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Crafting a Safety Program for an Organization Assignment

Crafting a Safety Program for an Organization - Assignment Example This paper illustrates that keeping with the growing phenomenon of employee safety management, the primary aim of the report is to formulate a competent safety program that can successfully enable the organizations in the modern construction industry to avert various workplace hazards. The discussion of the study includes a clear assessment of the problem statements that have developed in line with the case example of safety measures observed in the operational processes of Millers Park projects and Paul Brown stadium construction activities. The problem statement of this report seeks for identifying the health hazards such as injuries and illness of the employees while functioning in workstations. The problem statement of the study substantially provides a clear understanding of the hurdles faced by the employees due to a different workstation related injury-causing illness. The identifying potential workplace hazards are of significance for employees’ well-being as well as t o avoid costs that might be resulted in the absenteeism of the employee with illness. Moreover, the problem statement also reveals about the challenges that might face the organization to undergo the major rise in its costs associated with hiring new employees along with their required training and developmental needs into the processes. In this regard, the key aim of the report is to develop and implement an effective safety program, which can cut down costs of the organization by providing different healthcare benefits. With reference to the problems observed in the report, the case of Millers Park project and the Paul Brown stadium include similar issues associated with the significance of effective safety management programs in the construction-related activities.

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Student Retention Essay Example for Free

Student Retention Essay Imagine that you are a second grade teacher. Your principal suggests that one of your students who performed poorly this year repeat second grade next year. Given what you know about the research on retention, how would you respond? I would ask the principal to reconsider his decision and to examine the student’s situation more carefully to make an informed decision. First I would present the scientific results on retention students. According to the scientific study, retention has negative effects on students rather than positive. It’s a misconception that many think retention will solve for the poor performance because they are learning the same material all over again. If the student is having poor academic skills, he will continue to have poor academic skill if it’s not being addressed appropriately. Retention will not address the cause of the student’s poor performance. On the contrary, when students are kept back, they are more likely to exhibit reactance displaying social and mental health problems, such as negative attitudes toward teachers and school, misbehavior, symptoms of anxiety and depression, and so forth. Also scientific research show retained students are 40 to 50 more likely than nonretained students to drop out of school. Moreover, low achieving children who are promoted learn at least as much, if not more, the following year, have a stronger self-concept, and are better adjusted emotionally than similar children who are retained. Second, I would present my suggestions and recommendations as to what to do with the student. I believe it’s more important to find ways to provide the learning supports the students need when they are not doing well at school. We need to figure out the root cause of the student’s poor performance in school and then address it accordingly. Was it due to inappropriate forms of instruction or would it be due to outside stresses. If it’s due to inappropriate instruction, we can find ways to adapt to the student’s learning style and then instruct accordingly. If more support is needed we can also provide one on one help after school as well. If it’s due to family stress, we will schedule a meeting with the student’s parents and address it at the meeting. At last, I would also convey to his third grade teacher about his situation and what he needs to work on in order to catch up with his peers. If the root cause is not addressed properly, retain the student for one more year might show some temporarily academic improvement, but the student is most likely to lag behind again in subsequent years. I suggest we look deeper into the student’s situation and provide the necessary support needed to do well in the class. Thirdly, I would like to schedule a meeting with the student’s parents and make sure the parent is aware of the current situation. We will inform the student’s parents of his poor academic performance and offer them the options we have to help the student. At last we will ask for the parents’ inputs and thoughts on the situation. I believe working as a team, the school, teacher, and parents will produce the best result. At the end I would sincerely ask the principal to allow sometime to rethink the situation to come up with a solution that is best for the student in the long term.

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Computer Security And The Law :: essays research papers

I. Introduction You are a computer administrator for a large manufacturing company. In the middle of a production run, all the mainframes on a crucial network grind to a halt. Production is delayed costing your company millions of dollars. Upon investigating, you find that a virus was released into the network through a specific account. When you confront the owner of the account, he claims he neither wrote nor released the virus, but he admits that he has distributed his password to "friends" who need ready access to his data files. Is he liable for the loss suffered by your company? In whole or in part? And if in part, for how much? These and related questions are the subject of computer law. The answers may very depending in which state the crime was committed and the judge who presides at the trial. Computer security law is new field, and the legal establishment has yet to reach broad agreement on may key issues. Advances in computer security law have been impeded by the reluctance on the part of lawyers and judges to grapple with the technical side of computer security issues[1]. This problem could be mitigated by involving technical computer security professional in the development of computer security law and public policy. This paper is meant to help bridge to gap between technical and legal computer security communities. II. THE TECHNOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE A. The Objectives of Computer Security The principal objective of computer security is to protect and assure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of automated information systems and the data they contain. Each of these terms has a precise meaning which is grounded in basic technical ideas about the flow of information in automated information systems. B. Basic Concepts There is a broad, top-level consensus regarding the meaning of most technical computer security concepts. This is partly because of government involvement in proposing, coordinating, and publishing the definitions of basic terms[2]. The meanings of the terms used in government directives and regulations are generally made to be consistent with past usage. This is not to say that there is no disagreement over the definitions in the technical community. Rather, the range of such disagreement is much narrower than in the legal community. For example there is presently no legal consensus on exactly what constitutes a computer[3]. The term used to establish the scope of computer security is "automated information system," often abbreviated "AIS." An Ais is an assembly of electronic equipment, hardware, software, and firmware configured to collect, create, communicate, disseminate, process, store and control data or information. This includes numerous items beyond the central processing unit and associated

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Posada Amazonas

Problem: The commoners appear to suffer disproportionately from problems related to alcohol abuse (such as absenteeism, drunkenness, and theft). This hinders the Posada Amazonas’ smooth operation and its ability to improve service quality and occupancy. In fact, in any given year, turnover can easily reach 50%, with as many as six people leaving. Solutions: (1) Design and implement health-related programs to improve the well-being of the commoners. The community’s governing body will enact new rules and policies aimed at reducing alcohol abuse by, for example, passing resolutions prohibiting alcohol use among any employee of Posada Amazonas the day before any employee is scheduled to work. * Train a group of new community leaders to address substance abuse and other health issues facing the community. * Form committees to work on strategic plans addressing alcohol abuse. By form coalitions, the community can work together to solve health issues. (2) Create activities in each of the following primary areas: * Public Awareness/Community-Wide Prevention.Draw on native cultural traditions in the hopes that as people identify more with their heritage, they will be less likely to abuse alcohol or other substances. * Early Identification and Treatment. Create projects that seek to intervene with those at high risk. * Alcoholism Treatment and Aftercare. Focus on providing options for commoners returning from treatment, such as support groups and entering training programs. These programs will be funded by the net profit paid to the Ese'eja community by the Posada Amazonas project.If turnover can be eliminated, Posada Amazonas could create a working team to ensure a smooth operation for the lodge. Problem: Posada Amazonas’ approach to integrating the lodge into the community and how it trains and prepares the commoners for their jobs needs to be reevaluated. Solution: Maintain and increase the commoners’ involvement and stake in the lodge. Th e commoners form an integral part of the community, although their customs and attitudes toward vary somewhat from those of Rainforest Expeditions.This can be accomplished through: * Revised training methods and participation of indigenous community members in all lodge positions that will be more in line with their culture and values. * Community participation in all aspects of project design, management, and operations. * Combining wildlife conservation, management, and research practices to develop local natural attractions. * Monitoring and evaluation of the economic, ecological, and social impacts of tourism on the area and community * Enhancing and preserving indigenous cultural values.

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Health Insurance For The Poor Health And Social Care Essay

For people populating below poorness line, a wellness job non merely represents a kind of lasting menace to their income earning capacity, most of the times it consequences in the household falling into a debt trap. Whenever the necessity to acquire the intervention arises for hapless households they by and large ignore it because of deficiency of resources, fearing pay loss, or may be wait till the last minute finally when it ‘s excessively late. Even when the hapless do make up one's mind to obtain the coveted wellness attention it eats their nest eggs, forces them to sell their belongings or to slit other of import disbursement like kids ‘s instruction ) The ultimate end of wellness attention funding is to accomplish cosmopolitan wellness attention coverage for all. Social wellness insurance is a mechanism for pull offing and financing wellness attention through pooling of wellness hazards of its members on the one manus, and the fiscal parts of endeavors, families, and the authorities, on the other. SHI ( Social Health Insurance ) is â€Å" a fiscal protection mechanism for wellness attention, through wellness hazard sharing and fund pooling for a larger group of population † .1.2 Introduction about RSBY:Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana or RSBY started from 1st April 2008 after a critical reappraisal was done of the bing and earlier wellness insurance strategies. RSBY has been launched by Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India to supply wellness insurance coverage for Below Poverty Line ( BPL ) households. The â€Å" nonsubjective † of RSBY is to supply protection to BPL families from fiscal liabilities originating out of wellness dazes that involve hospitalization. Beneficiaries under RSBY are entitled to hospitalization coverage up to Rs. 30,000/- for most of the diseases that require hospitalization.1.3 Eligibility and BenefitsUnorganized workers belonging to BPL class and their household members. Recently, other classs of people were besides added to the range of the RSBY. They include edifice and other building workers, MNREGA donees, street sellers, beedi workers and house servants. This enlargement has created an added patient volume to be taken attention of. Coverage extends to five members of the household which includes the caput of family, partner and up to three dependants. It covers preexistent conditions and there is no age bound. Entire amount insured would be Rs. 30000/- per household per annum on a household floater footing. Cashless attending to all covered complaints. Transportation system costs with an overall bound of Rs.1000/- for which no cogent evidence entry is required. Beneficiaries need to pay merely Rs. 30/- as the enrollment fee while the Central and State Government pays the premium to the insurance company selected on the footing of a competitory command by the province authorities.1.4 Unique characteristics of RSBY1.4.1 A concern theoretical account strategy For a societal sector scheme the strategy has been designed as a concern theoretical account strategy with inducements built for each interest holder which is contributing for enlargement and sustainability. 1.4.2 Empowering the donee RSBY provides the take parting BPL family with freedom of pick between public and private infirmaries. A infirmary has the inducement to supply intervention to big figure of donees as it is paid per donee treated. Even public infirmaries have the inducement to handle donees under RSBY as the money from the insurance company will travel straight to the concerned public infirmary can be used by them for their ain intents. 1.4.3 IT ( Information Technology ) Intensive For the first clip IT applications are being used for societal sector strategy on such a big graduated table. Every beneficiary household is issued a biometric enabled smart card incorporating their fingerprints and exposure, around 32,423,483 cards have been issued till 7/9/12. All the infirmaries empanelled under RSBY are IT enabled and connected to the waiter at the territory degree. This helps to guarantee a smooth information flow sing service use sporadically. 1.4.4 Safe and sap cogent evidence Insurance companies, in contrast, will supervise the participating infirmaries in order to forestall fraud or unneeded processs ensuing in inordinate claims. It besides attempts to better the operation of public wellness suppliers via advancing a healthy competition between public and private suppliers. By paying merely a upper limit amount up to Rs. 750/- per household per twelvemonth, the Government is able to supply entree to quality wellness attention to the below poorness line population.1.5 Functioning of RSBY as a strategy1.5.1 Financing of RSBY The Government of India ( GOI ) provides 75 % funding while the remainder 25 % is provided by the State authorities. The choice of a public or private insurance company is done through the procedure of competitory command undertaken by State authorities. 1.5.2 Selection of wellness insurance company and Empanelment of Health Care Providers The choice of the wellness insurance supplier shall be done by the province through tendering procedure ask foring both Public and Private Insurers for better footings of mention. Merely those insurance companies which are licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority ( IRDA ) are included in the procedure. The State Government would explicate the undertakings and find the implementing bureau such as Insurance Trust/ Insurance Cell/ Mother NGO etc. to monitor/supervise the strategy and integrate with insurance company. This would be farther monitored at State and Central degree. After the insurance company is selected, they need to impanel both public and private wellness attention suppliers in the undertaking and nearby territories. The empanelment of the infirmaries is done based on prescribed standards which shall be done every bit shortly as the insurance company gets the contract and it can go on at the same time with the registration of the donees. The insurance company shall impanel adequate infirmaries in the territory so that donees need non go really far to acquire the heath attention services. The insurance company besides needs to organize with several wellness section of the province. These infirmaries are required to put in necessary hardware and package so that smart card minutess can be processed. They should besides put up a particular RSBY desk with a trained staff. The hospital list should let for both public and private infirmaries who agree to take part. At the clip of registration the insurance company must besides supply a list of RSBY empanelled infirmaries, to the donees. When empanelment takes topographic point, a nationally alone infirmary ID figure is generated so that minutess can be tracked at each infirmary. 1.5.3 Role of IT in RSBY/ Smart Cards The usage of biometric enabled smart card and a cardinal direction system makes this scheme safe and foolproof. The biometric enabled smart card ensures that merely the existent donee can utilize the smart card. The cardinal characteristic of RSBY is that a beneficiary enrolled in a peculiar territory will be able to utilize his/ her smart card in any RSBY empanelled hospital across India. This characteristic makes the strategy truly alone and good to the hapless households that migrate from one topographic point to the other. A donee of RSBY gets cashless benefit in any of the empanelled infirmaries. He/ she merely needs to transport his/ her smart card and supply confirmation through his/ her finger print. 1.5.4 Use of services by donees The dealing procedure begins when the member visits the active infirmary. After making the infirmary, donee will see the RSBY aid desk at infirmary where his individuality will be verified by the smart card. If a diagnosing leads to a hospitalization, the helper at the aid desk checks whether the process is in the list of pre-specified bundles. If the process is in the list, the appropriate prescribed bundle is selected from the bill of fare. If the process is non in the bundle list, the aid desk helper cheques with the insurance company sing the monetary value for that process. Upon release of the donee from the infirmary, the card is once more swiped along with finger print confirmation and the pre-specified cost of the process is deducted from the sum available on the card. The donee is besides paid by the infirmary Rs. 100 as transit disbursal at the clip of the discharge. 1.5.5 Claim colony After the service is rendered to the patient, the infirmaries need to direct an electronic study to the insurer/ Third Party Administrator ( TPA ) . The Insurer/ TPA after traveling through the records information will do the payment to the infirmary within a specified clip period which has been agreed between the Insurer and the infirmary. 1.5.6 Monitoring and rating Information associating to minutess taking topographic point each twenty-four hours at each infirmary is sent through a phone line to a territory waiter. A separate set of pre-formatted tabular arraies are generated for the insurance company and for the authorities severally. This allows the insurance company to track claims, reassign financess to the infirmaries and investigate in the instance of leery claim forms through on-site audits.1.6 Impact of RSBY on wellness attention use1.6.1 Penetration of RSBY Scheme Since its induction, 26 States including 1 brotherhood district have advertised about it. So far, out of these 26 provinces, the registration procedure and empanelment of infirmaries has been initiated in merely 22 provinces. Out of a entire 631 territories in India, BPL households shacking in 399 territories were selected for obtaining RSBY screen. It is of import to observe that provinces in which the registration procedure has been completed, the entire BPL households enrolled, out of the selected BPL population, are merely approximately 57 % . Though the incursion of the strategy has non been every bit high as expected. This might be due to really low degree of consciousness and instruction among the multitudes about the benefits of the strategy, or possibly to the complicated procedural or deficiency of earnestness in the execution of the strategy. But the plan is even operational in Naxal-prone territories ( such as Rayagarh, Sambalpur and Deogarh ) , which have experienced much anti-government force and snatchs. 1.6.2 Utilization of wellness attention benefits under RSBY strategy The RSBY strategy has used the public private partnership ( PPP ) theoretical account for the empanelment of infirmaries in the strategy. Hence, both public and private wellness attention suppliers have been empanelled under the strategy. So far more than 4,000 infirmaries ( out of which 75 % infirmaries are private infirmaries ) have been empanelled and more than half a million in population have obtained intervention in these infirmaries. The high degree of engagement of private infirmaries shows the success and credence of the strategy among private infirmaries. The use of health care installations under RSBY strategy is highest in the province of Kerala and lowest in instance of province of Assam. The empanelment of the figure of infirmaries for BPL households in each province is really unevenly distributed 1.6.3 Nature of disease intervention under RSBY The insured BPL households are using insurance screen most of the times ( i.e. approx two tierce of respondents ) for chronic diseases such as hernia, kidney diseases, haemorrhoids, high blood pressure, and nutritionary lacks etc. The 2nd most of import usage of RSBY screen is to acquire intervention for acute conditions like enteric fever, dandy fever febrility, diarrhoea, enteric fever, viral hepatitis, rubeolas, malaria, and TB. Among the nature of intervention received, both surgical and medical intervention has an about tantamount portion i.e. 46 % surgical and 54 % medical intervention. 1.6.4 Substitution of use of no/informal wellness installation to formal wellness installations Though with the debut of the RSBY strategy, the handiness to, and use of, the formal health care system has improved among BPL households, but at the same clip still there is long manner to travel as most of the population ( i.e. more than 70 % of BPL population of India ) has yet non been covered under the RSBY Scheme. 1.6.5 Impact of RSBY on wellness results Since the RSBY strategy was launched merely a few old ages ago, it is non possible see its impact in footings of the decrease of mortality rate, disease load, and disablement. studies conducted by the ministry so far have indicated a beneficiary satisfaction ratio runing between 77 % and 92 % . Access to the infirmaries for the hapless has gone up from 1.7 % to 2.7 % , harmonizing to the National Sample Survey Organization 1.6.6 Dissemination of information and cognition about RSBY The word of oral cavity spreading, interaction with ASHA, ANMs, AWWs, Aanganwadi Workers and Loudspeaker proclamations were the most of import beginning of information and cognition about the RSBY strategy among donees. It is seen that though donees of the strategy are cognizant of the rudimentss of the strategy, like the sum of entire coverage available, figure of household members covered, and sum required to pay for acquiring enrollment etc, there awareness related to assorted entitlements granted by the strategy like transit costs, nature of interventions covered, coverage for disbursals on Out Patient Department ( OPD ) intervention was really hapless. This low consciousness could take to struggles, moral jeopardies ( over/mis use of wellness attention installations ) and dissatisfactions among donees. 1.6.7 Impact of the RSBY strategy on economic result Micro wellness insurance, hence, involves a direct economic load ab initio placed on the insurance company who clears the hospitalization outgo on the behalf of the insured and of the Government who pays the insurance premium on the behalf of the BPL family. Other than the direct costs, selling and disposal costs besides add to the economic load. Higher claim colony rates and disposal costs result in high claim/loss rates, casts uncertainties on the long-run sustainability of wellness insurance strategies. States like Gujarat, Haryana, and Kerala show a high claim ratio. This high claim ratio is bespeaking a prevalence of over use of wellness services i.e. moral jeopardies, projecting uncertainties on the long-run sustainability of the RSBY. 1.6.8 Impact of the RSBY strategy on behaviour of BPL families While insurance companies pay for the majority of the cost in instance of a private system, authorities pools are used if proviso is public, the consumer pays merely a little portion of the entire cost i.e. out-of pocket on ingestion of the wellness service. Irrespective of how wellness attention is financed, one fact is that one time people have fallen ill they face inducements to devour more than optimum wellness attention, since they do non hold to pay the full marginal cost for the attention they utilize. The wellness economic sciences literature refers to this sort of behaviour as a moral jeopardy. The use of formal of wellness installations has increased significantly after the micro wellness insurance screen under the RSBY. This is supported reported by National Sample Survey Organization 60th the figure of hospitalization instances for Monthly Per Capita Consumer Expenditure ( MPCE ) , less than INR 253. The per centum of BPL population hospitalized across India has increased from 0.28 % ( in twelvemonth 2005 ) to 2.69 % , 2.39 % and 1.5 % of enrolled BPL population in the provinces of Kerala, Gujarat and Haryana severally. Hence, hypothesis 1 about the increased use of the Health attention installation ( No. of hospitalization ) after the RSBY execution was supported. Switching penchants ( from populace to private infirmaries ) of donees. Similar phenomenon can be seen in footings of the altering penchants of the donees from public to private infirmaries. These changed penchants and behavior show window the presence of moral jeopardies in the RSBY strategy every bit good, l ike other wellness insurance strategies.

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Ulterior and Alterior

Ulterior and Alterior Ulterior and Alterior Ulterior and Alterior By Maeve Maddox A reader brought alterior to my attention by asking if a use of â€Å"ulterior motive† he read in an article should have been â€Å"alterior motive.† Although I found several speculative â€Å"definitions† of alterior on various sites, neither the OED nor Merriam-Webster offers an entry for this word. Because it seems always to occur with motive or motives, I conclude that alterior is an error for ulterior. The adjective ulterior derives from Latin ulterior: â€Å"further, more distant.† An ulterior motive is one that lies beyond the apparent motive. For example, when a popular product develops a feature that makes the product more convenient, the apparent motive is to make the product easier for the customer to use. The ulterior motive is to earn more money by selling more merchandise. The mistaken use of alterior is especially common on sites related to emotional involvements, television, sports, and political opinion. Here are some examples, with corrections: INCORRECT: Im not convinced hes doing anything out of the kindness of his heart for women or anyone. Feels like he always has alterior motives.- Soap opera blog. CORRECT : Im not convinced hes doing anything out of the kindness of his heart for women or anyone. Feels like he always has ulterior motives. INCORRECT: The thing that bothers me the most is that there is no honesty or real emotion into anything that they say. Everything they say has an alterior motive.- Therapy blog. CORRECT : The thing that bothers me the most is that there is no honesty or real emotion in anything that they say. Everything they say has an ulterior motive. INCORRECT: People like to put on fronts and might have alterior motives when you dont have a shared history that can easily fool you.- Quora user. CORRECT : People like to put on fronts and might have ulterior motives when you dont have a shared history that can easily fool you. INCORRECT: The [remarks of] the salesman sounded like they came from a politician. He seemed to dodge every question, whether it be from lack of knowledge or alterior motives I dont know.- Yelp review. CORRECT : The [remarks of] the salesman sounded like they came from a politician. He seemed to dodge every question, whether it be from lack of knowledge or ulterior motives I dont know. INCORRECT: I usually appreciate good sportsmanship, but that was just weird. It was very obvious that there was an alterior motive, because of the way the groups were separated.  - TV fan blog. CORRECT : I usually appreciate good sportsmanship, but that was just weird. It was very obvious that there was an ulterior motive, because of the way the groups were separated.   Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:What Is Irony? (With Examples)The Writing ProcessEducational vs. Educative

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Play Projects Compnay Essays

Play Projects Compnay Essays Play Projects Compnay Essay Play Projects Compnay Essay Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction. 2 2.0 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) 2 2.1 Strengths. 2 2.2 Weaknesses. 2 2.3 Opportunities. 3 2.4 Threats. 3 3.0 The Porter’s Five Forces Model 3 3.1 Competition from Potential Companies. 4 3.2 Competition from Established Companies. 4 3.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers. 4 3.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers. 5 4.0 Competitors. 5 5.0 Social Responsibility. 6 6.0 Key Factors to Success. 6 7.0 Conclusion. 6 List of References: 8 Play Projects Company 1.0 Introduction Play Projects is event management company that manage lifestyle and corporate events, entertainment management and marketing support. Main customers young people with social life. Use social media, as it know that this is one of the most effective ways. It uses both the virtual and the real world to ensure creates events that are important to the market. It knows view of its threats and weaknesses. It know opportunities and strengths that it faces, and it working towards using them to the most to ensure that it gains a competitive advantage in the market. The paper show strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the company faces, since this is the main setting up and strategic tool of the company. It will highlight the competitors that the company faces, the value of social responsibilities, and key factors to the success of the business. 2.0 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)2.1 Strengths SWOT analysis is seeing the business environment to know best alternative for the company’s direction (Ferrell Hartline 2010, pp.128). The strengths of company refer to the resources that a company can use to its advantage. An organization should use of opportunities that are available to make them goals (Stephenson Thurman 2007, pp. 37). One of the main strengths of the company is that it has created many things different places. Event management is only need a person to be able to handle many activities since some of the events are seasonal. The fact that the company take care both business and social affairs means that new opportunities are always arising. This has enabled it to create more networks in the industry. The new opportunities created mean more business for the company. Another strength that the company has is flexibility. The company is flexible enough handle any opportunities that arise. Another major strength that the company has is that management values al l the employees. There is created a feeling of ownership. They feel comfortable handle any roles that may be present. The company’s decision to utilize the social media fully is meaning that it has expanded its connections. Social media such as Facebook is good since they make one to create many connections. 2.2 Weaknesses Weaknesses are limitations is prevent the company from reaching its objectives. Weaknesses reduce the company’s competitiveness in the market (Stephenson Thurman 2007, pp. 37). One of the major weaknesses of company is the lack of full time employees. This has not good productivity and performance. Employees not work good because of the many tasks they perform. They have many work and the results is poor. Another weakness is that the company does not have a fixed working place. Working virtually is person has to have access to the internet. The fact that the company does not have a fixed working place might explain why there are no full time employees. Another weakness is that it does not have main of long-term income. Many of the projects, which the company do are seasonal. This means that once a season ends, the company is left with no source of income if there are no forthcoming opportunities. Some of the people employed in the company might find this risky since they are not guaranteed any income. The company is see ways of earning an income, which does not depend on seasons. It needs to identify investment opportunities, which will guarantee returns at the end. This will make worker to stay in the job for longer since it will guarantee their financial security. 2.3 Opportunities Opportunities is situations, which the company can capitalize and use to their advantage. Opportunities assist the organization make more profit and enhance their performance (Stephenson Thurman 2007, pp. 37). Some of the opportunities, which the company identified, are like increase in number of social media sites. The company use sites like this to ensure that it connects with more people. The company uses the many available social sites to market its products. The more people learn of company, the higher the chances that the company will get more followers. This will in turn give the company the chance to sell its services to more clients. Another opportunity is more in the number of companies, which are wanting their services. This is an opportunity for the business to expand its clientele. More businesses are choosing to hire an events management company rather than relying on individual suppliers who might not meet all their expectations. They wanting hire the companies since they will offer them all the services they need, and they have specialized to undertake most of the tasks. 2.4 Threats Threats is things that could arise to bring trouble to the business (Stephenson Thurman 2007, pp. 37). One of the threats is of the event management industry not being always same. This is mainly caused by the instability in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry in the country is affected by many factors such as people’s financial situation. When the economy is not good, people will choose to pay for their necessities but not use the money for unnecessary expenses such as entertainment. This will in turn mean that businesses dealing with organizing party and club events will suffer since they will not have a lot of business. The crisis within the Euro zone is also a major threat to the company. The Euro zone crisis will affect the number of businesses opening up in Singapore. Some of the company are already experiencing hard times. If the crisis is go on, it will decrease the number of company’s customers, and this will be detrimental to the survival a nd prosperity of the company. Another thing not good facing the company is the increase in the number of lifestyle/nightspots in Singapore. This is a significant threat to the company, as it is increasing the competition. The company is therefore have to share the number of events available with the other competitors. 3.0 The Porter’s Five Forces Model The Porter’s Five Forces make company to know the power the competition. The five forces include the â€Å"risk of entry by potential competitors, the intensity of rivalry among established companies within an industry, the bargaining power of buyers, the bargaining power of suppliers, and the closeness of substitutes to an industry’s products (Hill and Jones 2009, pp. 42).† The presence of this forces makes it difficult to increase prices of goods and services. Changes in these forces can create either opportunities or threats to a company. Companies can decide the thing of power of some of these forces. For instance, established companies can make it more difficult for a new company to enter into the market, therefore make lower the strength of the competition (Hill and Jones 2009, pp. 43). 3.1 Competition from Potential Companies Plays Projects has a competitive edge over the other companies in that it has already seen the market for a longer period before venturing, and it has incorporated the use of technology. However, the company see many competition from companies that are fighting to enter into the lucrative business. Singapore is more and more the center of choice for many international corporate and entertainment functions, as it attracts both businesses and international tourists. There is a more demand for event management organizations. Their services are like organizing events such as meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, performing art events, and leisure and lifestyle events. The requirements of setting up and running such a business is many like before the company becomes fully functional. Companies have to obtain various licenses and get authorization from different departments before they can begin to operate. This does not seem to be not taking the efforts well of potential entr ants into the industry (Guide Me Singapore). They are also expected to pay fees so that they can obtain the licenses. This is not a major hindrance since companies usually make more money from organizing the events, than they do getting licenses. The benefits is more costs, and many people with an interest in organizing and managing events are encouraged because of this. 3.2 Competition from Established Companies There is many of competition among the established companies because there are many companies offering such services. Singapore is not having many of large population, and the events management companies have to share the few clients amongst themselves. However, although there are many event management companies in the country, only few of them deal with organizing club entertainment. This is of good thing for the company since it creates an opportunity for the company. The company has already started doing this by creating special theme nights such as the â€Å"Butter Cookies† which is not of the women and others such as â€Å"Detention†, where customers get the chance to win gifts. It also offers reduced prices for the fans on its Facebook page (Play Projects, 2011). The cost of being of belong in the market depends on the type of event that the company specialized in organizing. Some events require a lot of investment such as example of the equipment used. For instan ce, companies, which deal with organizing occasions such as weddings often, have to invest a lot of equipment. This is not the case with companies, such as Play Projects, which deal with organizing entertainment functions. Although they don’t buy in equipment, they incur relatively low costs when leaving the market compared to other event management companies. 3.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers The company is having of free services for women and it caters for men by offering reduced prices on drinks. The customers seem to have the upper hand since they are like having advantage the most in this. The company seems to be more concerned about establishing a loyal customer base before establishing itself. This is mainly useful in a place where there are many night entertainment spots, and the population is not exceedingly high. Price sensitivity and the number of competitors that are in a market are crucial factors to consider when a company aims at retaining the bargaining power of buyers. By offering free things, it is creating competition within the industry. It will therefore become more power than the competitors will since the customers will look for a place where they can get cheaper services. Such services create difference needed between competitors in order for a company to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. 3.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers It is clear that the company’s main specialty and strength lies making nightlife events. The company relies on suppliers such as music deejays and artists to keep going. The deejays and celebrities make sure that customers is entertained throughout. Judging by the number of revelers who attend these events, the company seems to know what the customers want, and it supplies the best entertainment in the market. The company is endorsed by popular groups and individual artists such as the â€Å"Butter Factory† and â€Å"Cing Swan†. One of the good things of this type of industry is the flexibility it offers. Companies do not have to rely on one supplier for entertainment. The company has the things of deciding who will make happy the revelers. They therefore choose the most popular artists in the country or region, and this keeps the customers entertained. Play Project is a unique company as it uses Facebook for its own communication and for marketing purposes. 4.0 Competitors The Play Projects Company is see competitors in the market. The market is not pay, and competitors can enter and leave as they please. Its main competitors are Original Media Pte Ltd, Events Architects Pte Ltd, and the Events Artery Pte Ltd and more other company. In this industry, a company has to make sure they give best service, at a cheaper price or just like with other competitors in the industry. Although they seem to have seemingly created a competitive edge by using the virtual and the real world, this method is last not for long since other companies are also establishing themselves in a similar manner. The competition within the industry is so fierce, that competitors not want do whatever it takes to ensure that they remain the event organization of choice. Different institutions of higher learning are offering event management courses, which are geared towards equipping people with the necessary knowledge to ensure that they are in a better position to organize events. Competitors should be seen as an good thing not like threat to the company. Competitors enable the company to create new and innovative products, and to improve its service delivery. This gives the company a competitive advantage and improves the market development. Having the market has is make the company to differentiate its products. New companies can learn from the established companies, in that they can not have doing the same mistakes (SEO Consult, 2009). Competitors help to legitimize and make use of technology. This is evident in the case of Play Projects. Play Projects is not the first events company to organize events through the social media. The company has however, helped to establish this as one of the major ways of event organizing. By bring together the virtual and the real world, the company has enabled other established and upcoming companies to realize that there is no limit to the channels that have for use in event management (Porter 1998, pp. 210). 5.0 Social Responsibility The main thing of social responsibility is make sure that the internal and external stakeholders have higher standards of living, while at the same time maintaining the profitability of the business (Hopkins 2007, pp. 9). Businesses have do thing in a way that they cater for needs of all the stakeholders involved. This includes the employees, suppliers, customers, the community, and the environment. Some companies use in social responsibility issues as a way of enhancing their reputation. Businesses realize that they cannot remain profitable for long if they continue operating in areas where there is poor development. They therefore involve in development projects, especially in their areas of operation, to ensure that they benefit and remain profitable. The community forms many ideas of companies that engage in social responsibilities. Companies build their credibility, transparency, trust and reliability when they engage in socially responsible activities. They develop a relationship with the community, and this benefits them in the end. Many people want to be known with responsible organizations. Organizations make good employees come when they engage in socially responsible activities. This also helps them to retain their current employees. Although social responsibility in organizations benefits the companies and the communities in different ways, it has often been seen not well as a public relations ploy by the organizations with goal of make more profits (Hopkins 2007, pp. 128) 6.0 Key Factors to Success One of the most big factors to success in any business is communication. When people communicate with each other, they are able to make clear important thing, and this leads to better performance. Effective communication enables people to solve their problems and make not worry, thus enhancing productivity. It also enables people to build relationships with each other, and this enables them to work together more good than before (Rud 2009, pp. 60). Plays Projects have utilized communication effectively, and this has been enabled by the use of social media sites. This has in turn make them have to know what their customers want, and they are able to measure their reaction to past events. Another important factor to success is innovation. Innovation bring more only add value to the customer, but it also ensures that there is a balance between the product quality and cost (Chittithaworn et al., 2011, pp. 184). Plays Projects have use a main approach to their innovativeness. They have included technological ideas to create relevant social initiatives, and have managed to attract many people to their business because of this. Innovation does involve to development of difficult technology only, but it also ensures that the technology that has been developed can be used by people freely. Another key factor is the use of social networks. This has enabled the company make less of costs and risks associated with the business. It has also opened up avenues for the company to source ideas from diverse sources, such as the input offered by the company’s followers on Facebook. Another factor that has make sure that achieve of success in the company is the ability of the c ompany to offer differentiated products that cater for the needs of the clients (Cooper 1999, pp. 5). 7.0 Conclusion Play Projects is a relatively new company that has been able to attract many customers and clients since it began its operations. This is big thing considering that the event management industry in Singapore has many established competitors. The company is aware of the impending competition it faces from new entrants in the market. Although the company has several strengths, it has a clear idea of its weaknesses, and it has a realistic view concerning the threats facing the industry. It is quick to take make sure on its opportunities and this has made it more profitable. By using SWOT and the Porter’s Five Forces Model, the company continues to identify the strengths and the opportunities created by its competitors. The two strategic tools will enable it to survive and thrive in the competitive market.

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College GPA Does It Really Matter

College GPA Does It Really Matter Freaking out about your GPA? Sure, you’ve been told your whole life that grades are the difference between becoming a millionaire and having a lifelong career at Taco Bell. As a college student, that idea is emphasized even more, with many vital courses for your degree having specific GPA requirements. As the end of the semester approaches, you may be spending sleepless nights worrying about whether you did enough to get your GPA to that millionaire-level or if you should just learn how to make a killer Mexican Pizza. Fortunately, your GPA isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. In fact, there are several very real reasons why your grades aren’t the end-all be-all of your college experience. Just take a look at these facts and statistics about GPA and you may be able to relax enough to keep your current grade level in perspective. 60-70% of HR recruiters think that GPA is important Okay, so GPA is important. In fact, when you’re looking for a job after college, a majority of hiring managers will want to see a GPA above 3.0. Still, if you haven’t met that magical arbitrary number, don’t worry. A full 30-40% of businesses don’t even look at GPA. Instead, they’ll be interested to see what kinds of extracurricular, community, and volunteer experiences you’ve had. 43% of letter grades given are A’s In a recent study from Teacher’s College Record, almost half of all grades that are given are A’s. This means that getting a 4.0 really doesn’t mean what it used to. Many employers know this and understand that being good at kissing the teacher’s butt doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is smarter or more qualified. Lots of influential organizations like Google and America don’t care about GPA Lazlo Bock, the Senior VP of People Operations for Google said in a New York Times interview, â€Å"GPA’s are a worthless criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless†¦We found that they don’t predict anything.† This is proving to be a very valuable theory, with many CEOs, business leaders, and even president’s not boasting very high GPA’s. Remember what George W. Bush said: â€Å"To all the C-students: I say, you too can be president of the United States.† 45% of college dropouts leave school with a GPA between 2.0 and 3.0 The pressure to get good grades and keep them can be so overwhelming for some students that it will push them out of college altogether. It’s all about how students perceive their success. According to research from the Education Advisory Board (EAB), students who have a mixture of B’s and C’s are more likely to stay in school than those with a mix of A’s and F’s. Despite their equal potential, focusing on â€Å"perfect† grades can actually be a deterrent to success. People not concerned with GPA tend to have higher GPA’s In a small study conducted at Cal State San Marcos, researchers found that students who were most concerned about GPA were more likely to have lower ones. While this could be due to some students’ confidence in their abilities, it could also be that a lack of stress about grades helped them to do better on tests and naturally increased their scores. Your GPA may depend on your personality Although everyone has to take tests, there is a certain group of people who seem to excel naturally when it comes to bumping up their GPA. In a study done at Rice University, students who were considered â€Å"conscientious† (disciplined and goal-oriented) had higher GPA’s overall. That means GPA’s may do a good job defining the work ability of certain types of students, but completely miss the qualities of students who are more laid back and people-oriented. 51% of MBA programs ding applications based on GPA Although 51% seems like a high number, it’s actually a good thing. What this means is that, while over half of MBA programs see GPA as in indicator of success, almost half think that it’s not a big deal. So depending on your program of choice, GPA can either be a deterrent or a non-issue. Schools with tougher grading policies produce almost 60% fewer successful MBA applicants Schools who participate in grade inflation may not be as honest as others, but they have more students who are accepted into post-graduate programs. In fact, research published in PLOS One showed that students from schools with stringent grading policies (i.e., they only gave out 10% A’s) had only 12% of their applicant’s accepted. Schools with inflated grades were accepted 72% of the time – often because the school in question was seen as prestigious. Basically, it’s important to do your best in school – but don’t put too much emphasis on your GPA. Instead of fretting about how you can get that A+ rather than an A, focus on the additional value you can bring to your school and career. A person who has proven to be a creative, innovative self-starter is going to be much more attractive than a super-smart person who only knows how to take a test. Hows your GPA doing? Are you worried about your grades at the moment? Do you have some GPA success formula? Tell us more, dont be shy!

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E-recruitment practices Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

E-recruitment practices - Literature review Example The Internet explosion and the high trend towards the digital environment have also moved recruitment to the online environment. Poorangi, Razavi and Rahmani (2011:74) define e-recruitment as the use of information technology in the recruitment process, to speed it up, improve it and ensure efficiency in recruitments. Barber (2006:1) refers to it as online recruitment, web-based recruitment or internet recruitment. Currently, a wide array of organizations has e-recruitment portals in their websites, or they conduct online recruitment through online job boards. Research done by institute of Employment studies (Barber, 2006:3) showed that most organisations use some form of online recruiting with most of them allowing applicants to apply for the jobs through corporate career sites. This research also projected that the only form of recruitment in the next decade would be through e-recruitment as more ways of making recruitment more efficient are developed. With increased efficiencies and competitiveness in the way that organisations acquire talented employees, e-recruitment practices between organisations differ in various ways. This is based on the kind of employees sought, the type of organisation and the cultural aspect of the targeted population. Therefore, e -recruitment is a process of hiring employees through internet enabled online electronic systems, such as websites. In order to use e- recruitment, it is important to have a system for administering the hiring process and enable targeted applicants to submit their details electronically. (Elkington, 2005). Thus, e- recruitment involves application of various electronic mediums such as websites, internet and online recruitment systems to hire employees in an organization. This study seeks to examine and evaluate the e-recruitment practices in employing customer service staff in Lloyds TSB in the UK and those in employing customer service staff in Bank ICICI in India. The study also seeks to examine the factors that influence e-recruitment practices, the importance of e-recruitment practices, and the role of culture in recruitment practises Factors that influence e-recruitment practices and importance of e-recruitment practices Before investigating factors that influence e-recruitment practices, it is important to examine the effects of the process on new recruitment methods. Conventional recruitment methods apply formal procedures such as job advertisement. The methods begin by determining the required applicants and their location in the job market. Then, the recruiting department embarks on the activities of attracting and persuading applicants to apply the advertised job vacancy through medium such as newspapers, magazines, radio, magazines and TV among others. When the paper applications are received, they are sorted and shortlisted. They are filed and registered to enhance assessment and monitoring during recruitment process. This is followed by com municating to the shortlisted candidates for a formal interview and further assessments. Similarly, formal letters are sent to unsuccessful applicants (Aurelia & Fallery, 2010). E-recruitment comprises of three major steps, namely attracting, sorting and contacting the successful candidates (Elkington, 2005). To attract candidates, the recruiting firm designs web pages, which apply electronic networks to advertise and locate potential applicants on the internet and online databases. Potential applicants

Essay assignment #1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assignment #1 - Essay Example His answer to the given question sounds unambiguously and strictly, that is â€Å"Absolutely not!† (Phillips, 2010). William D. Phillips suggests a widespread opinion that with an evolution of technical and scientific progress there are a lot of people who do not find a phenomenon of supernatural God and His world creation as a relevant explanation of the universe ordering (2010). Such ideas made God obsolete and defend the concept of logical explanation to each thing occurred in the world. On the other hand, religious people stay a strict idea that science is mistaken. To such an extend religion and science are considered to be â€Å"irreconcilable enemies† (Phillips, 2010). William D. Phillips claims that such concept is totally wrong and ridiculous. This scientist tries to persuade us that it is possible to keep in your soul and mind the idea of God and the relevance of science (Phillips, 2010). He considers himself as an example of such person. He claims that he is a physicist and he connects all his life with scientific researches and investigations (Phillips, 2010). He deals with nature and makes tries to know how the nature works (Phillips, 2010). Moreover, he delivers his knowledge to other people and trains them in science. Still, he convincingly declares that he attends church, prays and believes in faith (Phillips, 2010). He is sure in the existence of God and works with the science. According to such ideas William D. Phillips delivers two questions that he considers to be pertinent. He explains how he can believe in God and why he believes in God (Phillips, 2010). These two points seem to be relevant for William D. Phillips and his attitude to religion. The answer of the first question is easy and clear. Phillips stays the idea that believe in God does not require scientific matter and logical confirmation (Phillips, 2010). He thinks that it is necessary just to believe with

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Electoral College Reform Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Electoral College Reform - Research Paper Example There are other viewpoints as well but this discussion is going to focus on these topics. In the opinion of this author, Electoral College, even if it has certain flaws, provides the best compromise to ensure a federalist, all inclusive, judicious method to elect the American leadership. It is also proposed that instead of breaking down the system altogether, the flaws are addressed through other means. Context To set the stage for describing and placing arguments related to opinions on Electoral College Reform, it is essential to briefly describe the process. Electoral College is used to elect the President and Vice President of the United States. It is a form of indirect election in which the public casts their vote to elect â€Å"Electors† in their respective states. These Electors are authorized to eventually vote on their behalf to choose the President. The nationwide group of electors and the process through which this two tier voting takes place is called the Electoral College. Each state is allocated a number of electors equal to the state’s representation in the House of Representatives plus the Senate. This allocation is based on the census and this means that more populous states have more electors than the less populous ones. However, as a minimum, each state has three to four electors. Since it is binding on each elector to vote for their party’s candidate, the result for Presidential election becomes clear after the first tier of voting. The total electors at this time being 538, whoever gets past 270 electors, wins the election. In the first tier of direct voting, a winner-takes-all system is followed. This means that whichever party’s electors get more than 50% of votes cast in a particular state, all electors for that party go to the Electoral College. The debate In the past 200 years, there have been â€Å"more proposals for constitutional amendments on changing the Electoral College than on any other subject† ("How the Electoral College Functions"). Presidential elections in the year 2000 rekindled the long held debate about the efficacy and democratic nature of elections through the Electoral College. In that year, George W. Bush beat Al Gore through a very small margin of Electoral College votes despite the fact that Al Gore was leading in the popular vote count. The controversy that was raised was eventually decided in the Supreme Court which ruled to stop voter recounting and the Bush was consequently accepted as the winner. So, the question that became fresh in everyone’s minds was why in the future the Americans should not decide on their President through the more representative popular vote rather than through the indirect Electoral College? In the current system, a candidate can lose the elections through the Electoral College even if he or she has more cumulative nationwide popular vote. Gore lost the election because the electoral votes in the swing state of Florida e ventually went to Bush. Proponents of election through popular vote (Neale 2-3) present two arguments against the Electoral College method. Firstly, they claim that the idea of not considering popular national vote is against democratic principles. According to them, the intermediate step of Electoral College takes away the national voter’s franchise and that the choice for the person holding

Aspects of the Akan Belief System Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Aspects of the Akan Belief System - Term Paper Example The Akan depict love for freedom and independence from the foreign rule and their insistence on independence helped them in transforming the modern Ghana. Akan has several belief systems and this form of writing highlights aspects of the Akan belief system. Akan’s main feature is their language Twi, which is the most predominant native language used in Ghana and has several intelligible dialects that are qualified based on the speakers. Currently, various dialects have been incorporated into the Twi language thus making it a unified language. The Twi language constitutes proverbs that are of concise moral and religious origin as they touch on issues of common sense and good manners. Akan’s cultural influence was trigerred by the Akwamu and Asante Kingdoms that detained people to learn Twi and forcing non-Twi speakers into their Kingdoms (Gyekye, 1995). The Akans are organizedin 8 classeswhere every group is known as a TOTEM, which are social institution, and they includ ed the Aduana, Agona, Asakyiri, Asenes, Ayokoo, Bretuo, Ekoona and the Asona. The Akan was organized into kingdoms that were initially established by the Bono. The Kingdoms were full of gold that were mined in the Volta River that later turned them to merchandisers. The trade between the Portuguese with the Akan largely determined the locations of the Akan’s future kingdoms along the trade routes. ... The human sacrifice was believed to be effective when the victim accepted it voluntarily and the Akan believed that it led to emergence of quarters and flourishing town. The place where the victim was buried was highly protected because they believed that it was sacred and it was mostly used to sacrifice and carry out libations. Moreover, the Akan believed in the family (Abusua), was considered as the basic social unit and one’s individual family included the issue of his mother, mother’s sisters, and children of his sisters. On the other hand, the extended family comprised of his immediate as well as the immediate families that traced their ancestry from the common female ancestress Extended family is regarded as vital since it ensured mutual helpfulness and cooperation as well as conformity to social norms. According to their matrilineal arrangement, females were deemed the maintainer of the family in such a way that a family would become extinct whenever there was no woman to keep it going. Father is only known to be a facilitator in the family. The family was headed by Abusua Panyin who had a number of duties such as ensuring sustainability custom, law, and tradition and exercising superintendence over the family members. The Akans hugely regarded the significance of procreation as the fundamental of life and everyone who bore children was highly respected. They really valued children born into wedlock due to the great importance they gave to marriage, which sets stage for responsible and stable family. Men searches for their wives and borne all the expenses associated with the search as well as with the marriage. Marriage is regarded as a group union

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TECHNOLOGICAL CONTROVERSY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

TECHNOLOGICAL CONTROVERSY - Essay Example As people use cell phone regularly and as it causes radiation it can cause cancer. The cell phone causing cancer is a controversial issue because some do not accept that this statement true. The scientific world has not gathered enough evidence to prove that cell phone can cause cancer. The assumption is based on the fact that the cell phone causes radiation. And radiation is a main reason for cancer. A continuous exposure to radiation is a fact that can convince the connection of cancer with cell phone use (NCI) .In theory, children have the potential to be at greater risk than adults for developing brain cancer from cell phones. Their nervous systems are still developing and therefore more vulnerable to factors that may cause cancer. So an examination of cell phone use and its effect on human body need to be studied. Scientists have been alerting people about the adverse effect of cell phone on humans. The fact is that the cell phone emits 1000 times higher than the base stations, and it has greater likelihood of causing problems to brain and upper part of human body. The epidemiological evidence suggests that there is an association between radio frequency emitted by wireless phones and head cancer. The radio frequency is classified by International Agency for Research on cancer as possibly carcinogens to humans. According to (Burrell 23-34 ) â€Å"A Swedish study on the use of wireless phones, including cell phones and cordless phones, has uncovered a link between electromagnetic radiation exposures and the risk of malignant and non-malignant brain tumors†. The studies reveal that the people who used cell phones for more than a year is at 70% risk of cancer and those who used cell phone for more than 1640 or more has 180% risk. The risk of cancer is greater in the part of the brain where cell phone was exposed. Many scientists have claimed that

Jazz Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Jazz - Article Example The fundamental nature of jazz lies in improvisation, defined as the art of making music through the spur-of-the-moment invention of ideas. Jazz relies upon the artist/performer to create music that is neither written nor practiced, but shaped from the heart and soul for that at that particular moment in time. Through this method, Jazz has proven to be the type of music that evokes thought and emotions through a shared experience between the artist/performer and listener/audience. As a function of this, the following analysis will seek to discuss, analyze, and draw inference from a particular jazz concert that was visited by this particular student. I was privileged to have an old friend of mine invite me to a Jazz concert on March 26th at ‘Lucy’s 51’ in Toluca Lake. Toluca Lake is a district that lies 12 miles to the northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The first thing I noticed as I walked in was the electronic and acoustic instruments, as well as the formal attir e that the performers adorned. The group consisted of a total of three players and the instruments ranged from an electric guitar, drum and the bass. This was of course somewhat different than I was used to do to the fact that many of the concerts that I’ve been to previously were performed by either a string quartet or a full symphony orchestra. This of course helps to integrate the understanding that the form of music that I was about to experience was necessarily modern and did not rely upon the acoustic power that the instrument in an of itself could generate. These aspects were creatively woven to produce a magnificent concert that incorporated a series of four different songs that were performed beautifully.   John Pisano was on the guitar, Jamie Findlay was acting as the guest guitarist, while John Belzaguy was on the bass, and lastly but not least was Tim Pleasant on the drums. Each of the selection of songs that were played could be classified as jazz even though e ach piece employed its own specific and unique sound. This further helps to demonstrate the broad range of musical style as well as musicianship that is exhibited within the jazz genre of music. This was somewhat surprising to me due to the fact that jazz has only been able to develop and evolve over a relatively short period of time. As compared to classical music, that is had many centuries to develop different styles and forms a musicianship, Jazz ultimately reached its peak levels of popularity and development within what can be considered a short period of time. The crowd was generally dressed casually and had a wide variety of listeners, ranging from young people to much older ones. What I quickly noticed was that the environment was not as quiet as I had expected it would be. I had done a bit of research into Jazz music prior to the concert and I expected the audience to be dead quiet and listening attentively to the music. This was not the case as part of the crowd was unbea rably noisy as compared to other concerts I have been to. This select part of the crowd did not seem to appreciate the truly beautiful music that was being performed. In past concerts I have been in, loud conversations and disruptive noises were not allowed as this was seen to be distracting the performers as well as the audience who were listening attenti

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TECHNOLOGICAL CONTROVERSY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

TECHNOLOGICAL CONTROVERSY - Essay Example As people use cell phone regularly and as it causes radiation it can cause cancer. The cell phone causing cancer is a controversial issue because some do not accept that this statement true. The scientific world has not gathered enough evidence to prove that cell phone can cause cancer. The assumption is based on the fact that the cell phone causes radiation. And radiation is a main reason for cancer. A continuous exposure to radiation is a fact that can convince the connection of cancer with cell phone use (NCI) .In theory, children have the potential to be at greater risk than adults for developing brain cancer from cell phones. Their nervous systems are still developing and therefore more vulnerable to factors that may cause cancer. So an examination of cell phone use and its effect on human body need to be studied. Scientists have been alerting people about the adverse effect of cell phone on humans. The fact is that the cell phone emits 1000 times higher than the base stations, and it has greater likelihood of causing problems to brain and upper part of human body. The epidemiological evidence suggests that there is an association between radio frequency emitted by wireless phones and head cancer. The radio frequency is classified by International Agency for Research on cancer as possibly carcinogens to humans. According to (Burrell 23-34 ) â€Å"A Swedish study on the use of wireless phones, including cell phones and cordless phones, has uncovered a link between electromagnetic radiation exposures and the risk of malignant and non-malignant brain tumors†. The studies reveal that the people who used cell phones for more than a year is at 70% risk of cancer and those who used cell phone for more than 1640 or more has 180% risk. The risk of cancer is greater in the part of the brain where cell phone was exposed. Many scientists have claimed that

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David Fincher's Seven Film Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

David Fincher's Seven Film Analysis - Essay Example The essay will initially explain how Seven can be regarded as what Hardy (97, 301) describes as a ‘neo-noir’ film, whilst also fitting into the New-brutality film category, in order to present a chronological narrative structure. It will then go on to discuss aspects of narrative which bridge these two categories and examine the narrative structure the film follows. Finally, it will focus on the neo-noir protagonist and demonstrate how characterization in the film draws heavily from this genre. There is a close and very important relationship between narrative, characterization, and mise-en-scene in any film. As Bordwell & Thompson (02, 75) explain ‘we should strive to make our interpretations precise by seeing how each films thematic meanings are suggested by the films total system. In a film, both explicit and implicit meanings depend closely on the relations between narrative and style’. It is, therefore, only when the film is taken as a whole that its fu ll array of meanings emerges. Gilles Deleuze argues that the classic Hollywood film is hallmarked by ‘action-images’. These action-images are, as he explains ‘the relation between [milieux and modes of behavior] and all the varieties of this relation. It is this model which produced the universal triumph of the American cinema.’ (Deleuze, 86, 141) In Deleuze’s definition of a standard Hollywood film, the character is acted upon by the milieu or the circumstances in which he finds himself. He is presented with a situation to which he reacts in order to modify the milieu or his relationship to it. He must, therefore, find what Deleuze (86,141) describes as a ‘new way of being’ or alternatively adopt his current way of being to meet the demands of the situation with which he is presented.  

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Essay Example for Free

A Thousand Splendid Suns Essay â€Å"Come. There is a way to be good again,† said Rahim Khan to Amir. In the novel the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Amir, the main character, expresses his thoughts and actions due to his baneful choices. The tribulations he faced were all repercussions of the sin committed by his disdainful youth. His sins ravaged the early stages of his life and gave him a troublesome memory full of guilt. As the novel progressed, Amir attempted to disengage the memory of his sin and forget about it. Amir soon faced the long over due road to redemption. Khaled Hosseini’s novel the Kite Runner is about redemption, and that the lifelong pursuit of happiness will never be fulfilled without it. At a young age Amir and Hassan were best friends, even though Amir was roughly expressing it. Amir and Hassan enjoyed many activities together as Khaled expressed in his novel: â€Å"I spent most of the first twelve years of my life playing with Hassan. Sometimes, my entire childhood seems like one long lazy summer day with Hassan, chasing each other between tangles of trees in my father’s yard, playing hide-and-seek, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, insect torture†¦ We saw our first Western together, Rio Bravo with John Wayne, at the Cinema Park†¦,† stated Amir. Amir stated all these â€Å"friend-like† activities, yet witnessed the sexual abuse administered by Assef and his goons on Hassan without a peep from his mouth. At this point Amir’s lust for obtaining the kite, so he could finally enjoy love from his father had over come his friendship. That temporary love given to Amir by his father was enough for Amir to attempt to get rid of Hassan permanently, which worked. Amir’s sin committed in his early years set the stage for the rest of his life, for he would seek redemption for his acts. Many years passed, Amir was on his own now in America, with his wife Soraya that could not bare children. Amir received a call from Rahim Kahn who was dying and wanted a last visit from Amir. Amir had jumped at the chance to visit an old friend/father figure and flew to see Rahim. Little did Amir know he was about to face all of the tribulations he had seemed to forget of his past ten fold. Rahim Khan reveals â€Å"Hassan, Amirs childhood friend, the presumed son of the family servant was in reality, Amirs half-brother, his fathers illegitimate son with Alis wife. † He also reveals that the prolonged redemption is just around the Taliban by saving Amir’s half-nephew Sohrab (Hassan’s son) from Kabul. Amir was in a state of confusion, he expressed his plead to Rahim: â€Å"I can’t go to Kabul,† I had said to Rahim Khan. â€Å"I have a wife in America, a home, a career, and a family. † But how could I pack up and go and go back home when my actions may have caused Hassan a chance at those very same things (talking to himself)? I wished Rahim Khan hadn’t called me. I wished he had let me live on in my oblivion. But he had called me. And what Rahim Khan revealed to me changed things. Made me see how my entire life†¦had been a cycle of lies, betrayal, and deceit. ‘There is a way to be good again’ he’d said. Thus started Amir’s road to redemption. Amir searched through Kabul for Sohrab and an orphanage leader had stated that Sohrab had been sold to a Taliban leader. The Taliban Leader who showboated John Lennon glasses and conducted the stoning ceremony at halftime of the soccer game was the man that Amir had to speak with. As Amir conversed with the Taliban lead he learned of his cruel ways of massacring the Hazaras. Then the Taliban leader revealed, â€Å"What did you think? That you’d put on a fake beard and I wouldn’t recognize you? I never forget a face. Not ever. † The Taliban revealed himself as Assef, Amir’s childhood enemy. Assef created an ordeal stating that if Amir were to overcome him in a blood brawl, then Sohrab would be Amir’s boy to take. Assef completely demolished Amir by breaking several ribs with his brass knuckles. Amir was barely able to stand, but he withheld the beating for he knew that destiny had brought him to this moment. The moment came when Sohrab had pierced Assef’s eye and he and Amir escaped. Amir had finally accomplished his self-turmoil and had almost completed his redemption by saving his half-brother’s son, and almost dying for him. Amir knew that he had to adopt Sohrab when they got back to a safe haven. This caused some trouble with the embassy for they required legal documents of the orphaned child. Sohrab believed that there was no possible way for him to come to America and he did not want to return to an orphanage, so he attempted suicide. Amir had gone through a father’s worst nightmare when he thought his soon to be adopted son would die. Sohrab survived though, leaving a reckless, unrighteous Muslim, self- centered Amir behind. Amir’s pursuit of happiness was fulfilled as he and his son were flying kites in America. He had redeemed himself as he said to Sohrab, â€Å"Do you want me to run that kite for you? †Ã¢â‚¬ ¦A nod from Sohrab†¦ â€Å"For you, a thousand times over,† and a smile cracked open on Sohrab’s face.

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Explain details about word processing.

Explain details about word processing. Q.N. 1 a. Explain Details about Word Processing. Answer: Word Processing is the essential tools for creation of documents. There are various type of computer program that process on words available in market, but most popular application is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Words ease of use has made World one of the most widely used word processing application currently on the market since it allows for compatibility across multiple computers as well as collaborative feature. Word is fairly simple program to use for completing simple tasks. Let us consider an office scene. Many letters are typed in the office. The officer dictates a letter. The typist first types a draft copy of the letter. The officer goes through it to check mistakes regarding spelling errors, missing words, etc. and suggests corrections. The typist changes the letter as suggested by the officer. This is a simple example of word processing. Not only that, Word processing also refers to editing the document, creating the document and printing the document. The document is the combination of letters, sentence, symbol, graphs, chart and pictures. If we, creates such type of document using computer application then it is called word processing. There are various types of computer programs that manipulate word and pictures, but most popular word processing is Microsoft Word. Notepad, Word Pad is also types of word Processing but while comparing the facility that provides to work on document, Microsoft word is best word processor in now a day. Not only that, there are many software packages to do the job of word processing. Some of them work in DOS environment. Examples are WordStar, Word Perfect and Professional Write. But in these days working in WINDOWS is becoming more and more popular. So let us consider software for word processing which works in WINDOWS. Our choice is MSWORD because it is the most popular software in these days. Opening Word processing MS-WORD To run word on our computer: we have to go on â€Å"Start Button† >> â€Å" Programs†>> â€Å"Microsoft Office† >> â€Å"Microsoft Office Word 2003†. If there is an icon of the MS-WORD available on our desktop, we can open up the program by double clicking it, as well. Making New Document. When we open new word, then a new document is automatically opened, which is ready for making the new document. If not, then we can begin a new blank document in a variety of ways. Firstly, we have to fine the â€Å" New Blank Document† icon, which looks like a blank sheet of paper, located under the menu bar in MS-Word in what is called the â€Å" Standard Toolbar†. Click on that icon and we found new document. Opening a Document. To open to edit, view or print document, we must first open up that file in word sheet. We can open a file by clicking on the â€Å"Open† folder icon located in the standard toolbar, or simply pre CTRL+O. Saving Document. When we are working in any sort of media in any software, we should first save our work in some devices. In MS-WORD, there are various option for saving documents in a variety of file types. To Save a new, or editing file or unsaved document, we can click Save icon, shaped like a disk located on standard toolbar. Or simply we press CTRL+S. Then a dialogue box will appear, offering us for file name, location of the file, file type and others option. There are various things about word processing, but most of the common things are described above.

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Thallium :: essays research papers

Thallium My element was Thallium. It is atomic number 81. It has 81 protons and electrons and 123 neutrons. Thallium has a mass of 204.3833 atomic mass units. Its symbol is Tl. It resides in Group IIIA of the periodic table. That is the aluminum family. Thallium has a bluish color after exposure to the air. It is a very soft and malleable metal. It has an electron configuration of 1s22s23s23p64s23d104p65s24d105p64f145d106s26p1. It has 6 electron shells. It melts at 576.7 K and boils at 1730 K. It is a solid when at room temperature. Thallium was discovered in 1861 by a British chemist and physicist. His name was Sir William Crookes. He discovered it spectroscopically in England. He isolated it. In 1862, the French chemist Claude August again isolated it. Thallium comes form the Greek word "thallos". "Thallos" meant "green twig" or "green shoot". Thallium does not have many uses. It is used in photocells because of the electrical conductivity of thallium sulphide. Thallium was originally used to help treat ringworm and many other skin infections. It was then limited because of the narrow margin between the benefits and its health risks. Thallium bromide-iodide crystals are still used as infrared detectors. Thallium sulphate used to be widely used as a pesticide and an ant killer. It was odorless and tasteless and worked well, but it was found to be too toxic. Thallium slats which burn with a bright green flame are used in flares and rockets. Thallium is the 60th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. There are 3.6 parts of Thallium in every million parts of the Earth’s crust. Thallium compounds are extremely toxic. The negative effects are cumulative and can be taken in through the skin. Poisoning from Thallium takes several days to effect you and when it does, it hits the nervous system. Thallium should only be handled by trained professionals with the right equipment and safety precautions. Thallium deposits are occasionally found in Sweden and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It is also extracted from the mud produced in lead chambers that are used in the manufacturing of sulfuric acid. Thallium is also used in Thallium high-Tc superconductors.

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Limit of Power: the End of American Exceptionalism

The Limit of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism In The Limit of Power by Andrew J. Bacevich, he argues about the major flaws Of United States with a general theme of â€Å"freedom† and how the U. S has an imperial ambition that uses military to try and guarantee ongoing consumption by the public for the economic power of the elite. Also he says that the fundamental flaw of American Foreign policy lies in the Imperial Presidency and the permanent Nation Security that controlled the formulation and executive of American Foreign Policy throughout the Cold War.This partnership grew and it is now entrenched in our bureaucracy since that time. From this Bacevich identifies three crises that the United States is facing: crisis of profligacy, political crisis, and Military crisis; but the current crisis presents an opportunity to fundamentally address our course or face certain and dramatic decline. First the author introduced the title â€Å"The Limit of Power† as Unite d States search for freedom that has raised responsibility and surged the country with mass amount of increasing debt; without a solution to pay it off.Then he ties that in with the crisis of profligacy, where he discusses the ascendancy of the United States after World War II economic world order and the fundamental economic strength derived from the victory in the context of European and Japanese destruction. Earlier the United States achieved a stand of live that became the envy of the world, then that began to shift in the late Vietnam War period. This happened because post World War II the United States had been the number one producer of petroleum and later the companies determined the price of oil.Then there developed a decline that was irreversible and the price setting of crude oil became the responsibility of a new producing group, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) (p. 29). He moves on to talk about the economic decline and President Carters choice of en ergy dependency challenging Reagan’s optimism for the economy. This resulted in Reagan’s victory and a period of spending that was not supported by fundamental economic strength. Instead the trends then have only continued and debt has supplemented earning power in American life.Then the bills for the â€Å"profligacy’ eventually came due and the American way of life has outstripped the means available to satisfy it. In account to the political crisis, Bacevich argues that in the post-World War II, Congress renounced its role in the checks and balance system, allowing for the creation of the Imperial Presidency. The National Security rendered this situation intolerable by displacing the voters as the final conciliators of the American policy. Many Presidents come and go, but the National Security stays in place, much to the detriment of any President coming to Washington thinking they will actually change anything.Bacevich substantiates this with many examples of Presidents that become suspects of advisors. He also interposes the political crisis with a discussion about NSC-68; it provided the United States with an early sense of how the postwar habits of deferring to the Wise Men has wrought. The foreign policy exemplified by the two World War II era leaders, Henry Stimson and James Forrestal, showed their different styles; both were Wall Street republicans and served under Franklin D.Roosevelt, but yet they both had different traditions. When Stimson served, he exemplified the conservative reaction to circumstances and that meant that he was cool and measured. On the other hand James Forrestal was more of a pessimist and tended to emphasize potential threats as always imminent. Unfortunately it got to him so much that he broke down and committed suicide. Bacevich explained that while Stimson remained respected, the majority of advisors emulated Forrestal (p. 107).For the military crisis Bacevich builds on the previous crisis of profliga cy and political crisis and moves into the area of his greatest strength of military policy. He puts together the various forms of conventional wisdom as they emerged at various times. Also he think that’s the endless War on Terror represents a clear over-extension of American capability and if continued will accelerate decline. Financially, the sputtering War on Terror and the unrealistic expectations of the American electorate will combine to continue unrealistic policies that solve nothing.Bacevich then lays out that the axiom that all â€Å"Small Wars† are wars of empire, and that is not what we should be engaged in prosecuting. Bacevichs argument blamed the military and the Bush administration for the crises that is occurring in the United Sates as merely irrational. The crisis cannot be solved by sending men and women of this country to a war that is constantly degrading them. The author also mentions the Department of Defense for not doing their job and what the y actually do has nothing to do with their job description; instead it specializes in power protection (p. ). Bacevich sees no relevance for the Department of Defense with the exception of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq since September 11. He criticizes the government for reflecting its decision on the September 11 events. When the underlying problem is America’s failure to recognize that all our problems cannot be solved by replaces things like our head executive (president). The only way the U. S can move forward is realize that it is a hardworking, striving, independent country that long accomplished many things by working together to make American a place that it once was.Bacevich continues on his criticism of the Department of Defense for being more accurately described as the Department of Power Projection and it needs to get back to doing defense. Furthermore, he ends the military crisis chapter by stating that the essential problem is not the size of our Army, but wh at we are asking it to do. Military capability does not make up for age old fixed costs of conflicts. Moreover, any foreign policy needs to be grounded in sound fiscal policy otherwise it is unsustainable in the long run.For the most part I agree with Andrew Bacevichs viewpoints about the three of crisis that the United States is facing. He make a great point about how America and its citizens are a completely culture and have an entirely different mindset than just many decades ago. I completely applaud Bacevich for not holding back in diagnosing the problems that have long plagues the nation bust but are only now manifesting them to the public. This book is a must read because it is incumbent upon American people to arm themselves with what is happening to this country and what they can do as citizen.The focus is to first recognizing our limits then we can change the course of the United State. To an absolute great way to sum everything up Andrew Bacevich said â€Å"To hard-core nationalists and neoconservatives, the acceptance of limits suggests retrenchment or irreversible decline. In fact, the reverse is true. Acknowledging the limits of American power is a precondition for stanching the losses of recent decades and for preserving the hard-won gains of earlier generations going back to the founding of the Republic†

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Bee Season by Myla Goldberg

The novel entitled â€Å" Bee Season,† which is written by a great American Novelist and Musician named Myla Goldberg tells about the profound story of young girl whose intent is driven by her admirations of conquering the national spelling bee contest and her journey of facing the aftermath of her achievement.Basically, the story of this novel is bound within the limits and narrative of a family, which tackles the broad range and the various faces of domestic problems and difficulties among the family members.As for this novel, the conflict of interest within the family is considered to be one of the main aspects in the story, which dictates the progress of the novel's narrative. More so, the awareness of practicing personal autonomy, individual desire and differences in the family are of the most signifant features of the novel.On the other hand, this novel also enlightens the narrative as to how and why the young ones are affected by the various difficulties and negatives a spects of life. Thus, through the representation of Eliza Naumann, one of the main characters in the novel, the author, Myla Goldberg, provides a clear picture as to how the younger members of the family would lose their innocence and pollute their young percpetions as they slowly began to witness and face the harsh realty of life.Overall, this novel tells about the story of Saul Naumann who â€Å"spends the first portion of his life as Sal Newman, son of Henry and Lisa Newman, decorator of Christmas trees and Easter eggs† (Goldberg 2000, p. 110). Eliza Naumann, a seven-year-old girl the sole member of a gifted family who remains to be classified as a typical individual in a sense that she is less fortunate in terms of academic achievements. She is very much different from that of her brother and her parents.â€Å"Since being designated three years ago as a student from whom great things should not be expected† Eliza Naumann, for a certain time, is considered as a medi ocre not just in her family but also in the academe, as per the definition and point of view of her teachers and mentors (Goldberg 2000, p. 101). With this condition, as a student and the youngest in the family, Eliza has lived her life without the favorable guidance and support of her parents and of the other members of the family.Thus, for almost the entire span of her existence, Eliza is not aware and is deprived of knowing the activities of her parents and brothers. Far from the awareness of Eliza, the majority of her family is a practicing a strict religious way of life. Her father, Saul, works as a cantor in the local House of Prayer in their community and her mother, Miriam, works as a local lawyer, while her brother is a prolific and gifted student who reads and recites Hebrew through the intensive guidance of their father.Though it seems acceptable that Eliza Naumann accepts and understands her primary stand as mediocre and less important status in the family, she still has an exceptional gift that would alter the seat she occupies in the family. Fortunately, Eliza has discovered her exceptional gift in spelling as she won in the class and school spelling bee contest, which has served to be the start of something new in her life. This incident and the series of events in the life of Eliza have brought her to a new begginng, as she slowly attracted the attention of her parents.â€Å"When Eliza studies, it is like discovering her own anatomy† and it is no doubt that she has this kind of skill and gift, as she is a product of a well-rounded and gifted family. Since then on, Eliza's life has never been the same anymore. From a mediocre situation with a less signifcance in the family, Eliza's success in the spelling bee has gathered the respect and support of her father, Saul, who decided to teach her and encouraged her to study the works of religoius writers.In a sense, it can be said that through the success, which Eliza Naumann has gathered in wi nning all the preliminary spelling bee that she participated, she has lost her innocence as an ordinary young girl that belongs to a well-established and reputable family. As her success brought about an intensive attention to her family, Eliza's father has introduced her the religious way of life and belief that he has for most of his life.Thus, these changes have altered the young perception and existence of Eliza, as she has become more oriented and aware of different philosophy and beliefs with the help of her father's encouragement. More so, through the confidence and recognition that she got from winning the spelling bee in her school and in their district division, Eliza is more capable of doing and learning other things that would further enhance her awareness and knowledge as an individual, which has paved the way for her to lose her innocence.Lastly, witnessing and facing the harsh realirty of life and problems of their family, more especially with her mother ending up in the psychiatric hospital due to insanity, Eliza's innocence as a young girl has been jeopradized and sacrificed, which in the end, gave her the reason to let go of her innocence and do what she think is right and practices self autonomy.In the end, though Saul â€Å"would like to think he has kept his distance in order to protect his daughter from his unfulfilled hopes† (Goldberg, 2000, p. 161). His desire in shaping his children according to his beliefs and philosophy has still affected the innocent mind and perception of Eliza Naumann, as seen in the latter pasrt of the novel when she conciously mispelled a words in their class spelling bee (Goldberg, 2000). Reference Goldberg, M. (2000). Bee Season. New York: Anchor Books.