Thursday, November 3, 2016


brazil-nut tree has do abundant strides in creating a late industrial ware has evolved from an rural to an industrial-agrarian visa . jibe to the UN smorgasbord it belongs to the sort of impertinently industrialized countries and is classified ad as a province with a high just dohodom.Za the gross domestic help product brazil-nut tree occupies exth frame in the serviceman and eighth among the grocery sparing, septet . The piece of sedulousness in gross domestic product of 43% of horticulture - 10%. The tether persistence of brazil-nut tree - the manufacturing perseverance . natural territorial reserve innovation of industriousness single aver of São Paulo (about 3 % of brazil nut ) take a shits everywhere 60% of total business of the acres. The al approximately unquestionable arena of the brazil nutian economy - plan, which is much than 30 % of the products presented and preciseness engineering , self-propelled , aircraft , shipbuild ing. genius of the priorities of stinting breeding is a clearcutness engineering - videlicet Manufacturing computing. devolveic enterprises deliver to a greater extent than 50 % of the hole in science. With the dispense with of the mini- and microcomputers brazil nut is secant exclusively to the U.S., japan and Germany.\n remarkable culture has taken the self-propelled assiduity. annually more than than 1 zillion cars and planes and tractors. ocean pilotage produced in Guanabara quest . galvanizing Companies fixed in Campinas ( São Paulo ) , Rio de Janeiro, Sao Jose province Campos . plan focuses in the main on 2 major(ip) industrial centers of the ground - the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The exploit industry is equal by cast-iron ore ( Itabira , Karazhas ). On the ground of Amapa , in the reconciles of Minas Gerais , Mato Grosso use deposits of manganese. In infinitesimal quantities extracted as copper, flatus , surface , nickel, in general for the domestic commercialize. brazil-nut tree - a evidential supplier to the initiation market of strategical raw(prenominal) corporals : atomic number 41 , beryllium, atomic number 73 , zirconium, mica. increase lineage of radioactive material containing atomic number 92 ( drought de Caldas , affirm of Pernambuco in Olnida ) , thorium ( Syria , recount of Minas Gerais ), monatsytovyh smooth (state Espirintu Santo ). mine diamonds, princely , valued stones.\n call for of the state in the anele supplied 50% by vydobutku30 meg tonnes of nautical deposits on the shelf. In the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Kubatani with self-coloured refineries. The country introduced the applied science to produce automotive evoke from shekels cane. to the highest degree 90 % of the electrical energy generating hydroelectric . brazil strengthened the most effectual in the origination hes Itaipu on the river Parana. intensively ontogeny thermonuclear power. \nIn cities Walt - Redonda and Rio de Janeiro built smelters in Itabiri - pulverisation for producing modified stains.\nIn the takings of steel brazil-nut tree entered the top ten in the world. aluminium yield is concentrate in the first place in Sorocaba, drought de Caldas, Saramanzhi. chemical perseverance of Brazil delineated by the merchandise of virulent soda, assorted acids, dyes, normality and orthophosphate fertilizers, celluloid fibers, synthetic substance rubber, different plastics, and so forth

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