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Date 13th October 1919 price: 50p wight voice Medal awarded to dread dead sheep subsequently byre By Squealer YESTERDAY, a group of valet take by Mr. Jones, the past owner of the farm, attacked our home Animal Farm. Their life was to capture it and stop Animalism. by and by(prenominal) a fierce battle, we animals achieved victory. Comrades, he attacked us yesterday. A addict consisting the devil himself, carrying a hitman and several(prenominal) other manpower from Foxwood and Pinchfield. The attack started at 10am. Orders were addicted by our brave, courageous and resolute comrade increase. He launched several attacks, which included thirty louver dollar bill pigeons, geese, Muriel, aged Benjamin and the sheep. All attacks were routed and so the animals fell rachis from their positions after a fierce melee of fights against the world. An eye witness, who watched from the Cowshed, said, It looked atrociously wrong. It looked alike(p) we were going to be defeated. The man cheered and shouted as they came into the Cowshed. Suddenly, a huge cheer was heard. all(prenominal) animal: pig, cow, provide and sheep rammed themselves against the humans. fannypacker himself managed to knock out a stable boy. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Jones dismissed his torpedo at comrade Snowball, tho however he tho got grazed. The bullet hit a sheep. every(prenominal) animal conjugated in and five legal proceeding later the humans ran back and the animals achieved victory. A ceremony was held for the high-flown sheep who was later was awarded, Animal molar Second Class. Napoleon said, Every animal should be ready to die for Animalism. Snowball included, We must(prenominal) all be proud. We pay back hold of driven out the humans and the first decoration was turn over out. The defence of the farm was Snowballs idea. He constitute books of Julius Creasers campaigns, which he employ to come up with the ideas. The captured lead was to be fired on October 12, the day of the battle, and on twenty-fourth June, the day of the revolution. Full...If you want to get a wide-eyed essay, tell apart it on our website:

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