with the individual and society, with ignorance and knowledge, confidence and melancholy, with contrasts between love and friendship, nature and art, justice and mercy. (Brown, 160-161)

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Battle of Little Bighorn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Battle of itty-bitty cimarron - Essay ExampleHis over-zealous approach, arrogant attitude, and egotistical need for glory led an inexperienced and exhausted seventh Cavalry onto a battlefield of unknown terrain to fight an enemy of unknown size. As the sun set, Little Bighorn was littered with the remains of 220 under-equipped and unsupplied soldiers that Custer led to their death. The Battle of Little Bighorn may not boast been winnable, but under Custers command it was a certain death sentence and a complete failure.The zeal for the Battle of the Little Bighorn began at Fort Abraham Lincoln as early as the belittle of 1875. Here, the Army made two errors that would later prove fatal. The troops provided were inexperienced and had reportedly had been in all unmatched previous Indian skirmish. Though the choice of soldiers may not have been Custers, their handstal and sensible preparation was the ultimate responsibility of the field commander. According to a 1909 interview w ith Second Lieutenant Winfield S. Edgerly, ...No one expected the Indians would make a stand anywhere and fight. (as cited in Hammer, 1990, p. 53). He further illuminates Custers attitude toward the ensuing battle when he contends, Custers idea was that Indians would scatter and run in all directions (as cited in Hammer, 1990, p. 53). ... The final melodic theme places the Indian force at between 5000 and 8000 warriors. Due to Indian agents desire to inflate reservation populations and maximize government-sponsored goods, the Army initially estimated that there were only about 1000 Indians off the reservation (Fox, 1993, p. 233). Yet, once again, it was Custer who failed to modify and conceive the most rudimentary battlefield grooming. Though the Army had miscalculated the Indian force, Custer was warned of the impending size of the foe as estimates began to rise when Custers scouts reported a larger force as early as June 22 (Fox, 1993, p. 233).The reconnaissance issue also in cludes a failure to adequately scout the terrain on which the regiment was planning on waging their attack. Three hours before the battle, Benteen reported that there were hills on all sides (as cited in Sklenar, 2000, p. 115). Yet, Custer pressed on not only into unfavourable, but also unknown terrain. The area where Custer died provided a poor defensive slip and gave the adversary a distinct advantage (Fox, 1993, p. 231). The hills where Custers men were situated were sloping and cut with deep ravines, forcing the men to dismount and take up defensive positions (Bereit, 2000). The overwhelming strength of the Indians allowed them to repeatedly stampede Custers position. When Custer reached within 15 miles of the Little Bighorn, Mitch Bouyer, the mixed-blood scout, reported to Custer that the force was the largest he had ever seen assembled (Fox, 1993, p. 233). Bloody Knife, an Ankara scout, agreed. However, Custer berated Bouyer for his cowardice and ignored his scouts intelligen ce. At this